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The skies have turned from black to blue,
what on Earth has happened to you?
Did you forget to take your break?
The morning's here, go back to bed!

A net is the fisherman's lifeline,
whatever the sea will dish.
There is surely no certainty,
but quantity is what he wishes.

In the jungle, a lion's roar,
Loud rumbling from it's core.
Magnificent mane of golden brown,
He is a king but wears no crown.

To be an angel
bend don't break
To be an angel
give don't take

When things around seem not to work
When people you know don't seem to care
When you start feeling that you are dirt
Which way you turn, Life seemed unfair

A Rose is not a Rose without a thorn,
When the edges become a little worn,
The beauty within stands the test of time,
May your wisdom mature like fine wine....

Life's dangers, Life's drama,
A violet field, A panorama,
Spell blinding, fiery ball.
Gliding on horizon fall.

A tiny Costa Rica frog
was caught in heavy rains
He hops around to get away
Pitter patter water pains

There's more meaning in life than money
There's more meaning if you have your honey
Money can't buy you happiness
the type that last till eternity

Standing twenty feet tall.
Long neck, bent slender,
Standing five feet small,
Caressing gently, tender

A secret remains a secret that you bring to your grave
A secret is a secret until death rings your bell
Some secrets are so secret it is told to the brave
I can't tell you a secret, I have none to tell.

Ripples of Love so sweet and low
Waves of Love moves earth and moon
Ripples of Love becomes aglow
Many will fall, many will swoon

May your colors of the day
Be vibrant and happy gay
Like the summery breeze
Or a flock of migratory geese


An exquisite Geisha.

From Japan, Asia.

Its bad to waste
not even to taste
the happy and sad
the good and bad

If today is your special day,
I wish you a Happy Birthday,

This Fruit and Chocolate Cake

I had a father,
Honest, strong principle,
I had a father,
Though not invincible,

Some poems may be funny,
But mine is not so funny,
A shocking reality,
That involves money.

Friendship is a shoulder to cry one
Friendship is a confidante
Friendship is a guiding light
Friendship is a support beam

Another day, another sunset
Do you see the magic in the sunset?
Another pay, another upset
Can you see the magic in the sunset?

Philo Yan Biography

I was working in the corporate world as a branch head of an insurance company for more than 28 years. I have opted for early retirement 2 years ago. Now I am a full time blogger. I also have a passion for art and have discovered I have a knack for poetry. Usually I will write a poetry that goes with the drawing I have done or I will pen one for my fellow artists when they post their work. Not all but those that speaks to me. So I thought that I should share my poetry with like minded people and in the process get to learn how to write better poetry. So if you like to share how you write your poetry, I am all ears. Thank you for reading my work and I welcome your feedback.)

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The skies have turned from black to blue,
what on Earth has happened to you?
Did you forget to take your break?
The morning's here, go back to bed!
Your stars have left, it's way too late!
Don't linger long, don't even wait!
Beckon now your brighter other,
the Sun, your flaming brother!

Lunar Moon smiles and is amuse
with the Cloud's short tempered fuse.
She laughs and softly whispers
The game is up and I'm done
My brother Sun from another mother,
He likes to hang, sometimes hover.
My dear Cloud, your rising sun,
the rascal hides beneath your cover!

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hairy botter 12 November 2018

have you travelled anywhere for poems to try and get inspired by anything

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