Karl Stuart Kline

Rookie (2/16/50 / Las Vegas, Nevada - When there was only one saloon in town!)

(1.6) Starting Over... 3/17/03 12: 43 Am - Poem by Karl Stuart Kline

A thousand poems a day
Went parading through my head
Confusion reigned supreme,
A skein of tangled threads...

Each blends into the other,
Without beginning or end,
Telling one from another
Or even finding a trend

Would be difficult at best,
But I’d seize a single thread
And follow it through the maze,
Mindless of where it led,

Weaving the cloth it made
Into a coat of many colors
Ranging from sunshine bright
To those that are dark and dolorous

For each thread is different,
And might not end as it began,
Raveled in a web of colors
Inseparable by Man,

Mirroring the condition
Of the souls' own torment,
Delicate mothlike beauty
Caught in webs fluorescent

Or darkling and well hidden,
Masking glory that lies within...
Honest poetry follows,
Unimpaired by expectations,

Discovering unexpected destinations
As it struggles to be free,
Going through several incarnations,
Each one a discovery...

The journey was important,
It didn’t matter where it went,
I’d find out soon enough,
Once the poem was written...

Whether or not to write’s
Like the difference of death and life,
The pilgrim and the shrine,
United only after strife

Journey and destination...
Upon arrival I’ve found
Some time for contemplation,
And healing of my wounds

Refreshed, I must begin anew,
Answers only bring more questions
But I’ve also gained wisdom, too,
Along with strength and dedication

At each journeys’ completion
I find another horizon
And a new destination
Luring me with its' Sirens’ song,

It’s a Quest that’s never ending,
Leading off the beaten track,
Down paths that are ever winding
There can be no turning back,

Following music that I hear
Enraptured by the sound,
So far away and yet so near,
It seems that it’s all around.

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