' 2011/04/30 For Carine (Rev.) Poem by Margaret Alice

' 2011/04/30 For Carine (Rev.)

Rating: 2.7

I want you decked out in beautiful clothes, made
feel warm and comfortable, sung sweet songs of
spring’s promise; I’ve already told you that the
machines’ assertive beeping is singing songs of
hope and love and life

I want your hair brushed until it glows, your nails
so finely formed painted in your favourite colour,
your eyes bright and happy while you luxuriate in
a gaily decorated bed, I want your delight in
those flamboyant new pyjamas

I want you enjoying your new bedroom slippers,
hear you shouting at the dog, explaining your job
to your younger sister, calling for me to bring
you a treat, hearing your dad laughing, teasing
and joking with you

I want to take out the new soap and cream so you
can smell its perfume - knowing everything is okay,
you will be fine, your dad’s in charge, love shines
in the nurses’ smiles, everything’s under control,
we love you, love is holding onto you

We’re here for you, rest in our love, at midnight
after the accident your friends rushed to discover
your whereabouts, called us to be at your side when
you woke – an emergency room bag is packed
to dress and pamper you

I want to dry your tears and hold you tight until you
are well enough to get up and tackle life in your own
way, watching your dad watching you with
delight, everything is alright, everything
is so, so alright!

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Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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