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0996.Encounters With Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Beggar’s choice or Almighty’s grace?

M: 'Isn't it possible to develop both jnana and bhakti by the practice of spiritual discipline? '
Sri Ramakrishna: 'Through the path of bhakti a man may attain them both. If it is necessary, God gives him the Knowledge of Brahman. But a highly qualified aspirant may develop both jnana and bhakti at the same time. Such is the case with the Isvarakotis — Chaitanya for example. But the case of ordinary devotees is different.

M: 'But what about the grace of God? Through His grace a camel can pass through the eye of a needle.'
Sri Ramakrishna: 'But is it possible to obtain God's grace just like that? A beggar may get a penny, if he asks for it. But suppose he asks you right off for his train fare. How about that? '
M. stood silent. The Master, too, remained silent. Suddenly he said:
'Yes, it is true. Through the grace of God some may get both jnana and bhakti.'

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Ashraful Musaddeq 01 June 2009

Thoughts provoking piece. Enjoyed it with 10+

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Chris, This is the true wisdom. Thank God! Today I requested u to read my poems and God lead me to read this great wisdom...........

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