Karl Stuart Kline

Rookie (2/16/50 / Las Vegas, Nevada - When there was only one saloon in town!)

Karl Stuart Kline Poems

1. Irksome 11/14/2006
2. (1.3) Peggy On Valentine's Day 11/18/2006
3. An Impossible Task (Words Reach Where Bullets Cannot Go...) 11/21/2006
4. We All Agree (Children As Victims...) 12/24/2006
5. Prose Poem 1/18/2007
6. Good Women 3/25/2007
7. The Last Poet (7/8/2001) 3/31/2007
8. Happy Next Year! 1/20/2008
9. Just Because We'Re Men 2/12/2008
10. The Runaway Ii 4/14/2008
11. The Onion Man Ii 6/17/2008
12. Coffee, Tobacco, A Kalishnikov 6/17/2008
13. Opium, Fresh Milk And Strong Shoes 6/22/2008
14. You There With Your Toys! 7/1/2008
15. Guatemala Unanswered 6/12/2008
16. Picture This... (I Think You Can!) 7/12/2008
17. End This War Ii 12/14/2008
18. Ole George Ducker 12/14/2008
19. For Marina, Christmas,2008 12/24/2008
20. (1.6) Sad Songs 3/18/2009
21. Modern Slavery 4/22/2009
22. Acid In Your Face! 5/5/2009
23. A Poor Substitute For Manhood (Pakistan) 5/25/2009
24. Wicked Dreams 9/14/2009
25. Beauty 9/30/2009
26. Iran Limerick 10/13/2009
27. Pock Marked Wall 10/16/2009
28. The Poor Poet 10/20/2009
29. Confronting Abuse 10/27/2009
30. My Tweet Poetry 12/7/2009
31. Twittering Poetry 12/7/2009
32. Twitter On Iran 12/29/2009
33. Al Qaeda's Testicles (Twittered) 12/29/2009
34. Good Help Is Hard To Find (Twitter) 12/29/2009
35. Happy Next Year,2010! 12/30/2009
36. Cheated By Ahmedinejad 12/30/2009
37. A Wedding Vow 1/25/2010
38. Roses Three 1/25/2010
39. Truest Love 1/25/2010
40. My Love Is Something I Can'T Hide 1/25/2010

Comments about Karl Stuart Kline

  • Herman Dexter Herman Dexter (5/14/2014 11:02:00 PM)

    recorded a song version of Storm's End here: http: //www.ohmstudio.com/session/214001/storm

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  • Karl Stuart Kline (Human Rights) (11/25/2006 7:31:00 AM)

    Curious about the numbers in my poem titles?
    I used them to put my poems in chronological order, so that anyone who reads them in order will find that they're reading a story of sorts. The reason that I lead with the Epilepsy poem is that it's something that both Peggy and I had to deal with since we were children. It's also what ultimately brought us together and helped tomake our relationship very special because each of us always had that unspoken understanding for what the other had been through...

    For anyone who might be checking my links below; I've erased them!
    It seems that I'm not the only high profile 'Karl Kline', so they confused the issue intead of clarifying it. Until Poemhunters puts up a search that includes my middle name, you can do a search for 'Karl Stuart Kline' or go directly to one of my sites at www.poeticat.com, www.poeticat.net or www.scaredsafe.org

    Karl Stuart Kline

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Best Poem of Karl Stuart Kline

(2.42) Cigarettes (Stealing Moments From Their Masters...)

They’re one of your few pleasures,
But they’re bad for you, you know...
You laugh at the statistics,
There’re more likely ways to go.

You have nothing to live for...
You lost your life long ago
Because it’s no longer yours,
Sold the first time you went on show

On the slavers’ auction block,
Betrayed by your one true friend,
You stood shivering in your smock
As he brought you to a bad end

There’re worse things than cigarettes,
As you’ve come to know too well.
Life was going well, you thought,
But now you’re living in Hell, ...

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(1.5) The Dreamer

The full moon beckons
To my heart
And clutches that most
Important part

With dark dreams of those
Lonely nights
And a lovely lady that
Fades from sight

Fantasies that now fade
With daylight
And make me yearn again
for the night...

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