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702. Silent Prayer 9/2/2013
703. How To Be An Angel 1/18/2013
704. Lion's Roar 8/21/2012
Best Poem of Philo Yan

Lion's Roar

In the jungle, a lion's roar,
Loud rumbling from it's core.
Magnificent mane of golden brown,
He is a king but wears no crown.

Predator and enemy they have two,
Human hunters, Hyenas too.
The lion and his lioness pride,
If you cross them, run, don't hide.

The roar of a Lion,
The rolling sound of thunder,
The chase of a Lion,
His prey runs asunder.

The Lion's roar is his symbol,
Of Strength, Of Leadership, Of pride,
The raw Roar sound is tribal,
His pride, so true, abide.

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Why People Don'T Blog

Why People don't blog?
The reasons are ten.
Some on the clock,
Maybe they can,
Write a blog? They won't
Read a blog? Well, they don't.

'Here's To Your Health! '

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