Saiom Shriver

Gold Star - 21,196 Points (Ohio)

01 Volume 1 D Short Poems - Poem by Saiom Shriver


When someone projects negativity, it's as if
a painter invaded his victim's home and painted that ones kitchen black.
She came across a mirror crying and she did ask him why..
he paused.. and then..this was his reply:
the warrior says I'm violent The courtesan that i'm a slut
The little boy: I'm immature.. The overweight.. likes not my gut
Onto us God's projection of His own perfection
melts away our thoughts of rejection.
Younger souls project darkness onto what old souls do
as waters reflect in darker hues, the aqua of sky blue


Some people are Mirror Lake, sparkling in the sun's reflection.
But don't dive in... for there are hidden sharp projections.
One cannot add enough antibiotic powder to make safe coprophagous clams' chowder
To abstain from beings of the main is safest in the main
The flame of both lard candles and pure ones can transmit fire... and glow with spirit light.
Nevertheless he bought only pure ones..... because pigs and cows have rights.
Among nature's purifiers are wind, water, earth, and pure fire
John Kennedy wanted a Mercury mission, but not mercury emissions
The health department establishment tell us to wash our hands frequently...
yet re the filth of eating animal cadavers... they're on a silent frequency
To abstain from beings of the main is safest in the main


As one honking horn disturbs hundreds of ears, so one angry word shatters peace into pieces.
* 2
Dawn's breaking quiet begets bees' buzzing riot.
Three quiets merge.. the silent snowsift.. night's fall swift and the stillness of the wilderness
God has said to revile none.. rather to revel as He God as Love indwelling each reveals
Raindropp circles expand in the pond.. echoes of the silent splash
Yogis sometimes roll up the red carpet of welcome, the speaking tongue.
Bright orange trumpet flowers grow like clapperless bells.. as saffron clad monks prefer silence
The boat leaves foam wake. The canoe, ripples. But geese leave no trace as they fly.
Misogynists wish women to be tongueless belles, as silent as the meadow's tongless bluebells
Basho taught us the pond has no sound no refrain.. until violated by a frog, a stone, or fingers of the rain
The pain-inflicting doctors who play at science debark captive dogs so that they may hurt in silence.
Love's quiet triumphs over hate's loud trumps
Mums outlast lilies. Her silence always outlasted speech.
Sunny dandelion tents collapse for the night. Birdwings infold in the purple twilight.
Shutters close but peeps through the inner light. Eyelid screens fall.. for dreammovie delights.
The sweet echoes of the green-girt geckos sweetly foil the sound of silence
Near the jade pepper temple hung with quiet white chimes
grows the citrus tree weaving translucent veils of lime
Fluffy flakes fell, flickering in the starlight, flecking the lamplight.


Oh Julie.. God's sun is shining She is grapevining and the grove tree now she's liming
Oh what a blessed relief! to see April the trees re-leaf! and a windbussed Noreasterfragrant with Easter melt away the last ice-lings of grief.
the bee the purple blooms did rape.. and now there are sweet violet grapes
Jesus said 'greater power shall I give to you'.... the power to be resurrecters..... only confining thoughts can limit our actions
A fallen petal of a purple rose fell onto the clover... I thought until I spied
it was a butterfly.. who unfolded her wings and flew up high
Glass shatters.. neath sunfire.. each shard reflecting his orb entire
The Great Lord can behind him twirl... vast universe' gyrating
swirl... that his rebellious insurection
.... become his glorious resurrection
No lid for the cups of sunlemony buttercups..
they just infold to escape night cold..
but in the morn... once again unrolled...
once again their cheery chalices of gold do dewy dawn hold
One upright responsible pier pillar after another yields in the night to the
hegemony of the flowing tide.
Those who took opposition roles...
were midwives of her strengthened soul
The sun arises and rouses the rose. In raspberries,
His arisen rays are rose.
A wee teardropp reflects a star. The tears dry.. remain the stars.
Meet the sea the icebergs melted
.. and now reflect the sunrise molten
Every dawn a straight rainbow of promise is on the horizon
...heralding each heartsun's rising.
As resoldered metal is stronger than when first forged,
so the resurrected are paradoxically more perfect than
the Godcreated original
The soul's essence is ever in God's presence, and unharmed by the
fires of creation or the ashes of cremation.
He was so loved by all creatures that when it rained
a cloud served as his umbrella.
Filling every inch of the line of floodcracked cement
is a thread of velvetjade moss
In the empty chalice of the rivercarved grand canyon
dawn has drawn with gold pink orange light crayons.
Candle flame fear not results if you ignite the snuffed candle's reborn light.
As a clock with no hands can register time as the sun plays across its face, so Spirit needs no body in order to manifest its power.
How has each apple tree's barren branch.. burst to wands of blooming blanch?
At the base of the birdfeeding pole, a perfect circle frames it... the lace trace of birdprints, as they ate the seeds which had a precipitous fall
God the Divine Genie is waiting in the bottles of all hearts
to answer wishes.
On Ararat rests the ark. A rainbow is born in the dark. Out of silence bursts
the joyful song of the lark.
Night swallows the swallows' trails and swallowtails. Dawnfire resurrects them
Within all beings the Spirit dwells removing all cursing spells, creating tongs for soundless bells, wanding every halfshell into full shell.. causing stone hearts with love to swell..
The feathers of the Phoenix bird are not always flakes of fire..
sometimes they are mercy's falling waterdrops
Out of the pain of hell so low.. was born of goodbye the sweetest hello
Over the mountain's Eastern ridge Of a sudden came Mornlight's dawnbridge
Which distilled into Matter And became a light ladder...transporting them Wherever they wished.
As he graces moated castles with spring's pastel tassles, the sweet pea king is beyond peeking
into power behind thrones in Peking or who will be the British king
Bluebirds sit on the barren black branches of a winter tree.. It is not their gentle touch which will resurrect him but the God ever within himself.
Out of the humus, born of humility.. springs the lily.
to Jesus' fig tree: He did belittle you.. but soon he'll bebig you.. and in the spring with blooms he will wig you..
In summer he'll summon jade garb to resprig you.. And this fall with figged twigs he'll refig you


From the Palisades we saw a diamond backed rattler radiant in the sun
.. rippling his rattle arcing to strike the Cuyahoga Valley to evergreen life...
.. in every dropp of his river flux shining with the sun's own lux


Who besides a snake can swim in the grass?
Call no demon names. Focus on his divine core. See the gold
within his ore.
Sooner or later...even Satan's minions...are beyond opinions lifted by Love's universal pinions.
A playing boy's discarded stick became the father heron's
beakborn gift... for their nest a new twig...
the rejected stumbling block.. to the temple's
cornerstone he lifts
Said the mother fly to her gay child..... be strong when the cruel
call you a maggot faggot
Dawn tiptoes... and treetoads' toes.... she tips with rose
The spilled seeds swept out the door became corn on the cob from corn on the curb.
Light passes through trillions of unique beings' prisms. Each
prism casts a unique pattern of light. But every one of them is
light. Everyone is truth for that being.
In every weed the angels nod, as she spins her lace from sod. Only boundless love is fit for God.
The ants who build wee little hills in the cracks of sidewalks trust in the gentleness
of humankind.


In the cartoon a man with a manicured crewcut perfect lawn shook his rake at a stray puppy and yelled 'go home! '. A cartoon script bubble pointed to the she was
thinking 'I don't have a home.'


The most beautiful places are the emptiest spaces
Birds are happy with the branches of a dead
tree on which to rest...dead sticks with which to build a nest.
In the sea, a zillion strong singing each his own song,
every sweet sponge.
Archivists are wavecounters.
Fast weaving privacy screens, bamboo curtains
.when alive.make the world beautiful.. it is certain
Not dressed in uniform is the rose.. but she is clad in civilian clothes. Informants
thought she must be working under cover.. with some of her petals furled and close.
Such a simple thing... a ball of string... to help the vine grow.... to the spring


Never did the tree of beech or the palm on the beach or the orchard's fragrant peach
.. of the sun his light beseech
By the babbling brook and the bubbling fountain near the bobbing buoys
and boats with baby boys birds are bibbing dew
and bees are bibbing too


We go by much too fast the hidden gates to see
.. the quiet love.....silent caring.. anonymous frequencies.
He makes the microscope... a macroscope..
as he magnifies for mere mortals the rights of the minuscule
Maple leaves... gold stars.. gently fall down.... Mother Earth giving everyone an A
She was criticizing him. the words hurt.. yet rivers of rosepurple light flowed from
her hands and feet.. like a song whose lyrics were lost in the exquisite melody


When angels see someone risk his own safety to speak the words of truth and peace, they give of their own feathers to wing his words. And God then multiplies their wings.
The squid ink of war's imbedded journalists.. is meant not to clarify but to obscure with dark clouds.
Amod told me of Waccha Siddhi...which means that one always tells
the truth, devas and angels turn his words into reality.
Mirrors do lie... they fail to show God the Indweller... residing in each being.


As their voices are one in sound so the choir's uniforms convey they act as one, whether it is humans in a church chorus or frogs in a seaside symphony.


A champion racehorse at the winning line, unattached, eating the
blooms of his victory wreath
The apple tree's blooms spun by sun looms dropped for fruit to make
room.. swept away by wind broom
Wishing order he'd been a cuthappy lust-er but entranced by tiger
lilies' lustre he began to leave alone God's surprising little clusters
The iced sculpture fish has melted into his completing water.
The conductor must choose between the proferred bouquet and
the baton, between the past and the future.
A white heron flock flies across the jade cypress swamp canvass. A
script of winged words triumphant.
My Jesus is the Lover of the Prodigal Son, the 100th lamb, the leper, the sinner, the prostitute,
the demon possessed, the crucified thief. His sacred heart sees only how to end the suffering.
The grape vine's love has the junk yard conquered
.. greenpeacing its metal with grapes of concord
There are many paths over the bay.. the stone bridge.. the foam wake of boats..
.. the glowing path of the sunset..
Icarus, after several tries, is now one with the sun. Sisyphus, first helped by angels, and
then on his own, has taken the stone to the hilltop. Juliet, schooled in the holy art of
resurrection, has vivified Romeo. Duryodhana is a hero of nonviolence now and the
Indian revolutionaries who were by their occupiers cannonized... are now canonized.


Music is invoked by baton Lightning drawn by the rod Miracles come to magic wand and Will does summon God
Will, your winded wings will win.
The wind whispers to the willow wisps... they grow with new will
Love whips not our poor wills.. but summons hearts like whippoorwills
The stars change their courses and revolve around those who align to omnipotent resolve
Over a summer God turned the soundless dew into juice of lime. Long ago in an instant Jesus turned water into wine. Now in a moment the Higher Power of the surrendered alcoholic turns wine.. back into water.
Let me not eat the fortune within the cookie nor the mango's seed
.. nor through indiscipline fork myself in the heart
He never takes no for an answer He mines for love
with a diamond drill.. His endurance is an act of will
Grace and hope the parents of will There are no walls Where there is will.
A full moon face shining with empathy for all... a profile as craggy as the Himalayas
Said the vine of her wine: 'I can't I can't. I shall not recant. It is
not I who abused my grapes....but she who did the bottle decant'


Wind chimes play not on time... but when the Spirit moves through trees of lime.
The South Wind has for the evening donned jasmine scent*
The wind weaves many white caps so quickly for the blue sea
Mother Wind moves the water rocker to and fro on the stormy sound's deeps. On the boatcradle by lapping waves she is softly lulled to sleep.
The wind has blown away the cloud cover.. and the pond's reflection from grey to blue clover
Clouds' whitewaterweave covered the sky.. and yet everywhere there was a patch of blue.. it was a different hue... here aqua.. there cerulean... or teal or indigo
The east wind blowing westward marries the falling rain
turning her attention elsewhere
Crosswinds quilt the Connecticut River ever so slightly but still the waters flow to the sea.
As gauzy veils lie on the shoulders of the slender, as avalanche clouds pour through tall firs, as morning mist rolls through ship masts, do monsoon clouds flow over the peaks of the Himalayas
Froggie croaks on his rock dais encircled by dizzy daisies all the day long.
The wind makes them wave in applause.


They thought her a clinger and him upright and stable. But it was the tomato vine and
not the tomato stake which put all the food on the table.


# 1
In Christ's crib, the crimson was not yet visible. His blood became
the crimson light of dawn.
Inside the soft peach flesh lives hard peach pit. Inside the hard peach pit.. eternal pink peach fire.
Inside the sheep's clothing lives hard heart wolf. Inside the wolf's belly the wolf planned the lamb.
But instead.. inside wolf's heart the Lamb of God.
The sunset dyed red cloud like Jesus' Turin shroud
rinsed by night of blood in purity shines outloud.
On an Asheville spring hillside.. the divine lamplighter
ignited the mountain laurel's purple candelabra.. with her
constant praise to the Son and Abba
A spiral swirl of windwed weed Each tiniest wheat-hued needle caught a globe of dew.
.. a crystal rosary of 59 beads already goldchained inside...awaiting only the Jeweler
of Morning to forge thislinkling and lift this love aloft to the Lord
If it's kind and in prayer you ask it, God has it for you in an Easter basket... and rarely this even involves... raising someone from her casket.
The Angel of the Annunciation cared not about Mary's enunciation


O Ganga in Bangladesh may you never again be the goddess of
The glow of Poornachandra... gives birth to Poornananda.
After God ordered ocean to quaff the flooded world He sent a ribboned rainbowto say Never More...But when Neelakanta drank venom of the globe He sent polyribboned rainbowl:
a sky of liquid ore!
His biographers said that Ramana Maharshi first fed the animals at his ashram, then the beggars, next the visitors, then the ashram
residents and finally himself.
Her rattles Kali snake in a dance does shake When she strikes the curtain falls and maya is shown as a fake
The cloud darkens, Indra drops gray grace. Baba's fingers will and dropp vibuthi gray grace
In the distance mighty roar many leagues birds flew to see onto which the Ganga pours
Shiva's brow Almighty. Eternal mist of cataract Wed to Light of Iswar's eye
bears Ganesh of Parvati.. Rainbow of Eternity


The olive tree is the altar of Allah. On it Allah has placed free olives for all.
Does anyone yearn for sunset more than a pious person fasting during Ramadan?
A dreammaker whispered this to dreamer: 'Hazrat.... Love for this came humankind into the world. Seeking and finding it they need
come no more
Drawn to morning prayer, a flock of birds, not having removed their
shoes, dance an airborn minuet round and round the minaret
Oh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen... my friend was right in saying that you filled your simple mosque in a poorer part of town with white light... your love so strong that babies crawled to you from their mothers.
The Quran says many times that Allah is All Merciful. The mercy of Allah embraces all.
It was said of Mohammed that he came across a mother cat and her kittens sleeping on his
cloak. Rather than awaken and move her, he cut away for himself only that portion of the
cloak on which she did not lie. He had been a camel driver. He would allow none to beat
camels, and reminded others to feed them well.


Buddha was a Hindu. Jesus was a Jew. Getting caged in labels.. blocks the God in
me and you.
God's lightning cleaved the heaven's asunder.. and out of them S/He spake in thunder...
'There is no such thing as a Jewish hunter! '
The Torah says to feed ones animals before oneself. They are voiceless and need help
in bringing food down from the shelf.
They accused Noah of being an animal hoarder... but his heart
had no other options
Jan F had a vision of a rose bush at Hitler's grave tended by 3 Catholic nuns. Did it mean
a. that all sentient beings including rose bushes have matter where planted
b. that Hitler's body was becoming the leaves and flowers of a rose bush
c. that all embodied beings including Hitler are temples of atma or GOD encased in the impermanent..
d. that some who are unforgiving still equate the half billion Catholics with the actions of Pius XII


The Buddhist saw that when his wrist was tired the Wind came and moved
his prayer wheel for him. Spirit Breath comes and goes
and the lung prayer wheels move to and fro.
A 3 year old baby a Chinese restaurant.. wiping the window glass for her parents.. in desirelessness she refused pennies, paper, toys....her radiant smiles clothing all in her joy
This purple bloom of milkweed.. its sphere made of 108? spears
symbolic of the Buddha..10000 lives taking him to perfection
No creature is thought a pest in compassionate great is Buddha's Spirit in allembracing Budapest.
Day by day the vine has crept While others soundly slept.. up the trellis she has stepped, and where climatis has for joy her petaled purples wept Buddhists have only with feather brooms swept
Saffron robed monks Buddhist are seldom seen in seaside camps nudist
Light ribbons from the Buddha's full moon do his holy shrine festoon. His Spirit moves the
bamboo grove... by the lagoon.


A Tecumseh museum... with axes and knives hanging from the walls. His Spirit walks through the large highup room opening each
shutter. One is then aware only of the supernal blazing light.


The way of yielding water.... flowing.. being never preaching is the teaching of the I Ching


All beings Love Spirit enfolds within infinite wings of blazing gold.


A gentle cow reading Leviticus found that cloven hoofed animals
are forbidden for food. And so she did cleave each of her four.
Above.. the starstrewn sky Below.. a landmine-sown earth lies.
Above the pastel spray of breaking day... below the battlefield's crimson and gray
At a defense contractor luncheon, the eagle ice sculpture drips water
from his melting beak. Frozen form
becomes all form. The waters of peace are flexible.
May no illegitimate
leader's illegal wars hasten any 'til death us do part'
Babe issued a press release.. 'they tell fibs..
.. I have no ribs to spare.. no spare ribs'
Because of her the world will sooner bring.. a world of no more
suffering.. where none are swallowing....a chicken's or a swallow's wing
Butchers unthinkingly smash the hour glasses of mammals' lives.
Do plants have feelings? said one and the other replied:
Wallflowers must have broken hearts.
Emma Wood said 'animals love vegetarians'... It's also true that
plants love fruitarians.
Factory farmed hens: unloved they are born.. nameless they
live... innominate they die... ungrieved in stomachs they are buried
He stopped fishing for reasons of mercy
and saved himself from radiation, worms, lead and mercury.
How do the words of the Peaceful Master become the tirades of
warmonger pastors?
How many daisies does a daisy cutter bomb cut?
In India the bloody footprint of Alexander's throne
lasted as long as a twig cleaves the sea into which it is thrown.
It is not recorded in the words of Tennyson
that Ben Franklin got sick when he ate venison
Kneeling to God, all weapons' Wielder, he became a
weapons yielder.
Lambs go more quietly to their murder than pigs. Pigs fight
hard against the knife wielders.
Less likely to suffocate fishes or cause their suffering
are suffragettes and meditative Sufi rings.
Little chick fertilized within the eggshell basket
.. Of Thee God he asked it... that none turn the little shell into a marble casket
Many are the harshly shod footprints which have trod smashing little ones between the booted and the sod
Neither the barbs of the blackberry bush nor the thorns protecting the rose act aggressively.
NASA secreted hundreds of mice into the hold of the shuttle. Each was a
spacemouse.. each was a scapemouse.
Neath obsolescent mower it used to be that crickets make a final peep.
Fireflies' lanterns snuffed beneath the skies. Bumblebees' pollination
stops Caterpillars do not become butterflies
Seldom are birdwatchers seen... in factory farms
Oh a cockroach is better luck than a cricket upon the hearth.. for
she magnetizes to your home those who love every heart
That general bombed so many into bodiless realms stygian. Now his stone statue has
new epaulets... the droppings of the pigeons
Robins need not squabble over a stick for their 2 nests.. for there are dead sticks everywhere.
Spaniards are ending the waving of red flags toward crucified bulls, as everywhere the white flags of mutual surrender to God flap, and the wind rustles the pink flags of thyme......
all flags of earth peaceful in time
She defends not only underdogs but undercats, undercows, and underpigs, underchickens and underfishes.
The boats which to their slaughter ship sheep are never shipshape.
The fire in the mob's hate torches does not always color within the lines.
The God indwelt beetle sanctifies the holy rose.
The trash truck comes around, its treeslapping height
leaving a mobile of severed spring leaves in its wake... its mechanized pickup
not knowing what living tiny mice or human corpses might be inside
They cleave off innocent pigs' cloven hooves
... yet the scarlet blood does not crimson
the purple fields of clover
If his heart is a bud.. not yet fullblown will he understand the iris' unfolding sermon
or care about how they freeze the tongues of captured ermine... will they know yet
that rats and mice are not vermin
Trillions of animals' agonized cries through the years echoing in our ears....
in agony beseeching God 'When will you hear? '
Up peep and pop the poppy pods.
Does their scotching and scorching please Papa God?
Can not heroin be controlled without harm
to Mother Nature's plants and sod?
We have nothing to offer you say the cows of their gravy
but our blood sweat and tears.
Weeding whispered the Great plant racism
A bee willing to hang upside down in drooping blooms
will harvest more honey. But the converse is not true..
those who work the hardest are not those who make the money.
The horse has run her heart out for her 'owner''s bank
account.. and her reward? the slavery of a stall
Ralph Nader works for consumers, Casey Kasem for consum-ees
Angels please make more clever plants of clover... that they hide from cleaving mowers
Once when a riverflood had created many beyondbank pools in which thousands of fish were trapped as waters slowly receded..he spent 3 nights and days\ bucketing them back to the mainstream..and to life.
The hound was haunted by the hind he had hunted. Over the months God to him hinted he should no longer hurt any harts nor harm any hinds.. Now he, the hound, no longer hunts and so by hinds is no longer haunted.
'Straighten up and fly right' said his father..but his son misheard it as 'fly rights' and sallied forth to organize the untouchable maggots of the world
The portable dairy of the mother dromedary..Is it meant for humans or the baby dromedary?
That baby boy squirrel eats the apple peels.. turning them round and
round with his tiny someone chewing on a new thoughtfrom all angles.... but
he eats pine cones like corn on the cob
When a horse is hanging upside down in an abbatoir, is the building called a slaughterhorse?
The bright orange wings of the Baltimore Oriole are not as radiant as his spirit's aureole
Chanel Number 5 had ambergris from sperm whales, civet from the civet cat, musk, (38 musk oxen castrated for 1 oz of musk oil) , and castor from the Canadian beaver.
Should it have been called Chanel Number 41?
She picked up only vacant seashells on the shores of the Seychelles...
for chambered nautili hollow were minnow castles in the shallows
Some of the chores of the scullery maid..... to throw tiny birds' skulls into the trash
and then to store the marmelade
Little parachute samaras.. maple seedlings.. gather in the gutters of homes and streets. Little treasure troves.. who will become groves.. if left alone in places unmowed. Those who give them a nod.. let them burst from the sod.. let them break from their podsfor they've been sent by God
A. asked 'Which fork is used in proper etiquette
to spear the animal's flesh? ' B replied: 'Not one... not a single one'
Pearls are sphered articles.. mucus covered sand particles
'untimely ripped' from coprophagous oysters
.. themselves torn from their gentle cloisters
What is a quadrapus? An octopus after run over
and vacuumed up by a suffocating fish trawler
Human cannibals eating castrated bulls' canned balls hoping to
become hard cannon balls merely cause themselves prostate cancer
He needed no special logic to intuit how to raise the low life expectancy of Inuit
Tolstoy was monogamous..Gandhi.. nonzoophagous. Maybe a rhinoceros or hippopotamus
are polygamous Maybe most lions and tigers carnivorous but human beings are designed
to be monogamous... Humans designed frugivorous
Every pork loin is from an innocent pig purloined. Every pork chop from a little pig painfully chopped
In the sea, a zillion strong singing his own song, each sweet sponge
Noah was saved on the ark from the quandary of accepting sharks.
For they could swim in the seas and not harm those inside the barque.
God has put a 'do not disturb' sign over the green shelled limpets cozily nesting in lime waters limpid
The semantics of human chauvinism.... verbs and a noun to obscure the murder of animals..
scotch, dispatch, cull, harvest, euthanize*, thin, bag, sticking
It is dormancy and not hypocrisy to eat cows and object to hippophagy.
The frightened calf Harriet saw the cowboy as Iscariot mounted on a slavehorse chariot
twirling his neckbreaking noose lariat.
For their fur coats men murdered ermine
A little mouse whose name is Herman they called by the most cruel name vermin
Out of each creature's eyes in each being's body shrine do light and love divine for every being shine
Some day the acacia leaves will forgive giraffes and in the presence of koala bears
bamboo shoots will laugh.. while the cows will be welcomed by each blade of grass
Does God prefer to see caterpillars eat to create their wings.. rather than fiight snuffing humans
eating others creatures' wings
Croquet balls near wickets, golf balls in thickets, are seldom respecters of the rights of crickets
The sound of the raptor wings of the kestrel is not to other birds music orchestral
Was he a suicide bomber bee.. protecting his hivefellows from the heavy tread of human boots
and the polycidal insecticide planes? Was he a David bee taking on a Goliath 10,000 times his size? Yet he flew away without being killed.. nor did he kill the man he stung
Caged the yellow winged cockatiel. Crushed for redcoats the cochineal.
Millions more do not fish.. (a verb made from killing the noun)
They're not suffocating creatures.. no beings strangling... no longer angling... not causing
panicked beings' dangling in deathlines entangling
Re factory farms Californian to Carolinian and Virginian, puppet pastors with paid for opinions say humans over animals have dominion, as butcher minions chain saw bird pinions.
He thought it better to have canneries for cranberries than canneries for canaries

Capricorns are antiquarians while Aries' breakouts seem antiantiquarian
.. Friendly to both are God and kind aquarians.
The painter's smock is daubed with the pastels of his palate. He has become one with his painting. While his portrait is concentrated
and Virgo specific his abstract smock is pastels light-full and Pisces pacific.
A flaming feather of the Pluto firebird fell to earth's floor... a sign of God's guarding guiding grace..
for He loves us evermore evermore evermore
33 degree water can be colder than 32 degree ice for it is not barred from entering the skin
When Cancer forgives and has no fear... cancer can disappear
Aries spring each being frees from capricorn's winter freeze
Where scorpio's silent underground springs burst into joy as sagittarian geysers..
there she dwells and everywhere
Neptune opposes red mars.. his angry glow melts near other stars... as daily the sunball
dips his fire... into the sea entire... resurrected mars is more pacific... less target specific

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