050. A Humble Prayer Poem by Dipankar Sadhukhan

050. A Humble Prayer

God! the Creator of the Universe,
The King of all kings,
You've been observing the whole world
Since the beginning of the beginning.

Man has raised a very high wall
Of discriminition, casteism and superstitions
Which have imprisoned the mankind
Since the dawn of civilization.

Almost all the human races
Have been turned into fierce beasts.
The rulers are continuously sucking
The sweet blood of the innocent.

Today the mothers of mankind
Are being tortured and assualted.
The innocent children are being victimized
By the evil will of the Devils.

Man is creating new rules and regulations
And applying force over the Giants
To bring peace vainly in the world
Which has been turned into Hell.

O God! I pray to You to spread, over the world
The sweet fragrance of Divine Love and melody
Of holy wisdom and rational knowledge
Which will relieve us of narrowness and misbeliefs.

We want no king, no ruler.
For ruling the whole mankind
We need your Divine Love and Peace
Which will uproot fanaticism and terrorism.

The words of Truth and Peace
Will come out from human voice.
The people of the whole world
Will love one another with hearts.

My Lord! the Controller of the Universe,
My soul and heart humbly pray to You
To make the world Heaven
With Your blessings of Love, Happiness and Peace.

Kolkata, India.
9th October,2013.

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: prayer
Kiran Mishra 11 December 2016

A very good prayer...10

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