0993.Encounters With Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Trailing Child

Many a time I realize that the more we dwell into great people the more we get submerged and ultimately get drowned

So with your permission I am taking the same song from the previous episode:
1) Master sang:

We are afraid to speak, and yet we are afraid to keep still;
Our minds, O Radha, half believe that we are about to lose you!
We tell you the secret that we know –
The secret whereby we ourselves, and others, with our help,
Have passed through many a time of peril;
Now it all depends on you.

Quoting the last part of the song, RK said to Keshab: 'That is to say, renounce
everything and call on God. He alone is real; all else is illusory. Without the
realization of God, everything is futile. This is the great secret.'

The Master sat down again and began to converse with the devotees. For a while he listened to a piano recital, enjoying it like a child. Then he was taken to the inner apartments, where he was served with refreshments and the ladies saluted him.
2) To make a link I turn to my Lord Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai
Baba Says:
“Sath-Chith-Ananda (being-awareness-bliss) is the very nature of man. But man has forgotten his true nature and is wasting his time in the vain pursuit of fleeting pleasures. He is not able to realize the value of his innate nature. Once he realizes its value and experiences it, he can reach an exalted state. In fact, he becomes verily God. Man can accomplish any mighty task when he realizes his innate divinity. But man is not making any effort in this direction. The primary duty of man therefore is to understand his true nature and put it into practice.
When you intend to harm another, the evil recoils on you. The grief which you suffer is only an echo of the grief you inflict in another’s heart. So when you have injured another, pray for pardon. Repent and resolve never to do it again. Through genuine prayer, mountains of evil can be pulverized and destroyed. From now on, decide that your words shall be soft and sweet, your acts beneficial to others and your thoughts always about how to serve others who are weaker and less prosperous”.
3) Again to have more emphasis I take the help of my Mother Mata Amrithanandamayi:

Amma says that our ego or mind is like the tail of a dog and the body of the dog is us;
The body can shake the tail but if the tail tries to shake the body it would have disastrous consequences.
Be like a child and you will live in Bliss
Now I am coming to the crux of the matter
4) Experience in my life

I was on a different mission and today was the climax; because of that preoccupation I took a break from Ramakrishna Paramahamsa;

Back at home I wanted to communicate with RK while I was washing utensils in the kitchen
Then came to the hall; switched on the TV; the program was of a Tamil channel about the historical incidents that occurred on this same date years back
Before ending Ramakrishna’s photo was flashed with a tag that it would be televised tomorrow

Now can we link the “ child-like RK, Sat-chit Ananda of Blissful Father-wagging ego—hugging Mother?
What do we get?

We are lost…in divine Bliss
See you in the next episode

Jai Kali