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I forgave you so many years ago.
I forgot your offence that day
When you made my colourful dreams pale
By crushing my soft mind

Poetry is a romantic maid
And I am her lover.
I arrange my thoughts in my head
In my own way to love her.

Few days ago at midnight
I was lying on my bed
But I could sleep no longer
As if someone hit my head.

Like the red glow of the sun
Just before twilight
My dream was lost
In the sky of emptiness

I can see you flying in the full moon sky
Like an enchanting fairy.
Your smiling face and glittering eyes
Are calling me to enjoy the beauty of night.

The time has come to fight against Devils
Who have no category, no religion, no heart.
How much blood do they need to drink, to bathe?
They are really coward, the creatures of hell.

I will never get the opportunity
To have your proximity.
So my mind wrapped in agony and pain
Tries to find happiness and peace in vain.

In the sky of my memory
At the night of my fancy
You appear like the full moon
To illuminate the corridor of my ken.

Woman is a piece of diamond or gold.
She fills the world with her beauty.
In her childhood she wins every world
With her sacred smile and her simplicity.


Poety is a sacred river
Which flows through my veins
To outburst my emotion
And keep the neurons lively.


Last evening I was sitting alone
On my favourite chair in our balcony.
I saw so many people coming by car
To attend a wedding ceremony.

Poetry is my love; poetry is my passion.
Poetry is my life; poetry is my devotion.
Poetry is a world made of my happy dream.
It encourages me to move forward every time.

My night is filled with nightmare
And my eyes are full only of fearful visions.
My dreams are confined like a convict.
All of these make me cry day and night.

The earth is the perfect abode
For the people with beautiful minds,
Soft hearts and angelic souls
But no one can possess all the virtues.

Still remember me
If I go far away from you
And your old love is veiled
With the charm of a new one.

Saturday night in every week is fully mine.
I suck the pleasure as one drinks the last drop of wine
Evening passes and midnight comes slowly.
Everyone sleeps but I wake the night silently.

Now I find a river
That will absorb
All of my agony and pain
And gladden my heart

After a long time
I have taken my diary
To compose some verses
By sitting on the couch

Man's life is too short to tell full story
As any time he may sink in Time's sea.
For his work he'll be placed in history;
Or he'll lie in the grave without worry.

Now I have been totally changed.
I have learnt to know myself.
Gathering my haphazard thoughts
I have learnt to think in a right way.

Dipankar Sadhukhan Biography

Dipankar Sadhukhan is a teacher (since 27th September,2008) of English at Badamtala High School (H.S.) , Budge Budge, Kolkata - 700137. Apart from being a teacher, he loves to write poems, novels, short stories and essays both in English and Bengali. His first two poetry books, 'Your Love, My Inspiration' and 'Love, Another Name of Divinity' were published in 2014 and are available all over the world. His third international poetry book, 'Beauty and Truth in Love' was published in January,2016. Dipankar Sadhukhan was born and brought up in a middle class family in Nadia (a district of West Bengal) near Kolkata. His parents admitted him directly to Class Two in Natapuli Vivekananda Shishu Siksha Niketan when he was only five years old. He has been honest, highly ambitious, determined, laborious, passionate and peace loving since childhood. The simple and humble life style of his father, Santosh Kumar Sadhukhan and the teaching by his mother Bhagabati Sadhukhan on great persons of India and her cultural heritage, influenced him so much during his boyhood. She was his only tutor and guide throughout the impressionable years of his childhood. Dipankar Sadhukhan was all along a meritorious student. He completed his Primary education from Natapuli Debendra Smriti Vidyapith. During his schooling, he was greatly influenced by the teaching of Mr. Birendranath Sadhukhan, the former Headmaster of the Lower Primary School and Mrs. Gita Raha Halder, his History Teacher at Natapuli Debendra Smriti Vidyapith (High School) . In school he stood first five times successively though he had suffered from Jaundice for six years. He completed his school education from Chakdaha Ramlal Academy, one of the most famous schools in Nadia. Then according to the advice of his English tutor Mr. Pradip Kumar Sarkar he was admitted to B.A. with Honours in English. His family later moved to Ranaghat (a town in Nadia) from where he with his younger brother Subhankar Sadhukhan continued his studies and completed his education. He met with three major accidents during his teens. His life was in great danger and his studies were interrupted when a coconut fell on his head. With great pain and suffering he completed B.A. (Hons.) in English from the University of Calcutta. Dipankar Sadhukhan was admitted to St. Xavier's College (Kolkata) , one of the most reputed colleges in India and then he obtained the degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) though he had been under medical treatment for a long time. His life changed by the teaching of Dr. Mandira Mukherjee, the Former Dean of St. Xavier's College (Department of Education) and Dr. Charlotte Simpson-Veigas. He looks upon them as his ideals for their excellent teaching. He holds a prestigious position as a teacher in a reputed school. Gradually he completed MA in English (Literature) and Bengali (Linguistics) . Now he lives in Kolkata. Since his school and college days Dipankar Sadhukhan has been writing poetry. Few of his early poems have been brought out in school and college magazines. His poems are regularly published in VERBUMLANDANEWS (Italy) , an international e-magazine. He is a member of Muse India, an International e-journal. His poems have been brought out on www.poemhunter.com, www.bestpoems.com, www.poetrysoup.com, www.poemsabout.com, many national as well as in many international journals, magazines and reputed e-zines. His three International poetry books, 'Your Love, My Inspiration' (2014) , 'Love, Another Name of Divinity' (2014) and 'Beauty and Truth in Love' (2016) were published and have been widely purchased all over the world since then. His ambition, determination, dedication and honesty are the keys to his success in every aspect of his life. Preface (Your love, My inspiration) Love is Sweet Melody By Munir Mezyed There are those who believe that real life is quite different from the world of poetry. This is a fact that we are all aware of, but the world of poetry is pure and charming, full of love, beauty and dreams, sometimes grief and melancholy, mystery, even the contradictions. Poetry is some sort of conflict between dream and reality, between freedom and fear. However, poetry is a revolution which aims to blow up the miserable reality in order to re-create new and better life for humans and liberate them psychologically and intellectually through philosophical and aesthetic vision, away from spiritual slavery, motivate man to reconsider his way of thinking about himself and his surroundings and the world. In our hands, we have a poetry book called 'Your Love, My Inspiration' which is written by the young and talented Indian poet Dipankar Sadhukhan who teaches English, living in Kolkata. This is his first poetry book made up of fifty poems. Most of the poems are love poems which have always been one of the most popular forms of poetry. Love is the most powerful emotion, its power doesn't affect the body only but it rules over the heat and the soul. It could change person's life or the way of his/her living or thinking. The English metaphysician F.H. Bradley, who for a short period in the early twentieth century was hailed as Britain’s greatest philosopher, showed us that fundamentally, love is an experience beyond self:  love is the experience of the Absolute. Whatever is your life, whether you are a motor mechanic, a dentist, or an astronaut, says Bradley, love is what you experience when you become aware what you really are – when the subject and the object becomes one, whole and indivisible. That is a ‘real’ experience – every other experience is a mere ‘appearance’. What you believe is real experience is like watching a 3D movie. It caters to your senses, it can be either pleasure or pain, but it is never an experience of deepest truth, as love is. Poet Dipankar Sadhukhan believes that love protects him from the heat, gives him peace and tranquility, not letting him feel lonely as he mentioned in his poem “Your Divine Love”. Heat is a symbol might refer to suffering, pain, agony even to false temptation or illusion that might cause pain and suffering. If I need to get up in the morning early,   Your Divine Love makes me sleep quietly  And wakes me up in time gently.  When I feel lonely on this earth  Your Divine Love caresses my heart.  Therefore, Love can heal better than anything in the world. The Sufis say that the reason of the whole creation is that the wish of the perfect being is know to himself. This could be done by awakening love of his nature and creating out of it his object of love, which is beauty. Poet Dipankar Sadhukhan is fully aware of this concept. He says in his poem, “Time”: I was born before the birth  Of the whole universe.  I witnessed its creation  And gave birth to the Sun.  When you are in Love, you will know there is another world that exists in you, ready to be discovered. In this world, the trees are full of purple fruits and divine flowers/ the moon and the sea are busy in love making/ minds are charmed by the celestial beauty/ souls kiss each other with passion/ hearts embrace each other to enjoy the beatitude of love/ branches of knowledge gradually expand and flowers of love bloom in mind. There is no greater power than love. All strength comes with the awakening of love in the heart. When we met each other,   A holy fountain was created  From the Temple of our hearts  And a sacred river of Love  Started flowing smoothly  To make our dry thoughts lively. Part of love is having a passionate, intense desire for something; it is often referred to as a sexual desire. This sexual desire can turn two bodies into one being: When you kiss me gently and embrace,   Our hearts become single; souls get oneness.  I completely lose my entity on this earth.  According to the Greek philosophers the term “Agape” refers to the paternal love of God for man and of man for God. It is extended to include a brotherly love for all humanity. Agape arguably draws on elements from both Eros and Philia where we seek a perfect kind of love or divine love: O God! The earth is full of darkness.  Give me the light of knowledge.  From my mind, vanish complexity I need no money, no property.  May you bless me with your Love and peace Not to compromise with the unjustness. The poetry of Dipankar Sadhukhan is sensible and melodious with big touch of Romanticism and classical poetry. Poet Dipankar Sadhukhan was able to turn love into sweet melody. Munir Mezyed: A well-known international writer (poet, novelist & translator) originally from Palestine, born in Jordan, living in Romania who writes in both English and Arabic. His poetry works have been published worldwide, translated to Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Danish, Greek, German, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian, Albanian, Indonesian, Persian, Hindi …etc. PREFACE (Beauty and Truth in Love) Dipankar Sadukhan once again will enchant his avid readers in yet another wonderful and highly-anticipated poetry book, “Beauty and Truth in Love”. What makes his new book endearing is because he also weaved intricate and captivating poetry for his beloved daughter, Mandira Sadhukhan as expressed in some selected poems included in the contents. Dipankar’s poetry evolved in depth and style overtime judging from his first published book, “Your Love, My Inspiration” where I provided a blurb/review for the back cover and his second book, “Love, Another Name of Divinity” where I was requested also to write the Preface. Love has always been the main theme and caption of Dipankar’s composition since the first time that I got to read his works. His poem dedicated to his adorable Mandira, entitled, “O, My Little Princess, Next to Deity”, is a personal favourite among this book’s lovely cascade of poetry compositions by the talented and respected poet. In this poem, Dipankar depicts his deep affection for his daughter, his princess and I am sure a lot of his followers would also get to love this piece. I believe the main attraction of this book is the poem “Love Is No Love When It Wears Mask of Love” for it speaks of what constitutes real love. Unmasked love which is void of disguises and reveals more beyond the surface. I particularly love these lines from the above mentioned poem: When the world loves to bathe in falsehood's sea And man plays with guile, lie and treachery, Mind gets distort'd losing its holiness And Love goes far away from heart's closeness. “Our Love Is Romantic like the Moonlight” is quite a lovely composition owing to the fact that I do love the moon’s beauty and magnificence. I find Dipankar’s weave of words so romantic and swoon-worthy and makes the reader actually feel the scene and marvel at its grandeur. The piece “The Oceans Are Now Fierce with Earth’s Movement” is another powerful composition which expresses another side of the poet. The poem depicts his awareness of what’s happening around him and seeks solace to end the world’s suffering through Love. I find this masterpiece one of Dipankar’s moving pieces ever produced. The depth of the piece will leave you pondering about life’s meaning and how the impact of nature’s wrath can all be calmed down in the name of Love. Dipankar has evolved into one of our well-loved contemporary modern poets who offer his readers a different kind of adventure with various fleeting emotions each time they read his masterpieces. He has his own poetic style and voice which sets him apart from other poets. “Beauty And Truth in Love” is a wonderful and beautiful poetry book which is coming off age from a natural born poet with compositions coming from the inner depths of his heart and soul. Readers can expect a wide range of captivating, page turner of poetry that are sure to leave a mark in the hearts and minds long after they have finished the last page of the book. I strongly recommend this book to all lovers of the art of poetry and literature for Dipankar’s immortal compositions would truly leave you breathless and amazed. I extend my congratulations again to my fellow poet, Dipankar Sadukhan for coming up with another well-thought of and wonderful poetry book. I also would like to thank him for always valuing my words and it’s an honor for me to write again the Preface of his lovely work of art. More power to your writing career, my friend Dipankar Sandukhan! Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Author/Poet/Journalist/Editor/Speaker Author, “Seasons of Emotions”, UK Author, “Inner Reflections of the Muse”, USA Member, American Authors Association (AAA) , Member, PEN International. On Dipankar Sadhukhan and his poetry By Kerstin Centervall 'I have followed Dipankar Sadhukhan and his or try over some years, and during this time also noticed his great engagements and his will to achieve the beauty, which in words can be expressed in many forms of lyric poetry. In his third book, 'Beauty and Truth in Love' he has undoubtedly shown a great love for what I call 'Central Lyric', that has to do with the poet himself, his life, the persons close to him and how much influence from those he has obtained. Dipankar has won many people's love by his truth and honest way of writing and to those people I turn myself with great pleasure and can only wish him, as the very sensitive person he is, all good things in life and good luck with his poetry forcing us forward to a new and better world.' Kerstin Centervall (Sweden) A well known international poetess/writer, Author of ' Shooting Stars', 'Music in Verses', 'The Northern Star' and 'The Path I Tread'. His published international poetry books: 1. Your Love, My Inspiration 2. Love, Another Name of Divinity 3. Beauty and Truth in Love His unpublished works: English: 1. On the Journey of Life (a collection of stories) 2. My Own World (poetry book) 3. Mother (novel) Bengali: 1. Sanjana His third international poetry book 'Beauty and Truth in Love' (2016) is now available at http: //www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/8182536480/ http: //www.cyberwit.net/publications/846 http: //www.shelfari.com/books/39589873/Beauty-and-Truth-in-Love http: //www.prlog.org/12523872-new-book-release-beauty-and-truth-in-love-english-paperback.html http: //www.bookcrossing.com/journal/13725629 http: //www.librarything.com/work/16836164/book/123790996 http: //www.jacketflap.com/bookdetail.asp? bookid=8182536480 http: //www.flipkart.com/beauty-truth-love-english/p/97881... http: //www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/8182536480/ His other two books 'Your Love, My Inspiration' (2014) and 'Love, Another Name of Divinity' (2014) are available at http: //www.cyberwit.net/publications/631 http: //www.cyberwit.net/publications/730 http: //www.amazon.com/dp/8192818748 http: //www.amazon.com/Love-Another-Divinity-Dipankar-Sadhukhan/dp/8182535344 http: //www.infibeam.com/Books/love-another-name-divinity-dipankar-sadhukhan/9788182535343.html#variantId=P-M-B-9788182535343 http: //www.prlog.org/12391926-love-another-name-of-divinity-by-dipankar-sadhukhan-has-been-released.html http: //www.librarything.com/work/15513651/book/114262597 http: //www.bookcrossing.com/journal/13035962/ http: //www.shelfari.com/books/38247696/Love-Another-Name-of-Divinity http: //www.jacketflap.com/bookdetail.asp? bookid=8182535344 http: //www.amazon.in/Love-Another-Divinity-Dipankar-Sadhukhan/dp/8182535344/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&qid=1416799302&sr=8-1&keywords=Love%2C+Another+Name+of+Divinity http: //www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/8192818748 He loves his city, Kolkata which is the Cultural Capital of India. His favourite Quotations: ''Live with the Truth. Live for the Truth.' ''Never compromise with the unjustness''- Dipankar Sadhukhan. Poet/ Authour/ Novelist/ Short story writer/ Teacher. Kolkata, India.)

The Best Poem Of Dipankar Sadhukhan

198. Forgiveness

I forgave you so many years ago.
I forgot your offence that day
When you made my colourful dreams pale
By crushing my soft mind
And breaking my tender heart.

But can you forget me for a single moment?
Once you made me dream
To build a colourful world with you.
Don't the happy moments knock at the door
Of your mind even for a second?

I forgave you my dear
When the colourful dreams fell
From the branches of my mind and heart.
But have you forgotten me even for a moment?
Are you truly happy today my dear?

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.
'My Own World', No.26.

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Dipankar Sadhukhan 22 November 2016

Dr. Sunil Sharma on my book 'Love, Another Name of Divinity': He serenades poetry and love - young poet Dipankar Sadhukhan with conviction. Majority of young poets begin by doing that - exalting their muse and the chosen medium of self-expression and artistic articulation of the lived instant and felt intensities. Dipankar writes bold and beautiful - for poetry provides avenues of escape from the everyday. He confesses, The world of poetry is totally different from reality. It is filled with beauty, love and happiness. It gives me aesthetic pleasure and infinite joy which are not possible to gain in this mundane world. - as it does to those desirous of seeking out, creating and wandering in realms imaginary. Poetry is an act of producing verbal artifacts for writers who are aesthete in their outlook and an autonomous activity in-itself. 'Love, Another Name Of Divinity' is his second anthology of fifty poems that celebrate the feeling of love. The mood is often joyous and robust. Typical Bengali writer - English education; English poetry; Rabindranath Tagore and music meet and intersect to form inner landscapes - Dipankar deifies poetry and love in various aspects and stands in a worshipful attitude before the altar of the Muses. The language is, well, the language of a smitten lover - just ecstatic! If you love being in love, here is the road-map for you. Find your way inside/outside the poetry and feel liberated! - Dr. Sunil Sharma An International Poet, Critic, Story Writer, Essayist and Editor. Pricipal of Bharat College, Mumbai, India.

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Dipankar Sadhukhan 16 November 2016

Poet Moinak Dutta on my book 'Beauty and Truth in Love'. It is said oft that a poet is someone who is a blessed soul. Dipankar Sadhukhan, a teacher and a poet friend is definitely a blessed one for he has been doing what many people find it very difficult to do in our modern hedonistic world. He is searching for Beauty and Truth through his poetic endeavour. But then poetry can never exist without that pursuit. Finding Beauty and Truth and Love is the quintessential element of poesy. Reading his book 'Beauty and Truth in Love' is like understanding various facets of life. While in poems like 'O My Dear Angel, the Source of My Mirth', 'O My Little Princess, Next to Deity! ' one finds father's love for his daughter, poems like 'True Love Doesn't Alter with the Course of Time', 'Love Isn't Love When It Wears....' bring out the pains and sufferings of a poet seeing the world being corrupted everyday by forces which are inhuman and ruthless. Interestingly, as a poet can never lead his generation to despair, so Dipankar moves on to uphold the true Beauty of love through his poems which celebrate nature's bounty and abundance. Poems like 'Autumn Has Appeared with Fragrant Flowers' bear testimony to the poet's insatiable romantic quest which tends to be spiritual and rightly so! Wishing all the success to his endeavour. Moinak Dutta (India) , Teacher, poet, fiction writer, Author of 'Pestilence'(2009) , 'Online@offline'(2014) .

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Dipankar Sadhukhan 16 November 2016

'I have followed Dipankar Sadhukhan and his or try over some years, and during this time also noticed his great engagements and his will to achieve the beauty, which in words can be expressed in many forms of lyric poetry. In his third book, 'Beauty and Truth in Love' he has undoubtedly shown a great love for what I call 'Central Lyric', that has to do with the poet himself, his life, the persons close to him and how much influence from those he has obtained. Dipankar has won many people's love by his truth and honest way of writing and to those people I turn myself with great pleasure and can only wish him, as the very sensitive person he is, all good things in life and good luck with his poetry forcing us forward to a new and better world.' Kerstin Centervall (Sweden) A well known international poetess/writer, Author of ' Shooting Stars', 'Music in Verses', 'The Northern Star' and 'The Path I Tread'.

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Dipankar Sadhukhan 27 October 2016

Thank you so much all of you, my dear poets for your generous words on my poetry. Your beautiful comments will supply fuel to my creative cells.

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Williamsji Maveli 17 December 2014

Great poem, my applause and my love Regards WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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Live with the Truth. Live for the Truth.

Never compromise with the unjustness.

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