Mahendra Bhatnagar

Rookie (26th June 1926 / JHANSI [U.P.] INDIA)

10] Rainbow - Poem by Mahendra Bhatnagar



1 Delight
2 Attachment
3 Bewitched
4 Breeze
5 Yearni ngs
6 Spring Air
7 Foggy Sky
8 Winter-Wet
9 Winter
10 Awareness Of Joy
11 Charming Flowers
12 Festival
13 Before The Rains
14 Gouraiya (Sparrow)
15 Exuberance
16 Fascination
17 Imperce ptible: Untouched
18 Kachnaar
19 Loving
20 Dawn [1]
21 Biased
22 From The Valley Of Paataalpaani
23 The Wintry Sun
24 Onset Of Winter
25 Spring Lived
26 Gift Of Gold
27 Song Of The Dawn
28 Boatman
29 Queen Dawn
30 Pleasant Morning
31 Short Life
32 Merriment Of Holi
33 Rain
34 Dawn Just To Appear
35 Throughout The Night
36 Dawn [2]
37 The Dusk
38 Tide And Boatman
39 Spring
40 Saawan Has Come
41 A Rainy Day
42 Cloud And Moon
43 Moon Light
44 Poonam
45 The Beauty’s Glow
46 A Surrender
47 Too Difficult
48 In The Darkness Of Amaavas
49 Song Of The Rain
50 Banyan Tree
51 State Of Night
52 The Splendour Of The Earth
53 O Wind
54 Nght
55 Dense Clouds
56 An Evening
57 Rain
58 To Stars
59 Darkness Fellow Stars
60 Awaking Stars
 


Clouds have overcast
Clouds have overspread!

Lightning flashed
All around,
The earth
Emits sweet fragrance!

Since ages
The earth
Was alone
In separation dry
Bored and restless,

Became Suhaagin1
Blessed with union
With her dear cloud,
And the empty sky
With the roar of clouds!

Rain has started
Rain has started!

The thick clouds
Began to surge,
The bright blackish beauty
Spread all around!
A bride,
Swinging in joyful mood
Visited each and every house
And sung Kajlee2 folk-song
In tunes melodious.

Clouds have spread
Rain has started!
 
1 Woman whose husband is alive.
2 A folk-song sung in an indigenous month of Bhaadon by village-women of India.


As the day breaks –
Little and gentle birds
Wake and get rise me up
Flying, peeping curiously
And chirping melodiously
Through doors and windows!

When the night falls
Now and then
Crickets and frogs
Make me sleep
From ponds nearby,
By their incessant singing,
Make me wander
And take me to those
New realms of fancy!

Throughout the day
The blue sky, formless and infinite
Bewitches me
Through its colourful scenes!

Throughout the night –
How much
the moonlight
Sleeping on the bed of the sky
Covered by a bed sheet
with beautiful silvery-golden stars,
Charms me how much!
She invites me to sleep in her lap.

How I can run away
From such a beloved?
How can I leave the earth
So charming and captivating!
 


You are a deep puzzle,
O, creeper – jasmine!

From where
you brought
Such fascinating fragrance
In your flowers / in your body!

O the fair coloured!
O the glittering coloured!
O my companion,
soft and delicate!
From where
you have snatched / stolen
Such bewitching beauty!

I experience
This fragrance,
Outer and inner
Of the body and soul –
I forget
And my own existence!

For some moments
I lose myself
in this world
I submit myself
Before you
With devotion utmost!

The fragrant one!
The beautiful one!
You the creeper – jasmine!
 


O My dear Breeze,
Pleasant, fragrant
and intoxicated!
Flow towards me
Slowly and gently!

Cool water showers
On my
body and mind!

O My dear Breeze,
and intoxicating!
Without any hesitation
You advance
And get a warm touch
of my body!

O rustling breeze,
Pouring forth
Sweet utterances and melodies!

Convey to my ears
An unheard secret
Of your mind
Calmly and silently!
Overwhelm me!
Come to my embrace
Breaking the bonds of shyness,
And get attached to me
In a life-long bond!
 


The whole day long -
The solitary
Rover played
With the silk-smooth
Grass lying on the ground,
With the bright
Gold like sun
Stepping into the courtyard,
Self-willed and free - this alone
Played abundantly,
The whole day long!

The whole day long -
In the shade
Of fresh heavy laden flowers,
In the embrace
Of greenish thorns,
In the inebriating fragrance
Was lost!
In the branches
Of shy innocent buds,
Of long, thin pods!
Swung arm in arm
With each branch, each leaf,
Swung the whole day long!

The whole day long -
The butterflies
Wearing pied printed sarees
And the spring-yellow
Love-mature and talkative mustard flowers,
Loved abundantly,
Danced together from field to field,
The whole day long!

The whole day long -
On the tamarind
And on the guava tree
Secretly moved
From branch to branch,
In the ears of the berry-bush
Who knows what!
Played the whole day long!
 


Smooching my body
blew the sensuous,
capriciously cuddly breeze.
Never I had felt it
so pleasing ever before.

Blowing my mind
blew the indolent air
Never I had felt it
so pleasing ever before.

Fully familial
pulsating with love
the beguiler got beguiled.

Clinging and clasping,
rocking on the arms,
swinging and swaying,
swished the clothes
ruffled the hair,
tingled the limbs
and God knows
how flippantly
hallucinating it had been!

 


Foggy and smoggy
lies the sky!

It is late in the day
yet the sky is lolling lazily,
simply snoozy
it betrays no stimulus.
Feigning excessive cold
it drools like a dunce!

Warm midday now holds sway
but the sky seems dusky.
Far off in the horizon
even the smog seems sulky
festoons it will wane!

 


Slowly descended
The dew-drops
All through the night!
An ice-cold silence
Shields the sleeping earth,
On leaves and flowers danced
The love-puppet night,
The artist mist
Constructed a canopied dwelling!

Here, there and everywhere,
Like scattered diamonds are drops of
Stealthily prowl about
The gusts of wind,
Like a guard
Woke the waterfall ringing!

Lively is the gathering
Presided over by the night,
Her lover tightly held in her arms,
Wakes and sleeps the beloved,
Hidden somewhere
Is the frightened dawn!
 


Wet and heavy is the night,
And far away is sleep!

A deep murkiness is all around,
And a long way off is the crimson morning,
All sounds are still,
At such a time, why are you silent,
Do share a secret with me!

The fog rains quietly,
Cooled has been the sky's heat,
Silently meet the earth and sky,
At such a moment be with me,
Or else, the cold body will shiver!

Only the silence reigns
Trees sway beyond the fields,
Unexpectedly do the doors rattle,
Do not open the window and peep out,
There is intoxicating wind lies in wait!
 


After a long wait have bloomed
Flowers in the pot,
Yellow joyous flowers,
The thickly-petalled
Fresh marigold flowers!

After a long wait have bloomed
Flowers in my life,
Soft, delighted flowers
Of exhilarating feelings,
The luscious flowers!

After ages
Have I received
The gift of saawan and bhaadon7.

After ages
Have the doors been decorated
With buntings of mango leaves!
 


These flowers have perfumed
my entire dwelling thoroughly
and have suddenly taken away
the loneliness of a listless life.

Let these flowers bloom
and sway on their stalks
and imbue my frail body
and dismal mind emotionally.

These flowers
have permeated the whole world
with a sweet smell
and have made it resplendent
with their spectral hues.

Let these flowers bloom
and rock on their stalks
to have a pleasant crush
with the world's people
hilariously, clingingly.

These flowers have made
this terrified terra firma
yes, have filled it
with romances galore.
Let these flowers bloom
from hill to hill, over all deserts,
in all jungles
myriad habitats,
every home

 


Bloom, O colourful flowers!

Bloom in each pot,
Bloom in each bed,
Bloom in joy!

Bloom, O colourful flowers!

Swing on each branch,
Swing playfully
In the soft breeze!

Bloom, O colourful flowers!

Graze the young buds,
Touch each leaf,
Touch the green veil of the earth!
 


A dense black cloud,
a sable cloud
has overcast the sky today.

After months of heat
intense, searing, ceaseless heat,
lulled by air
the humid tortuous weather
has turned pleasant.

Some one, it seems
has laid on the human body
the silky sheet of gray cloud.

Its lustre lures.
The cloud enamours
the black cloud
 

(14) GOURAIYA [Sparrow]

Is obstinate great
Does aught of its will,
Gives little heed
To me!

Entering my room again and again
It chirps: it hops
I drive hither
It perches thither,
Not prepared at all
To go out!

At its will
In the sky
It flees instantly
At its will
Into my room
It flutters instantly!

To shut the doors and windows?
To fix paste-boards cover on ventilations?
But, how long should I shut
Even the doors and windows?
How long shut out wind
From these ventilations?

Gouraiya is adamant!
It, this time again,
In my room
Shall nestle,
Little nestlings
Shall breed,
To them
It shall give life....feed!

Said and said to Gouraiya —
Man I am
Fear me
And flee away from my room!

Wondrous is its faith
Afraid of me, it isn’t
Bringing straws one by one
It has piled up
In one corner of the ventilation!

No pile,
With each straw
It has constructed

Surely, Gouraiya!
How skilled architect you are,
Experienced engineer you are!
This nest
Is your great art craft
Built with co-operative
Beak and claws,

It is the outcome of your dedication!
What patience
You have, Gouraiya!
In this nest
It seems -
Joys and jovialities
To congregate
Are impatient!

This -
Decoration and cleanliness loving man
Civilized and well-cultured man
How shall he forbear, Gouraiya!
Day after day rising-growing nest?

One day he
Will throw it off
Into the dustbin!

It is man
A great lover of art, he is!
A connoisseur, he is!
On the walls of his room
Are hung your pictures
Pictures -
In which you are there,
Your nest is there,
Your playthings are there!
Flit off,
Flit off from this room!
This man
Shall devastate your brood!
In an instant
Shall end up
The world of your dreams!

And you
Seeing all this
Can’t weep even!

Only -
Shall chirp,
Flit in and out,

Thirsty and hungry!
 

The evening,
Caught between light and shade
The rain falls,
The sky drizzles!

See how
The eager wind
Knocks the door-
Expected, unexpected!

Far and near,
In fields, in market places and on the crossroads,
And knowingly getting trembling-wet
Is the beloved's body!
 


At the outset of spring
do not be pompous!
Don't trust so much
the fascinating spring;
do not zoom
with song-cycle
from earth to the welkin blue.
The duration of its melody
is of a short span
and its pleasure is transient.

Don't remain so complacent
by trusting its fragrance
o, my mind!
Don't be carried away
by the strong waves of emotions
dear me!

This brief season will soon end
and you will not be able

to hold it for long.

This charming fragrance
of spring, is a thing
soaring sky high
indolent and spoony,
twin ally of
languid, cool breeze!

It is a deep riddle insoluble,
try not to know it.
Be not enticed or mesmerized
by it unconsciously, even by mistake.

Don't get infatuated
or become loyal
just with the mere touch
of the spring month,
or its loving
sweet scent!
 


rollicking, soporific
winds of spring
don't touch me like that
touch me not!

Full with fondness
the Saawan's serenades echo;
neither stop nor pass this way
you winds of spring.

Rambling dazing winds of spring
don't swamp me
in the swelling, brimming
wells and pools
of emotional strains;
in the wells and pools of
sweet, carnal passions
don't touch me like that
touch me not!

O, winds of spring
you exciting, cheerful winds of spring
come not towards
this cursed area
out of bounds
since ever.
This helpless,
quiet and arid mind
is given over
since ever;
don't come this side
you winds of spring
o, fragrant, rustling winds of spring
don't touch me,
like that
touch me not!
in the lustful, pining wells and pools
don't soak me
like that
soak me not.
In these unrestrained limbed
lasciviously longing since ages,
wells and pools
don't thus
soak me,
soak me not!
O, winds of spring
you fidgety, profuse winds of spring
don't touch me
like that
touch me not!

This area
is imperceptible, out of sight, untouched
since ever.
Don't come this side,
this is neglected, unseen, unknown
since ever!
 


For the first time
at my door
so bloomed Kachanar
overwhelmed with joy,
every branch overloaded!

So sparkled
So excited
Kachanar descended down
to the deeps of my heart!
Glowing rose-apple-coloured
enamoured my detached mind
on balcony and parapets
tightly anchored Kachanar!

For the first time
at my door
so swayed Kachanar
As if heart and soul
full of love!
A world of innumerable longings!
For the first time
such a wonderful largesse!

 
1 a tree of genus Banbinia (banbinia variegata) the flowers of which are used as vegetable.


In this season of joviality
Why sad?
time and again.
Why not spread
the fragrance of dalliance?

O Rose!
don’t be sad
So sad!
Give sweetness
to life
zestful mind
being commodious

with pious love
with recreation-nectar
be full of joy
side by side!
When full is growth
be not sad!
 

[20] DAWN

the blanket
of the cosmos
the dawn!

the slept
naked hills,

the embraced / engaged in intercourse
blinking bushes!

where should
they go
which side!

On this
of the naughty dawn
all animals and birds
are in commotion!
 


In the veil of leaves
covers utmost
the fair cauliflower!
Is ruthlessly
by the greedy Kallu! !

the destroyer
what a deceit!

Says –
I’ll sell
in the vegetable market ’morrow!

Do, do your job
O, my scythe!
 
1 Name of a cultivator.


a wanderer strayed
have come to seek solace
in your lap!

To come down insitinctively
on open breast-slopes,
support with
your arms, strong as hills!
Give the cool shade
of ungauged deep!

Give pleasant touch
of refreshing current of water
to my burning lips,
grant joy
to the mind
silent for ages,
give a happy sense
of love-confluence to the unsatiated soul!
In this solitude
with murmur melodic music
give the rainbow abode of dream!
O deep dale!
I’ve come —
your life
an everlasting companion!

Let me hold
for a few moments
the helpless emotional tide
with your innocent flow!
I may,
or may not come this side
in this birth again!

Have I,
a wanderer
not even this little right
to leave behind
a few prints...
 
1 A resort in Malwa (M.P.)


How pleasing
the wintry sun!

Heart never feels content
even after bathing in it
from morn to eve,
mind never wills
to part with
and get away from it,
Oh, how sweet
the wintry sun!

Let us sleep
in its lap
as of a beloved,
and be lost
for the day!

How desirable
how charming
the wintry sun!
How pleasing
the wintry sun!
㜽 


True, not now!
On oath, I
not now!
No more disdain-disrespect
no, not at all!
golden sun

Do not knock,
all doors, ventilators, windows
are open,
no more neglect
on oath, I
not now!

Waiting for you,
accept the offering,
impart heat
to every part of body!
O auspicious sun
fold me in 1 your lap
and gild me!

Let me
cover myself with you
till the cold breeze blows,
let me be lost in reverie
till mind’s fill!
let me be warmed, heated;
Fill the body with rays!

Golden sun
Now, no more
disdain, disrespect,
not at all!
On oath, I!
 


I too lived
the spring!

I had heard –
Blossoms bloom in spring,
every bough bows down
with sprouts, new leaves,
is full of new sap!

of sweet and intoxicated feelings
bloom in spring,
the whole earth
is bedecked with
varied hued wear,
various melodies
of their own
ring in the heart.
On all sides
unknown echoes of jingle
flow and overspread
in the air!

Each isolation
is excited with new vibrations,
each darkness
glistens with
the golden light
of hope!
Each sloth-inert heart
spurts, squirms with
unknown ecstasy!

Each lip
Sings, flutters with
the feeling of unexperienced pain!
Hands touch
the highest summits of fancy!

But, I did not experience
all this,
did not see any thing!

Spring flitted away
in the struggle of life!

I, too,
lived the spring!
 


Dawn brought the gift of gold!

O, buds! wake up and get up,
fill the gift in anchal1,
Get decorated in golden appearance,
fill sweet feelings in red-roses,
Filling new brilliance in body,
Swing in new gusto,
In odorous cold ripples,
Every love-laden vein is heart-stealer!

Open the inner oriels-doors-windows all,
Now, never surround the visage in such darkness.
O, bathe in golden sea,
O, decorate the body with ornaments,
O, sing song of a new morn,
Let the heart-peacock dance lustrously!

 
1 Hem, Lap


Ruddiness of the dawn infused love in the heart stealthily!

When fresh first ray fell on body
Ignorant playful heart became — a deer,
With the guileless raptures of love,
And the overwhelmed emotions of modesty,
Came cold breeze of dawn and made
the body aromatic!

Seeing dear dawn, when little lotus bloomed,
It appeared as if the gift of heaven was found,
Swinging branches wearing new ornaments,
How joyful is the atmosphere!
Filling golden tint, the dawn made earth fresh!

 


Evening is accumulating around, Boatman!

Filling tears in the eyes
now, somebody might have kindled the lamp,
And balancing the anklets
somebody might have sung the song,
Echoing the secret of the life,
continuously calling the sandy bank of the sea!
Splendour of the dawn is spreading around, Boatman!

Somebody might have decorated herself
in saffron auspicious,
Somebody's silvery love
might have dazzled like moon,
Turn the helm
towards the returning colourful birds,
Creation is entirely an illusion, Boatman!

 


Simple-hearted pretty young queen-dawn is bathing
in blue sky-lake, delightfully!

Bound in love-act with Moon
she drank the lip-nectar whole night,
And redeemed it with her sacred love,
made the world fragrant
with fresh sweet-scented paint,
Thinking love-gestures, flows the reddish silky threads!

Whose face is filled with new hue of lotus,
As if carrying the feelings of satisfaction,
Blessed pleasing heart delighted
in sweet thoughts of her lover,
Without any purpose, diffusing water-drops,
every quarter in cheerful mood!

 


Every morning of life may be refreshing!

Stuff the laughter of spring,
of rivers, shores, moist banks,
of flowers, bracelets and garlands,
Every particle's tale may be a comedy!

Sweet songs of birds
Crazy love of raptures
Innermost waves of modesty,
Illusive world may not be strange!

With pleasing looks of love
Fill the world with desires,
with enfolding loving arms,
May youth be exciting and loving!

 


The world of flowers is ours!

We spend lavishly the bright laughter,
Fly sweet nectar of flowers,
Likable to us; the swinging of the wind,
Every thread of jingling heart is ours!

Take us to make garland,
Collect us to adorn the 'Maang'1
(of your beloved life-partner)
To inhabit your lonely dwelling,
Too innocent love is ours!

Don't shy, seeing us,
Don't express deceptive feelings,
Oh, don't tease so much!
The adornment of short duration is ours!

 
1 Parting line of hair (on a lady's head)


It's the month of 'Fagun'2, joy of Holi is all round,
Delightful ardent passions seen every where!

Beads studded in ears of corn, golden fields,
Unitedly are dancing merrily all around!

Showering love, East Wind is rambling,
Showing its green beauty, mustard is standing with unfold face!

Tabor, cymbals, drum are being played on in every village,
Accompanying are intoxicating new melodious words!

Wearing silver Payal3, O, girl-companion dance,
There has come desired lover, playful girl-friend, dance!

 
1 A Hindu festival.
2 The last month of the Indian Calendar..
3 An ornament for the ankles.

(33) RAIN

Embracing fresh slaty clouds
Love-laden rain has come!
It gave, at ease, every dejected heart
the gift of sweet feelings!

Breaking the continuous monotonous sound
when creating a tune, clouds shower drizzling showers,
Then secret beauty of new-creation
Spreads uncovered to the far horizons!

Bearing new stirs in the pond of heart
Waves are dancing amorously,
In indistinct current of sweet sap
Oh, which drenched my life like this!

 


Don't shed tears more,
The dawn is approaching!

All lamps are extinguished
Came such a hurricane,
All supports are demolished,
Browbeat the clouds of annihilation,
Being defeated, O, Traveler! Don't stagger,
The dawn is approaching!

Stream is overflowing, leaving its course helplessly,
Horrible darkness is overcast —
Intoxicated... unrestrained,
Don't relinquish the hope in the advent of Sun,
The dawn is approaching!

 


Throughout the night
snarling wind, like a drunkard,
kept rocking the thatched roof
and mud walls of the hut!

Morbid terror
surged round the hut.
Throughout the night
four eyes
could not have a wink of sleep.
Utter gloom poured copiously

hope for the bright dawn of future life
could not be cowered
for a single moment;
although the wind howled menacingly
throughout the night!

 

(36) DAWN

Is a bit of night remained till now?

Silence, felt as if the dawn slept,
Eyes looking towards the horizon,
Why not the creation is changing its guise?

The dawn is not giving any boon,
The song of birds is silent still,
But, my consciousness awakened,
As life is listening a new message!

I have no love for dreams,
Have searched for a man of dutiful heart,
May my new country remain awaking!

 


On that hillock —
Hesitatingly sprawls a massy stone,
Black and nude and crude.
Hesitatingly — yes, perhaps,
Someone may now come
To lie on it.
Someone — yes,
May be a lover of heavenly bodies,
May be a poet,
Or, a deserted lover,
Or, someone fretted with the world!

All around the hillock
On the dark soil
Spreads a big velvet;
May be a blanket, if not a velvet,
That covers the one who 'sleeps'.

Nearby, there is the lake:
The rays of the setting sun
Weaken their embrace of the soft ripples,
Reassuring them to visit them the next day,
Say —
'Like the home-bound birds of twilight sure
We'll visit again,
Now you go to sleep! '

A soft breeze blows
As if dame in georgette sari
Crossed this way. Oh,
What a charming scene! But
Before I could enjoy it,
A rustic painter slowly but callously —
Painted it black!
It can't be redeemed —
May you, however, smudge the white
Several times
On the blue sky
It can't be redeemed!

 


The boatman is rowing the boat!

Tearing the heart of ocean
run terrible waves, nonstop,
Winds rustle with angry tone
right on the head,
Dense darkness overcast in the sky
from this horizon to that,
Some murderous creature is taking long breath nearby!

Each moment, coming from afar
dark clouds of annihilation are amassing,
Suppress, with horrible roaring,
the voice of powerful hope of victory,
Gloating last time, assisted by death,
but constantly forwarding, with steadfast courage,
he is challenging the adverse circumstances!

 


Today, Dear! every limb is full of gusto, as the spring has come!

Far off green fields are waving,
Full with fresh odour breeze is roaming,
Experiencing strange feelings birds are singing,
Today, Dear! genuine feeling of love occupied the heart!

The garden bloomed with varied flowers and leaves,
Silently, sky is singing the song, moving to and fro,
Dawn is blushed, being an auspicious moment for union,
full of newness, freshness, oddness!

 


Sing, Dear! the songs of love!

Lively sawan has come,
Clouds of love are pouring down,

Far away, in the fields
watery, contented, grand greenery smiles,
On the branches, agile buds burst into laughter
Spilling cups full of ambrosia,
Don't go far from my presence,
Come and persist in my life!

Cool breeze is blowing,
Whispering something in the ear,

Musical notes, during bird's union,
are reverberating in the garden,
The heart of the earth is palpitating,
Influenced by the silent and loving attraction of the creation,
Particles of the world are being in motion,
With the feeling of disinclination,
You please don't go, avoiding me like this!

 
1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (Rainy month)


In darkness are the directions hidden, [concealed]
So the earth has quietly embraced the sky!

The earth has taken off
Her stars-studded saree,
Love-lorn she has stretched her
Fair and hale [sound] arms for a warm embrace,

With a delighted heart and a carefree body,
Is becoming one with her heavenly male
Like a blessed bride!

On the rising breast of the cool waves
The heart unawares persists,
The frenzy prevails here, there and everywhere,
A guileless simplicity pervades the entire grandeur,

The heart’s strings get tightened
Perceiving attraction without repose
As if numberless heavens are present before!

For quenching the parching thirst of ages
This priceless meet has come about,
To quench the fire of separation
The thick clouds from the sky are drizzling,
The life’s stream is flowing
The vigour of youth is rising, at this time!

 


Moon is playing hide and seek
with fragments of clouds in the sky!

The moon is beautiful, charming, attractive and fair-bodied,
Why is so absorbed; while the cloud is ugly and black,
Can anyone tell, how happened such an improbable, this night?

Both are constantly flying
But as the cloud laughs, intense passionate moon
Then, caught himself, in both the arms of the cloud,
Who can say, who'll lose the chance!

By running, both have approximately measured
The sky with footsteps,
Both have a bit taken and a bit given, today,
May this pretty pair live long and remain ever youthful!
 


Giving herself airs the moonlight approaches me,
Knowing me alone, the moonlight beguiles me ever!

Slowly on the parapets comes down the moonlight,
Lovely and sweet song sings the queenly moonlight!

On my roof and tin-shade spreads the moonlight,
With my hands and face openly plays the moonlight!

Sleeps not herself nor allows others, the moonlight,
At dawn, nobody knows where flees the moonlight!

This moonlight speaks not to me none knows why,
Fills the heart with strange nectar of love this moonlight!

 
(44) POONAM1

Quietly from behind the peepal2 tree
Peeps out the Poonam’s moon!

So guileless is she that she can hardly
Suspect of being watched by someone else,
All round, filled with its new glow floating
Like the cool sea’s waves,
Far on the horizon, the fair face of the
Suspecting moon is glittering!

So restless and perplexed
That she opened the doors of the sky so early,
She even didn’t let the dark night come
Appeared before all,
And no one knows as to why is she
Withholding the darkness’s falling veil!

 
1 The full moon day, plenilune.
2 The holy fig tree of the Hindus.


The veil of the clouds is on the Moon!

The veil is so thin
In which the bashful modest face reflects,
Two crazy collyrium applied eyes
Aiming at the mark,
Remained not within bounds
The honey-vessel overbrimmed and spilt!

Overbrimmed so much
That droplets-stars spread here and there,
As if from the heart
Have sprung up new emotions unnumbered,
Or, as if it be the gold-decorated hem
Waving in the sky!

 


O, the night’s lord, the moon!
In your presence all the maidens
With their beauty’s pride
Feel ashamed!

When you appear in the sky
Their charm loses all its glow,
You spread your splendour in the sky,
As if, it were cool, and bright as silver new,
God knows, how much heavenly grandeur
Your heart and soul possess!

Only upon your smile’s ray
Sacrifice one can the whole world’s riches,
O, the beautiful dweller of the sky!
The poet’s heart is proud of you
O, the night’s lord, the moon!
Having a look at you
Even the smallest particle of this earth
Feels boundless joy!

 


It’s very difficult to avoid looking the moon!

When she spreads her splendour new
in the lonely sky,
the ocean of an emotional heart
is filled with the waves of happiness,
But even for a moment
it’s very difficult to call the moon nearby!

When playful eyes lie
on the cradle and go to sleep,
in a moment the wealth of the entire Self
becomes alien,
Even then, in fact
it is very difficult to forget the moon!

 


Behind which curtains of sky,
concealed is moon, at this time?

I am asking you,
O, silent glittering stars!
I am asking you,
O, incessantly flowing streams!
Beneath which depth, concealed is moon, at this time?

I am asking you,
O, free and slow gusts of wind!
By whom my moon is stolen
Run and stop him swiftly,
Beyond, too far from the eyes, concealed is moon, at this time!

I am asking you,
O, Trees! guards thousands,
Why are you standing quietly?
Call the name, with your full voice!
Away somewhere from my world, concealed is moon, at this time!

 
1 The last day of the dark half of a month.

Clouds appear with flowing-thunder,
The sky covered, the storm blowing,
Dark of night appears on the earth,
Smiling clouds call flying!

Rain pauseless, on burns O clouds!
Heated and scorching the earth, the whole day,
Make the dust calm and cool today,
Nature feel fresh beauty today!
The rain pour water nonstop,
Spread grace and beauty on the world stage,
Rain from sky, drizzling, O clouds!
The rain pour water, as chain of pearls!
Gusts of wind smell water,
Signs of heat, removed all,
The walls, old and new, appear bathing,
Currents flowing here and there on the path!
Neither perspired the farmer,
Nor sowed new seeds on earth,
Nor ploughs on the fertile land,
Nor tasted fruits fresh and ripe!
Raising the eyes, staring the sky
Constant with love and emotion,
By heart, ears, eyes, and body,
Surround and fly clouds on the world!

Strange beauty, lightning flash,
Darkness dense spreads all round,
The rain clouds sing new melody,
The message of free love!

Solitary dry land gets greenery,
Be youthful, the suhaagin1 earth,
Fickleness slips, simplicity shy,
With love shine eyes, tilled with life!

 

1 A female whose husband is alive.

Stilled deserted / Lonely path,
The eternal blue sky!
On dusty land
Banyan tree bends
like an ancient testimony!
Weak like exhausted old,
irregular breaths,
Spread the roots on the land
And on death-moment of fall,
a fearful dream
shattered it — made tremble,
made it stand,
posing fear!
The rising dust wants to say —
‘O Skyscraper! Come down,
Your desire is unfulfilled,
Come to me,
and fall helplessly!
Not valuing the smallness,
ridiculed it!
Near the roots
broken and ugly,
coloured with holy vermilion
a stone like Hanumaan1
sat on the lap.
Worshipped by men —
they salute and circumambulate it in reverence!
While at mid night
dogs come and lick it!
 
1 A mythological Hindu god, the monkey who acted as a messenger in Raamaa’s march against Raavan.


Cooler is growing the night!
The faint sound of mills echoes at intervals,
From a source unknown!
The distant whistle of an engine
Stabs the tranquility,
Somewhere the swarms of mosquitoes
Spin the queer buzzing din,
Sometimes come out the rats
And run a competitive race,
The clock strikes the hours!
The world to a stop has come
And static, inert, dull and calm,
And senseless lie the souls who
Breathe unawares in state unconscious!

The porters, the watchmen and the workers
All are under the spell of sleep —
As if a woman casts her spells
And beckons to her lord for a close clasp
Of body and soul
For a calm and complete merger
Of identities in state relaxed!
Waking from the dream
One laughs on oneself!
Wondering at the irony of repeated errors!

Boundless is the dreamland
And matchless the whole funny affair.
But tangible truth is night
Growing calmer and cooler,
The wind drenched in moonlight
Constantly blows humid and heavy,
Dew is in the making above
To make the night frosty!

Oh Dear! Only the morn,
Would lift the silken veil
From the charming face of a bride-nature!
 


Green and all green and 'Sonfia'1
Oh Dear! are the boughs,
The laden boughs!

Rows after rows are rustling
Thousands, millions, rows innumerable!
The lavish caresses of the breeze,
Have filled the air with a joyous outcry.
Oh, on our earth descends
A green youthful fairy!
With blooms new on all her curves.
Green and all green and 'Sonfia'!
Oh Dear! are the boughs,
The laden boughs!

Suffused with dim red are the skies
Smeared as if with 'Gulal'2
Are the spacious cheeks of Heaven.
Bedecked with fineries,
A bewitching beauty every branch to-day,
Carefully adorned with foliage patterns.
Oh Dear! enveloped is every branch
In a captivating green 'Chunary3'!
Green and all green and 'Sonfia'
Oh Dear! are the boughs,
The laden boughs!
 
1 A light green colour similar to that of aniseed.
2 A long piece of cloth loosely thrown over the blouse, shoulders and head by Indian village women

(53) O WIND!

O wind!
Come, tuning a song,
Come, sweeping,
Shaking the boughs
Come, raising the dust!
Lovely fragrance filled
O vital Eastern Wind!
Come skipping
Over the distant mountain-peak!

O Wind!
Mad and over-brimming with youth
Come, kissing
These new green leaves
Come, humming a tune,
Come strewing the shreds of cloud!
Drunk and forgetful of mind,
Drunk and forgetful of body,
With laughter bubbling
Sweet and vivacious,
Vibrating the heart strings
Come, dancing!
O Wind!

 

(54) NIGHT

Limitless moonlight has spread,
Heart-peacock is dancing,
Entangled with the eyes, the sleep has gone away!

Life — has materialized in eyelids,
a happy new world,
That's why the splendour of silent eyes is increased!

The silvery night is very alluring,
The wind has blown from the far east,
The intoxication of night is fully overcast in sky!

How lovely is the song of night,
Listening to which one loses one's attention,
Some secret of creation is hidden somewhere, certainly!

 


Fresh dense captivating clouds gathered
and overcast the whole sky!
This day, they are giving thousand blessings
to the distressed earth!
Look, how much dark is the mass of clouds!

The sky is roaring
In a grave voice, alike a musical instrument,
As if, wanted to perform all the musical notes,
Look, these clouds are female attendants of the sky!

Let drops of water fall — non-stop
With intense speed; not mildly,
Rain in the whole world
So that all the calamities be far away!
Look, how compact are these clouds!

 

(56) AN EVENING [1]

In sky blue there are clouds dark!
It’s the aura of evening,
courtyard of the world is desolate!

Buffaloes are grazing in the lawns,
some in the fields and at the fences!
There is the sweet toll of bell
which is ringing at the state of speed!

The clouds are playing hide and seek
reaching nearer the sun!
The groups of herons is flying high
in a long row with pomposity!

The poet sitting on a high mound
is watching the setting of the sun!
Observing secretly, changing of body-clothes
of Nature-bride!

 

(57) RAIN

In the smoky dense dark atmosphere of evening,
Even in such a dry season,
like in winters, the day concealed so early,

The flooded clouds are overspreading on heated earth,
Flowing are the cold fascinating winds
from the sea shore!

Now, do not pass time in heat any more
Being troubled, do not fix your eyes towards the sky!

Fresh rain has approached from the distant south,
That’s why lightning is flashing in the sky!

 


Why are the stars shivering in the sky?

Are, now-a-days, their feet being arrested?
Restrained breaths are suffocated,
Are they also facing oppression of weapons?
Are they also being scorched by the fire of exploitation?
Looking sufferer, perturbed, weak.
Some, every moment, remained only shivering,
Some are shooting, as if measuring sky’s limit!

Are the worldly people faulty?
In life’s dreams — of happiness and sadness,
While the world is sleeping and unconscious,
And has been engulfed from head to foot
in the shadow of night,
Feeling bored in loneliness,
When every particle is sad and heavy-hearted,
Then whom they are cursing?

Is shivering their life?
Appearing full of happiness from ages to ages,
Is their youth perpetual?
Falling, hiding continuously
Are they playing hide and seek?
Sowing vine of nectar like affection?
Laughingly, they are jumbled together
in their own world!

 


These stars are the perpetual partners of deep darkness!

When bright new dawn descends
and grimy night extinct
They also immediately and silently go
with their bag and baggage somewhere!

Seeing the fascinating evening near
When the eternal indestructible moon arises
They also return; though remained hidden in the sky
throughout the day!

When comes dense darkness day
These numerous stars come and surround the sky,
They want the extinction and extinguishing
of the full moonlight!

The affectionate union of light and darkness
Denotes the happy and painful sides of life,
The life becomes enjoyable when
rise-fall and laughter-tears mingle together!

 


It’s midnight but the stars are awake!
When all habitants —
persons, trees, animals, birds — of the world sleep;
Only they awake!

Like watchmen, they remain vigilant
say fables silently
Oh, not felt drowsy even for a moment
Continuously sparkled and flashed!

Jingling voice of the cricket too,
Wailing voice of the distressed woman too,
Become fusioned in the free wind
reaching the doors of these fickling stars!

Slumber comes equipped with its army
and says, “Dear! take a nap! ”
So that I may seize all your glamour;
but they didn’t surrender to such verbal temptation!

Twinkle all night without becoming dim,
Never closed their eye-doors,
Never attained dreams of life,
Poor helpless!
Remained aloof from pleasures and pains

 
============================================ ===================

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