Saiom Shriver

Gold Star - 21,196 Points (Ohio)

04 Joy's Underground Streams Inside All - Poem by Saiom Shriver

Icicle rows dripping in the light.. lines of exclamation
points! ! ! ! ! translucent with sun joy
Spring willow streamers... the tree cheerleads the birds in branch
Into shards the dreams have shattered.. the pain
in the dream... has not mattered.
From the chalice of his heart I drink love and joy. It is
the only draught which quenches my soulthirst.
The sight of him! long needles of light knit.. of a sudden
weaving wings for my heart!
As the pure bright mirror transmits the morning sun
we need not understand God.. but only pass God on
The morning birds' melodies.. the woodpecker does counterpoint
How is it that his ceaseless drill... shatters the barriers to
Bursting blooms of bluebonnet to the sun sing silent sonnets
A beetlebored bamboo flute.. Yonder wind plays upon it
Around the corner from the flesh food coroners,
August field's coronation of a cornucopia of corn
The touchdown points of the rainbow are obscured
by grey fog, but as blue and sun appear, the fog has been
absorbed.. into new figs.
Laundry dances in the wind on the clothesline... empty scarecrows...of whom no bird is frightened
The curvenecked clover lamps hang oer a London sidewalk's cobbles shedding purple light in their wee world
Spring rains raise the wells
Every one does upwell
.. merging as they overspill
A new joy river they do swell.
Saddened by the plaintive sounds of the mourning dove,
he decided to be silent or cheerful when he spoke.
Feared lightning became the silver lining
of the cloud of good change.
Water spiders, skaters..gliders, blissdarting shooting stars without
external guiders
October when each leaf is a stained glass aperture
in the cathedrol of autumnal light
Squirrels spiral up the church spires
and down again to the spirea
Alighting and taking off from the tiger lilies and phlox and
sunflowers are hummingbirds and butterflies and bees,
with no air controllers and no accidents.
Sunwands turn rain droplets into blackberry drupelets as enkindled
okra seeds acknowledge heliocracy.
White morning glories translucent in the sun..bloom fabric
stretched on its ribs like Japanese
rice paper lanterns shining with light
The fields are filled with crystal balls of morning dew,
each revealing your destiny: the morning sun
As a shaft of light sweeps down a sootfilled chimney
is God's delight available to all.
When the couple midnight swam in the quarry,
waving were the skies' reflections starry.***
The ice sculpture fish has melted into his waters of completion.
Melted the ice sculpture quince.. and flowed into
roots.. swelling new quince.
Squirrels tossed away the chewed pine cones which they ate like
cobs of gold corn
The drops the rain scatters the river then gathers.. to give to the
sea who in turn offers them in her great chalice to the sun
She no longer feels sad that her body is bound by gravity.. as she
wings the hearts of millions.
Birds gather on the branch pews of grove choirs
to sing evening vespers to God.


The drops the rain scatters is to J Pichette
Wings the hearts of millions is to Sandy Patti


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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poem Edited: Friday, June 27, 2008

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