Dipankar Sadhukhan Poems

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198. Forgiveness

I forgave you so many years ago.
I forgot your offence that day
When you made my colourful dreams pale
By crushing my soft mind

202. Poetry Is My True Lover

Poetry is a romantic maid
And I am her lover.
I arrange my thoughts in my head
In my own way to love her.

247. A Tale Of A Fairy And An Angel

Few days ago at midnight
I was lying on my bed
But I could sleep no longer
As if someone hit my head.

175. My Lost Dream

Like the red glow of the sun
Just before twilight
My dream was lost
In the sky of emptiness

Sixteenth December, The Blackest Day

The time has come to fight against Devils
Who have no category, no religion, no heart.
How much blood do they need to drink, to bathe?
They are really coward, the creatures of hell.

Your Divine Embrace

I can see you flying in the full moon sky
Like an enchanting fairy.
Your smiling face and glittering eyes
Are calling me to enjoy the beauty of night.

The Wings Of My Mind

I will never get the opportunity
To have your proximity.
So my mind wrapped in agony and pain
Tries to find happiness and peace in vain.

088. Eternal Love

In the sky of my memory
At the night of my fancy
You appear like the full moon
To illuminate the corridor of my ken.

303. Woman

Woman is a piece of diamond or gold.
She fills the world with her beauty.
In her childhood she wins every world
With her sacred smile and her simplicity.


Poety is a sacred river
Which flows through my veins
To outburst my emotion
And keep the neurons lively.

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