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0985.Mata Amritanandamayi-Sublimation - Poem by amma and rajappa

From all these experiences I clearly understood that the world is full of sorrow; we have no true relations, for all our relatives love us only to fulfil their selfish needs; only God loves us with selfless love……………….Mata Amritanandamayi

You the child labour, my mother
Pushed to household of Anandan,
Brother of Damayanthi
Endless struggles to my endless mother
After all these sufferings
Were meant to evolve the strongest soul
Mata Amritanandamayi
Out of the extraordinary Sudhamani
Unfazed by the threats
Seared with scars that were ready
To revolutionize the hearts
With your breezy love in the days to come

Overcome by compassion
My mother, you gave the things
Removed from uncle’s house
To the needy and poor, destitute and unfortunate
Getting the beatings and thrashes in plenty!
Getting an ear ring was an aberration rare,
You unwilling to get twined in the mundane humdrum
Got into a fight warranting thy exit
After returning the gifts so petty
Vowed no come back until called back fervently!

Hey Giridhar Gopal!
Love of my heart!
I have none as my kin
Watering my love
With the tears of my heart
Churner of my mind
Take the butter of my devotion
I am wrapped in scars
And insulated with insults
Will garland you with my verses
Give me a hand my Lord!

Again as a tribute to motherhood which Amma symbolizes, I want to present the readers the following episodes involving Shoaib Malik, ex-pakistan cricket captain & Ayesha Siddiqui and another girl who was selling her body (Ref: Guru Charithram)

In the first case Ayesha claimed that She was Shoaib’s wife; Shoaib sweared that he had never seen her; Ayesha went on giving proof after proof; subsequently Shoaib accepted that Ayesha was indeed his wife;

So this is the man who lost his spine while it came to truth

Now lets get into the the other episode of the lady referred to in Guru chariththiram:

This woman was very beautiful; she was visited by a rich merchant; he was wearing the holy ash triple band on his forehead and Rudraksha chain; also there was a gold necklace around his neck made of precious gems and depicted a Siva Lingam

This Siva Lingam attarected the woman and she asked the merchant to give it to her; the merchant said that he would give if she was prepared to be with him for three days; she agreed and she got the necklace.

The first day was eventless

On the second day there was a fire and the room where the necklace was kept was also on fire; the merchant wanted to save that jewel and unfortunately got killed in the fire.

Cremation was organized for the dead merchant;

The woman told that she would also die that moment; all the people around were surprised and told her that he was neither her husband nor her relative and it was not proper for her to die

For that the woman replied that she had promised to be with him for 3 days and he had died on the second day; so she was bound to fulfil her promise and saying this entered the pyre;

That moment Lord Siva appeared and held her by hand and declared that he was touched by her commitment to honour her own words and the merchant was he only


10 4 2010

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