Otradom Pelogo

Bronze Star - 2,409 Points (1964 / Texas (USA))

1) The Parent's Prayer (Poetic Prayer / Bio) - Poem by Otradom Pelogo

It's simply amusing, even amazing how we sometimes politely persuade ourselves that we understand that which has not been spoken. Whether it's a week or two, and it becomes more apparent in months, how much we think of, care about, and finally admit how much we love them. Our families that nourish us, our neighbors that subtly support us and the city that we didn't' fall in love with until the first time that we left.

Each year we try like our parents did when we were children, to tell them how much they are loved, how much we care, and how much they truly have.

The cool weather and beautiful skies can be
enlightening, causing a brood somewhat pensive.
But juxtaposed to the clouds and the stars,
I saw a reflection of myself in a view
somewhat comprehensive.

Faces past and present, which can neither
be moved by counseling nor calisthenics;
The faces of the affined, the strangers,
as well as those which are intrinsic.

But to keep this vat of souls as one whole piece,
requires the ancillary of a boltrope;
Tethered to my soul, requires the adroitness
of the Chamois, the goat who climbs with hope.

Hilda, I can confirm, raised the sun, fed its children, and then dressed us with the rest of her mind body and soul,
Then after the midnight shift, the rest was left for being a woman, a friend, and for some, a goal.

Now the sun has a few more hands, but we still come around to assure her that the advice she earned was veritable,
And leave with even more confidence and faith, for to us, we still consider her the most beautiful.

Clinton (Sr.) led us to the steeple, sang the hymn;
preached the parochial rule.
And between work and his destiny, steered us through the darker days, and to lighten up a few more, drove us to school.

If I had to weigh all of our past the same, the distance would be as long as the road the iron-stead and he did drive,
And seen through him, the strength and wisdom, which keeps
us perpetually aware and attuned to life as we push and strive

Barbara kept the promise we all make,
which is to serve God, her people and to try to do her best,
Took the rest of life's answers like the good mother, fed it to her children so they could do the rest.

Joshua has already calmed our greatest burden
by capturing the respect and understanding
even as a child. With a canonized hunger for scholarship,
fervid spirit, and a heart which is compassionate and mild.

Desiree will simply impress you with
discrete empathy, an inquisitive
nature but mainly for the truth;
She also emanates a unique and
warm personality, and one which is
canonized with ruth

Diane, like the soldier's paradigm, set
standards at home and abroad for all to emulate;
Because she realizes it's only part
of life, that standard remains mandate.

Solomon now becomes a paragon
of faith, for he and his cohorts must
transcend the greatest of transitions;
But even before he takes the stage, we
would like to bless him and them and
request they remain a class of academicians.

Sibil ensures that many around the
world will make the right choice, as they brood
on life; the great quest.
And after listening to her, they'll make the right
choice, helped by a woman who always gives life her best.

Clinton Jr. pieced together puzzles
at the request of hearts on the road they
pray will lead to a more perfect day.
Now those pieces instead of being a
burden, is fashioned by his soul's mind to
help them to search for a better way.

Brenda, you would have to see through the eyes of
her children, to understand the real child inside;
And as those goals are reached, taught, dreamed, and shared, you would have to look into the eyes of their children to find one like her to confide

Nya has dreamed the dreams of scholars and
has nurtured them with wisdom and love
And every other one she'll have is
certain to follow for those before seem
to be guided from wisdom above.

Kevin's gift is somewhat philanthropic,
a step beyond love and empathy,
as well as one in the right direction
His greatest quest seems to be realizing
that gift will take him also to dreams
if guided with virtue and affection

Gary Jr. (Capt. Lil Gary) , will be
the soul of all our hearts, embodied in
all that we believe and love,
And everyday he'll assure us that
we're right, as he pushes us to push him
to the stars above.

Gary (Sr.) will lead many as he gaits
juxtaposed them dressed in diversity,
wit, and empathy;
And you'll find him in the midst of friends
and family, on life's highway, the road
to his goals and destiny.

Rebecca has already learned to pierce
hearts, especially when kind words and
sweet songs are the greatest touch of all,
And she'll always be welcomed, for a warm heart,
like the wind, is welcomed in spring, winter,
summer and fall.

Jerry has taken one more step, after
solving some of life's greatest enigmas,
But their greatest quest will be excepting
the title and blessings as one of life's greatest adnexas

Nancy, having finally made it
to the top of the 'Hill', came back down
to give the children a hand,
And after getting a hand from her fere,
made that trek a nation's and a world's

Lally is a mother, wife, and friend,
which means she's a person with a good
heart and nice smile,
She has also confirmed our beliefs
and hopes when she and her family
decided to stay for a while.

Otradom: I'll continue to pursue my
goals, and let attitude vie to speak
for what I am inside,
And spend the rest of my life trying
to keep the answers together, and by
truth and wisdom try to abide.

The family of GoPe makes us care
beyond ourselves and in return extend
our lives and love;
So whether they are fish, birds, dogs,
cats, the hum of the beetles or the light
of the bugs, we are one when we look

Its constituents also eat of the
Tree of Virtue; A tree which tethers
the affined and the periphery
Impartially. Together they are God's
greatest gift.

Topic(s) of this poem: love, nature, peace, prayers, family, friendship, god, life

Form: Ballad

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  • Anne Yun (9/5/2016 11:48:00 PM)

    To speak for what you're inside, you made it! After several months, i come back to your words, they still can provide me enjoyment of reading your profound insight. The descriptions you made, metaphors you used go deep into my feelings of what a family should be, together we are God's greatest gift!
    I like the voice the speaker holds
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