1020/07/12 Singing Nuns Poem by Margaret Alice

1020/07/12 Singing Nuns

Rating: 2.7

The cold outside delicious, heat inside
making me nauseous, softly singing my
latest theme song “I will follow Him, follow
Him wherever He may go, There isn’t an
ocean too deep, a mountain so high it can
keep, keep me away, away from his love”

Rocking to the beat of the song’s second
part “I love Him, I love Him, I love Him, and
where He goes I’ll follow, I’ll follow…” then
it struck me, I am old enough to let go of the
idea of a God as father figure, now He is the
bridegroom and the bride is anyone

Renouncing the world, I feel an affinity with the
nuns dedicating their lives to Him, since His is
the only image that warrants the kind of love
giving meaning to life - I would love to chant
“He is my True Love” with the singing nuns,
I look with new eyes at my surrounds

I used to lament the lack of grandeur in life here
on earth where people and things fall short of the
magnificence my soul wishes to experience - but
they are only concepts in my own consciousness,
images of the principles that created this world -
as long as I keep my eyes on the loving energy

Flowing eternally, I can rejoice in the beauty of the
creative idea that will always be my ideal without
blaming anything for imperfectly representing the
love and integrity I shall always delight in!

Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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