Karl Stuart Kline Poems

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(2.2) Waking With Robert Frost (Written 9/11/2001 - 7am)

I woke up with Robert Frost this morning...
with sweep of wind and downy flake
I woke and I could see without warning
His Woods as his little horse gave his head a shake...

(3.12) A Thousand Poems (A Quest That's Never Ending...)

A thousand poems a day
Went parading through my head
Confusion reigned supreme,
A skein of tangled threads...

(2.42) Cigarettes (Stealing Moments From Their Masters...)

They’re one of your few pleasures,
But they’re bad for you, you know...
You laugh at the statistics,
There’re more likely ways to go.

(3.21) Storm's End

I seek a haven from the storm,
A refuge that defies the thund’ring skies
And shelters me safe and warm

(3.25) Freedom (1960's)

To stand forth in strength;
The strength of wisdom,
The strength of knowledge,
The strength of power,

(3.2) The Tear (My First Poem - 1966!)

There she stood,
oblivious to the world,
of the stones being hurled.

(1.4) Madness Waits For Me

Somewhere, Madness waits for me...
I know, for I can see it in my dreams.
It's not a pleasant thing to see,
But then sanity is never what it seems...

(1.1 - 1.7) Going Without Peggy

This first group of poems is excerpted from my book, 'Going Without Peggy' It wasn't the first book that I wrote, but you can see that it is first in my heart
These are excerpts from the book and I am going to provide the table of contents from the book.

(1.6) Peggy's Roses (Roses Three...)

I lost my Peggy 11/29/97 after a heart wrenching nine month battle with Breast Cancer - This was included in my book, 'Going Without Peggy',
Published in April,2005...

(3.23) Mountain Stream

Flickering in rainbow haste,
It comes to our chance meeting.
Following its’ pebbled path,
It laughs in liquid greeting.

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