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Plato (Plátōn, "broad"; 424/423 BC – 348/347 BC) was a philosopher in Classical Greece. He was also a mathematician, student of Socrates, writer of philosophical dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. Along with his mentor, Socrates, and his student, Aristotle, Plato helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy and science.

Plato's sophistication as a writer is evident in his Socratic dialogues; thirty-six dialogues and thirteen letters have been ascribed to him. Plato's writings have been published in several fashions; this has led to several conventions regarding the naming and referencing ... more »

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Plato Quotations

  • ''Twice and thrice over, as they say, good is it to repeat and review what is good.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Gorgias, 498 E....
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  • ''I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. The Republic, bk. 7, sct. 531e, trans. by Benjamin Jowett (1894).
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  • ''To go to the world below, having a soul which is like a vessel full of injustice, is the last and worst of all the evils.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Gorgias, 522 E....
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  • To the rulers of the state then, if to any, it belongs of right to use falsehood, to deceive either enemies or their own citizens, for the good of the state: and no one else may meddle with this privi...
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. The Republic, bk. 3, sect. 389.
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  • ''Truth is the beginning of every good to the gods, and of every good to man.''
    Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Gorgias, 730 B....
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Best Poem of Plato

Love Asleep

We reached the grove's deep shadow and there found
Cythera's son in sleep's sweet fetters bound;
Looking like ruddy apples on their tree;
No quiver and no bended bow had he;
These were suspended on a leafy spray.
Himself in cups of roses cradled lay,
Smiling in sleep; while from their flight in air,
The brown bees to his soft lips made repair,
To ply their waxen task and leave their honey there.

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