Petru Dinca

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Petru Dinca Biography

A Romanian poet, translator and linguist.
He translated poems from the following languages: French, German, English, Serbian.
He posts poems and translations on several literary sites.

Petru Dinca Poems


I will always remember
and will keep deep in my soul,
as a rare treasure,
your gentle and discreet charm,

Emotional Conviction

You went through my life
easier than
the shadow
which barely touches


The sun is setting down… It's evening…
The fragrance of the past moments
is floating in the air…
The heart picked up all of them

Van Gogh

Cypress stalks ascending to the sky;
lights and shadows.

You sought the light to the depths

Autumn Melancholies

Autumn sadness is going down on the roads, on the houses,
in the courtyards and on souls.
Lights shed over nostalgias.

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