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Come and lay your head down here
Let me whisper in your ear

There's a story I've been missing
And I should not fret to tell
I try to recall your name now

Come and lay down next to me
And walk with me a while
Let's journey through a well locked door

Can you paint me better lies
A million times a million tries

A heart like mine it does desire

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Holly's Promise

Come and lay your head down here
Let me whisper in your ear
Let me tell you how I love you
Let my every word be clear

I asked the lord some time ago
To send a love to me
And I am simply blown away
That he has chosen thee

To be a better man for you
I pray to god each day
and believe it or not he's answered me
And he had this to say:

You kiss her in the morning
You kiss her every night
You hold her when she's crying
You hold on with all you might

You step back when she is shining
And you give her center stage
The entire world's her oyster
So boy you act your age

I'm going to have her test you
With her eyes so blue
I'm going to let her hurt you
To prove your love is true

So now you know what I've been told
I hope it's crystal clear
Please come and lay your head by me
let me whisper in your ear

I promise I will kiss you
Every day and every night
I promise I will hold you
And make all your fears take flight

I promise to love your children
and to teach them right from wrong
I promise to fill their lives
With only joyous song

I promise till we're old and gray
and when our journeys through
Please come and lay your head by me
I've one more promise too

I promise that we lived as one although we both are two
And I promise that most of all I'll miss
Your burning eyes so blue

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