08.08.2009 Divine Mystery Poem by Margaret Alice

08.08.2009 Divine Mystery

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Satinover’s ‘Bible Code Truth’ published
by Sidgwick, delightful parallels between
Cryptology and Judaism, the Torah and
Quantum Mechanics, celestial ecstasy in
the divine mystery of the Torah preserved
without changes over millenia - Why do
trained scribes copy the Torah by hand
without making any mistakes?

‘Omit or change a single iota from the
Torah and you destroy the universe’
rings an ominous cry, relating to the
Christian Scriptures: ‘Not the smallest
letter, not the stroke of a pen, will dis-
appear from the Torah until all is ac-
complished’. Three probable Gulf War
dates were found in close proximity

in Torah text Gulf War referenceson the
closest one of them - 18 January 1991 -
the first scud* fell on Tell Aviv, with very
little effect,39 scuds hit Israel without any
fatality, President Herzog claimed Divine
Intervention, General Moshe Bar Kochba
exclaimed ‘I have no rational explanation
for these wondrous events! ’

Nachman Shai declared ‘The Butcher from
Baghdad* threatened to incinerate half of
Israel; our salvation is beyond all under-
standing, such a wondrous example of the
miraculous’ – I bow my head, in awe and
respect for the sacred ground I tread...

Quoted from Dr Jeffrey Satinover “The Truth
Behind The Bible Code” Sidgwick and Jackson,
1997, pp.4-5,173-182

Torah = First five books of the Bible, Iraqi scud missiles,
President Chaim Herzog, Saddam Hussein, General
Moshe Bar Kochba, Brigadier General Nachman Shai

Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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