Peter Gizzi

(1959 / Alma, Michigan)

Peter Gizzi Poems

1. It Was Raining On Delft 2/28/2014
2. Bardo 2/28/2014
3. Bolshevescent 2/28/2014
4. Chateau If 2/28/2014
5. Lines Depicting Simple Happiness 8/8/2015
6. A Winding Sheet for Summer 6/28/2018
7. Apocrypha 6/28/2018
8. Hypostasis & New Year 6/28/2018
9. In Defense of Nothing 6/28/2018
10. Ledger Domain 6/28/2018
11. Lessons in Darkness 6/28/2018
12. Lines Depicting Simple Happiness 6/28/2018
13. A Panic That Can Still Come Upon Me 6/28/2018
14. Poem for John Wieners 6/28/2018
15. True Discourse on Power 6/28/2018
16. Vincent, Homesick for the Land of Pictures 6/28/2018
19. THAT'S LIFE 6/28/2018
20. BOLSHEVESCENT 6/28/2018
21. THE GROWING EDGE 6/28/2018

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Best Poem of Peter Gizzi


I've spent my life in a lone mechanical whine,
this combustion far off.
How fathomless to be embedded in glacial ice,
what piece of self hiding there.
I am not sure about meaning but understand the wave.
No more Novalis out loud.
No Juan de la Cruz singing 'I do not die to die.
' No solstice, midhaven, midi, nor twilight.
No isn't it amazing, no none of that.
To crow, to crown, to cry, to crumble.
The trees the air warms into a bright something
a bluish nothing into clicks and pops
bursts and percussive runs.
I come with my asymmetries, my ...

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Chateau If

If love if then if now if the flowers of if the conditional
if of arrows the condition of if
if to say light to inhabit light if to speak if to live, so
if to say it is you if love is if your form is if your waist that
pictures the fluted stem if lavender
if in this field
if I were to say hummingbird it might behave as an
adjective here
if not if the heart's a flutter if nerves map a city if a city

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