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There's not a moment,
As peaceful, and so close,
As when we're sleeping.

Y he vuelto a sentir vida, dolor y amor,
Dolor, amor; dolor y amor.
Porque no hay dolor si no hay amor,
No hay luz si no hay oscuridad.

Frantically searching for the word, love.
Desperately wanting you to pronounce, the word love.
Forcing it into my own mind, the word love.
Convincing myself that it is true, the word love.

Your voice, to me, is perceived like a soothing sound,
I realized tonight, as I gave my pillow another round.
When just moments before, my heart had raged like a tempest,
It was now resting calmly, sweetly, soft and peaceful at its best.

because i love you,
i love your food.
because i love you,
i love your music.

I'm a wooden door,
Full of holes and nails.

Being able to tell you,

With this same conviction,
With this same strength,


They all see tears,
Always tears around my trail.

They say my tears will desist,

There was a tree,
In which we lived happily,
We gathered memories,
Celebrated anniversaries.

So I loved you, and so I hate you.
My ups and downs, my highs and lows,
I wanted it all, or nothing at all.

Y me preguntas '¿Que quieres? ',
Y quisiera responder 'Que me quieras.'
Y sin embargo me callo,
Y las palabras me las trago.

Let me slip away quiet, easily,
So that I don't even take notice, of my footstep's steer.

Let me slip away silent, fluently,

Shall I Compare Our Love to a Sea Voyage?

Light on that beacon please!

I awaken in pain; a dream of previous times,
When I was being tormented between mines,
Being between you.
Wanting to choose you,

Envy, jealousy,
Is a perfidious thing!
One could better acknowledge its name,
And fight it from within.

I defy you.
I'm taunting you.
I want you to fight me.
Won't you try and conquer me?

I know she's tired,
Yet conceal it from me she's tried.
Kneeling down my side,
She brings a cloth to water,


Home, is not where you were born.
Home, is not where you have lived, most, or all of your life.

Home is in your heart.

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I've Come Home

There's not a moment,
As peaceful, and so close,
As when we're sleeping.

Our bodies,
Looking for the warmth,
Of one another.

Our subconscious,
Looking for confirmation,
Of the presence of the other.

No moment,
I look more forward to,
Than that.

No moment,
That gives me so much peace,
As that.

And not a moment,
That puts me so at ease,
As that.

*Original version from September 16,2011

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Once your eyes have been opened, you could never go back to a dormant state.

When there's beauty within, you see and find beauty everywhere.

Home is not a place. Home is that scent, that sound, that person.

If there was a time when men were complaining about empty headed females; As the world turns, today, it happens to be filled with brainless males.

She, who can, and is not afraid to walk alone, can be solidly built upon...

Don't have patience, have faith. Being patient means you're not trusting destiny to happen as it's destined to.

As long as I see you trying, I'll see a reason to affix at your side.

If as a mother you don't show your son how a woman should be loved, And as a father you don't set the example to your son of responsibility and respect towards a woman, The 'right man', will remain a fairytale.

Intelligence is when you keep questioning your thoughts and beliefs.

Every day you still dwell in the past, is a wasted minute of the future.

The verity, and the depth of it, is to be found in the reflecting surface of the eyes.

I wanted to safe somebody, and he needed saving. But in reality.., by saving him, I was actually saving myself.

Love is your garden. And the relationship that you have with your lover, the care and interaction with each single aspect of the flowers in your garden. - G.B.

E ogni tanto esco il mio guscio, dice la perla. # And every now and then I exit my shell, says the pearl.

Give somebody a lot of money - enrichen them -, or take away all their money - impoverish them -, and their true character will gradually, or instantly, come afloat.

It is in the barest of times that you understand what it is that you truly feel, and if that feeling is real.

You can make up excuses not to, or, have one powerful reason to push through.

It's quite, quite frustrating...; Speaking a language, only rare, few ones, understand. Having an faculty of sight', barely anyone shares. Possessing a comprehension of things, none really reaches the depths of.

Loving him makes me strong... Being loved by him makes me invincible...

Change; It requires intellect when it concerns tactics. It requires introspection when it concerns the soul. And then resilience, in order to endure.

And the harshest my fever is, and thus deeper my delirium. The clearer my vision, and sharper my lucidity.

It's when you have expectations of people, or a situation, That you make yourself most vulnerable, for a disappointing negotiation.

Life is a peaceful ocean, when free to be alone.

Strength, is calm inside, whilst the cyclone rages outside.

Pain is but a relative term; At a certain juncture, it's all a matter of a sturdy resilience.

You can hope for possibilities, yet not for the impossible.

My freedom ends, where your entitlements begin.

When you live with eyes half closed, your perceptions will also be half whole.

The physical body gets sick, so the emotional mind can heal.

People who are happy on the inside, emit light on the outside.

A parade or show horse cannot be expected to perform as well as a mule would, when put on a farm in front of a cart. February 18,2010

Stompzinnigheid, is waar vrijwillige blindheid een permanente thuis heeft.

A good writer, just like a good politician, Knows when to pause, to make you hold your breath. Giving you a narration, Both are telling you a gingered version of their truth. One of them, to please you. The other one, to seize you.

Sometimes, words seem to be just like empty vessels. It's not what we say, but what we do, consequently, that give these words a meaning & fill these vessels with content.

You couldn't blame me for being afraid; rather for being too eager. December 19,2011

In order to move onto a healthy future, One has to let go of an ill-making past. April 18,2013

The longer the lie lives, hides and breaths, The more unpardonable it will grow, When finally made known. November 30,2018

When the exotic is taken out of its medium, In time, it forgets its ways; Losing its ability to enact, It becomes ordinary. December 1st,2018

What was life, When life is there no more.

Tenemos madera, Ergo, tenemos escalera. February 15,2014

It takes a good mother, Or mother-in-law for that matter, To definitely solidify, Or destroy your relationship, Hence..., Damning you, or saving you.

There's a wild beast in all of us. Can we civilize it? There's an innate ignorance in most of us. Can we tutor it?

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