1 The Leprechaun's Lament(A Childrens Poem) Poem by Bryan Sefton

1 The Leprechaun's Lament(A Childrens Poem)

Aye, the night was cool and the moon shone bright
In every way t'was a beautiful night
As I walked I hummed a gay tune
Feeling the warmth of my drop or two
All was still, not a sound could be heard
All save the sound as a rabbit stirred
I spoke to myself, t'was Kevin I said
Pity the people that now lie in bed
For the morning must come and the night must fade
With a setting of stars that was ever displayed
But enough of the night for it not be my tale
Though the story of that o'er a glass couldn't fail
But to go on, I'd just reached the side of Pat's Wood
Strutting along feeling ever so good
I just reaches the oak tree when what do I see?
You'll never believe when I say what it be
I just rubs at my eyes and I sneaks back a glance
But still he be there in the very same stance
I know you're all guessing and right you may be
T'was one of the little folk, his his back turned to me
If I wasn't seeing I'd never believe
And yet still I thought t'was my eyes that deceived
He was all dressed in green from his head to his toes
And very well off by the cut of his clothes
Dressed as they are in the tales that I heared
With a hat on his head and a long fluffy beard
'kevin? ' I thought 'You'd better be fast
Tarry a while and your chance'll be past'
So quiet as a mouse I started to creep
Hoping that maybe the fellow's asleep
But two steps did I go before he whipped round
Face full of anger and crouched to the ground
'What game you be playin? Creeping like that
Were I one foot taller I'd knock you down flat
He off with you now, before I forget
He off or for sure it's about you I'll set
Ah but I knowed it all and I know what he wants
He'd be gone should I take both my eyes off but once
So I stood and I stared and he stood and he glared
And the clock had moved five before the next word
'I know that I barely come up to your knee
But is that a reason for staring at me?
Now the staring was bringing up tears in my eyes
And there's no doubt about it the fellow was wise
For he sits on a log and he bursts into tears
And he goes on to tell me his worries and fears
'My wife she be dying' he said from the log
'She went for a walk and was caught by a dog
And now at this moment my friends all stand by her
Hiding their tears and saying a prayer
She's always been good to all that she knows
And I know it's by all she'll be missed when she goes
His tears flowed fast and his body shook
His face it took such a mournful look
One hand held his head and the other his knee
Such a feeling of pity came over me
'I'm sorry'says I 'and I'm really sincere
And I hope you'll forgive me for keeping you here'
So with that last word I turned to the right
And when I looked back he was gone from sight

As I walked I looked at the sky above
And asked 'please spare the one that he loves
I'm sure she's been good and never done wrong
Hold out your hand and help her along
As I walked past the oak tree a voice it me hailed
'Kevin, believe me, it's never get failed'

Monday, June 15, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: legend

Bryan Sefton

Farnsworth near Bolton, England, UK
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