Peter Strugnell

Freshman - 525 Points [llengurts Piter] (Portsmouth, England)

Peter Strugnell Poems

1. Certainty Where There's Plenty Of Doubt 11/28/2009
2. Missing Words (Manque Des Mots) 12/12/2009
3. The Librarian 12/12/2009
4. Les Choses Sont Comme Elles Sont (Traduction De La Poeme En Anglais, 'What Is, Is! ' 1/8/2010
5. A New Dawn 3/8/2010
6. Brain Fever Bird 3/28/2010
7. Little Girl Lost 5/27/2010
8. I See An Open Doorway 11/16/2011
9. Dance To A Different Song 11/19/2011
10. Always Falling Down 7/11/2012
11. Just One More Song 7/19/2012
12. The Kiss From A Prince (Le Baiser Du Prince) 9/24/2013
13. Star From The Silver Screen 4/23/2013
14. The Moorland River 11/27/2013
15. Charlie Hebdo (Traduit D'Anglais) 1/9/2015
16. Le Baiser Du Prince (A Kiss From A Prince) 2 8/7/2015
17. Feel... Alive! 10/17/2016
18. Hard To Kill 8/1/2017
19. I Lost My Love 5/1/2011
20. Choose A Pathway 5/25/2011
21. What Is, Is! 1/6/2010
22. A Child To Protect 7/11/2012
23. Accepter Soi Même 12/8/2014
24. The Welfare Accommodation Blues 11/28/2009
25. Old Soldier (Sans Domicile Fixe) 11/4/2011
26. The Meaning Of Life 2/10/2012
27. We Shall Never Know 11/28/2009
28. Don'T Declare Your Love Today 11/28/2009
29. To The Ends Of The Earth 11/17/2010
30. Yokohama 9/16/2016
31. S'Accepter Soi-Meme (Title In English - Accept Yourself) 11/30/2009
32. A Heart For The Taking 6/4/2014
33. A Pebble In My Shoe 7/21/2010
34. Fighting A Hard Fight 1/28/2015
35. Never Doubt My Love 10/31/2010
36. You Believed In Me 11/28/2009
37. Spit & Whistle (One Man, One Vote) 7/27/2017
38. I'm A Liar And Your A Fake 1/6/2010
39. The Egyptian Revolution 2/7/2011
40. Charlie Hebdo 1/8/2015

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Best Poem of Peter Strugnell

The Russell Burn

Oh the cold air of the Kishorn burial ground,
and the ghost's there everywhere you turn,
the cold and the damp seems to follow you down,
to the brackish waters of the Russell Burn.

The Burn, the blood, and the porcelain shard,
an aching mitt and another lesson to learn,
I numb the hand and the ghost of the churchyard,
in the brackish waters of the Russell Burn.

There's a heart as cold as the Wester Ross,
there are ties that bind like a highland fern,
there's a sullied figurine nailed to a cross,
and the brackish waters of the Russell ...

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A Golden Thread

It feels so right, i can't believe my luck
I go carefully, with a full cup
you're my heroine, you make me stronger
just when i feel, i can't go on any longer
sometimes a breeze, and sometimes perilous
our story continues, and it began thus.

And when in life, i would lose my way
it was you honey, who would hold me sway

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