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A girl's heart
Was tender,
And yearned
To be rendered

To be Christian is many things but religious,
It’s to live and not to exist,
It’s to wake up in the mornings without worries because your warrior, Christ, is in control
It’s to associate with no fear, save for the fear of the Lord

This is to you and for you,
For being so rich yet poor at heart,
So delicate yet so firm in the LORD,
So weak people would think yet so strong,

I admit that to Kenyan's the mention of his name
Is the closest synonym to the single term 'peace'
In the country he came yo eradicate the blame
And collect the then shattered nation back to one piece

Created by God and perfected by His workmanship,
And everlasting carrier of His glory and virtue,
To flower the earth and be a pillar for His creation,
No second thought no rival, just a son of God,

By now you are aware that AIDS is a killer
Yet reviving your memories remains my hobby
For together we can rise against the pandemic
That has been snatching our loved ones from us

Through my mother I came on earth
To join the world and follow the path
Playing with neighboring kids with my ball
Knowing forever we'll remain as all

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
Palms can be read
And dreams come true

If you choose to forgive, do it without reminding,
Cos you've chosen to forget, so do it without regret,
For it means to let go, please do it and be on the move,
Live life, learn and laugh with renewed strength,

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Stolen Innocence

A girl's heart
Was tender,
And yearned
To be rendered
To a new experience,
Out of the ordinary.

Not a reminder,
To fill the water tanks,
Neither a note,
Of groceries to be sourced.

Not a cane,
For failed exams,
Not endless cries,
Of angry hungry siblings.

She was mannered
And quiet,
For queer.

Was young,
But tired,
And bored.

She met a man,
Or so she thought.

But married.

With gifts,
Words of love,
Or lust?

Their price,
Her innocence,
By force,

Left wounded,
And shy,
Of life.

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It doesn't help to shower with clean water only to dry oneself in dirt.

Eyes are the windows to your heart if indeed that's where the issues of life lie. If you don't believe me, analyze your character in relation to what to allow your eyes to see..

Never judge unless you will always be on the judge's side and not on the receiving end.

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