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i see you, as i see you never
you come to me through the dancing words on the screen
tell me places my single life has never been
which startles my eyes with a bling

I want feelings, of warmth or coldness
I want emotions, of passion or sadness

I want vulnerabilities, to tell me my strengths

a sigh in her eyes
as gentle as the changing skies
flying here a lost butterfly
she turned around

On a Chinese folding screen
I embroider thousand names
Amid the peony blooms
Beneath them leaves perpetual green

Twenty years of my life waved me goodbyes
At the moment you asked me to close my eyes

One more glance at the jumping candle

Under a tree, where clouds above cannot see
leaves, together with names, cover one and another
gaps between, flares fliter in, warm childhood's memory
while i stand still, eyes full of glitter

A feather of a dove had seized
a summer breeze
My swelling breath had ceased
its seconds' long

Tonight I can write for a thousand nights,
long stories sink, silent as water and as light.
Outside, who is catching the footprints of summer wind?
A smile, maybe a firefly, is flashing by.

Winter whistles slowly to spring's rhyme.
Sin falls gently to night's edge.

She comes lightly as snow,

I spread my face under the rain
Till waterdrops wash out my features
Till nobody can recognize this nobody

'I lauched a paper boat this morning into the river
And at night i fell to dream in songs of running water
I blowed bubbles everywhere around people's laughter
And at night i fell to dream in fairyland of rainbow color

Ask no more the distance from dew to grass
Nor the way leading twilight to moonlight
When i begin searching for you
My morning chases your night

Today, i collected bags of spring flowers
For your winter letters
Carefully i picked, the fallen petals
Full of morning's fragrant arousal

Wind of tonight
dream of last night

From now on, i will spare my smiles for spring
Softly, and carefully i tread and sing
The roads spread infinitely in front of me
Breezes wave my hair under a solemn tree


I loved you today,
i remember the moment,
shadows of the leaves paused,
then the wind slided by,

I dwell in a body full of memory
Here everything is sprouting into my story
He was the hero of yesterday, with a longlived name
She is the heroine of today, occassionally insane

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I See You

i see you, as i see you never
you come to me through the dancing words on the screen
tell me places my single life has never been
which startles my eyes with a bling
to nowhere but fancy dream can my heart cling
dream, sweet dream
there again, i see you, as i see you ever

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Daniel Brick 03 February 2021

I think this site erased another comment I've made on one of your poems. I was sent the same message twice - write 300 characters. Does that mean I wrote too much? Was my comment forwarded to you?

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Sabeeka Fatima 28 November 2016

i love your writings. keep it up

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Bill Cantrell 20 November 2016

I like your unique style which stands out as different and fresh

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Sareena Asrar 21 October 2016

I love the way you easily express yourself. Well done. Just check my message on your inbox. Thank you

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Md Anisur Rahman 05 May 2016

I like your all poems.Your poems includes life which is wonderful position of human life.

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