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On green days or blue days
how easy it is to talk with you
to fill our ears with vocal sumptuousness
and our hearts with delicious laughter

I gathered around me
a shield
(a shield of pain)
through which I thought

After viewing a picture
painted by a modern painter
I came to the conclusion that...

You are my dreamland
I would like to share your dreams
please let me enter.

For the “littlest” moment
( heart-stopping moment)
Time folded its wings
and I…

Oh to be in Italy...now that summer’s there!

Time to be uninhibited – yet young girls take good care.

Preparing for sleep
heedless of my clothing just
undressing the day.

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I am a scouser and my romantic sounding Italian name comes courtsey of my husband. Alas it only means the proud one from Pisa. I love Japanese tanka and haiku and this is where I started writing from. I love writing poetry and hearing it read. Sometimes I read them aloud myself to myself and to others. I love the sound of words and playing with words...words are a thing of wonder and great delight.)

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* These Testing Times

In every friendship
there must be differences
but we rise above them

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Pisapia Gina Popularity

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