Philo Yan Poems

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The skies have turned from black to blue,
what on Earth has happened to you?
Did you forget to take your break?
The morning's here, go back to bed!

Lion's Roar

In the jungle, a lion's roar,
Loud rumbling from it's core.
Magnificent mane of golden brown,
He is a king but wears no crown.

A Fisherman's Life

A net is the fisherman's lifeline,
whatever the sea will dish.
There is surely no certainty,
but quantity is what he wishes.

How To Be An Angel

To be an angel
bend don't break
To be an angel
give don't take

Silent Prayer

When things around seem not to work
When people you know don't seem to care
When you start feeling that you are dirt
Which way you turn, Life seemed unfair

Birthday Wishes For Seniors

A Rose is not a Rose without a thorn,
When the edges become a little worn,
The beauty within stands the test of time,
May your wisdom mature like fine wine....

Lavender Fields

Life's dangers, Life's drama,
A violet field, A panorama,
Spell blinding, fiery ball.
Gliding on horizon fall.

Lucky Frog

A tiny Costa Rica frog
was caught in heavy rains
He hops around to get away
Pitter patter water pains

Gentle Caress

Standing twenty feet tall.
Long neck, bent slender,
Standing five feet small,
Caressing gently, tender


A secret remains a secret that you bring to your grave
A secret is a secret until death rings your bell
Some secrets are so secret it is told to the brave
I can't tell you a secret, I have none to tell.

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