Peter Bain

Freshman - 899 Points [bigpate]

Peter Bain Poems

1. Big Night 9/21/2015
2. Take Your Meds 9/22/2015
3. Anxiety Bread 9/23/2015
4. The Fight 9/23/2015
5. The Cycle 9/24/2015
6. The Strawberry Tart 9/25/2015
7. Soulmate 9/29/2015
8. Come Apart 10/2/2015
9. Who, Why? 10/22/2015
10. Sad 10/24/2015
11. Little Bird 10/25/2015
12. The Poor Wife, The Broken Man 10/26/2015
13. Tiny Spot 10/28/2015
14. The Auld Fart 11/14/2015
15. Half A Pie 11/20/2015
16. Failure 6/9/2016
17. Three 11/4/2016
18. In A Moonbeam 11/5/2016
Best Poem of Peter Bain

Take Your Meds

Tablet time, the emotional crime
Going on half past four
A compulsory task maintains the mask
Keeps him of the floor.

Follow the plan, control the man
He's surely lost his mind
Don't hesitate, just medicate
Leave confusion behind

Some have seen him, a pretty sight
Dancing a schizo jive
A stumbling, mumbling hysterical mess.
Lucky to be alive.

He's trying to be a conformist
Keeping everyone from worry
But all this chemical mayhem
Is turning his brain to slurry.

A few more years, before he's done
They might find a meds ...

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Anxiety Bread

Trying to go out shopping.
Having issues with my head
Trembling thighs
Screaming eyes
But I need that loaf of bread.

The shop I nearly reached
Ten feet and i was there
But I Had to run

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