Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

03. I Went There To Bid Her Adieu - Poem by Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

I went there to bid her adieu
With crying soul and heart falling apart
For life ahead without her lyrics
And called her near with tears in eyes;
Devastated was she, but in composure,
Languorous by grief, but firmed up to face,
She slowly walked to my front
And searched my eyes with lightless eyes.

I locked my soul to nonchalance,
I blocked heart to emotional glance
And looked straight to bid her adieu;
Shaken was she, tears rolled to her cheeks
Though firmed up was she to be unemotional
And lowered dull eyes withered with grief;
She knew my joys, she knew my desires,
She knew what I yearned deep in my soul
And her eyes glittered with infinite sparkles.

I raised my eyes to mouth my words,
Lo, I saw her bosoms uncovered for my feast,
Round and firm, and lovely like full moons,
Spread all over there, crowning over heart,
Bespeaking to my soul, calling me to field;
She saw I saw and thrust them forward
With welcome sunshine glittering in eyes;
Shocked by pleasures, shocked by the spell,
Shocked by elegance those jewels radiate,
I lowered my eyes in awe and joy.

I walked near her, and she welcomed by eyes,
I brushed my hands all over her bosoms,
Over and below, in-between, all over;
I played all over her to soul’s contentment
And she abandoned herself to my glorious play;
No holding back once we were caught there,
We were to make up for the separations ahead;
We tied our souls, we tied our hearts,
We tied our minds, we tied our bodies,
We thrust ourselves deeper to the other
Till we blend all over and inseparably merge,
So no time ever again part us from the other.

We were all mad, mad, mad for the other,
No world outside bothered us then;
In surge of passions brimming over limbs,
In contagious heat wrapping our bodies,
Oblivious we were that we were not one,
We played our games in rhythms of one
And rose and fell in most joyous concert,
Giving to the other and filling up the other
And finding our joys in common cause;
We found ourselves in each other’s depth,
Where we found ourselves immortally bound,
Where she is my ego; and I am, hers,
Where no existence for us separates from the other;
I held her tight; she, me, like lodestar,
Our souls, minds and bodies closing in cores
And we blended like infinites in ultimate bliss
In each other’s fold, never again to part.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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