' 2011/04/01 Twice As Much Life Poem by Margaret Alice

' 2011/04/01 Twice As Much Life

Rating: 2.6

Oh, glorious new day, Alice will attend a tea
party with Madame La Pompadour and her
retinue, what happiness thinking of things
to say, knowing she never would

Madame La Pompadour the only one who tells
stories at these events, with many a dramatic
pause, enough sobbing and wiping of tears
to put the Crying Mock Turtle to shame

While the Gryphon looks on until joining in the
quadrille, hanging its head, reminiscing about
olden days, making Alice think fondly of
the Mad Hatter’s tea party where

The sleepy Dormouse was stuffed into the teapot,
If only, sighed Alice disconsolately, I could fall a-
sleep in the middle of desultory conversation,
wake up when it was time to leave

If only I were one soul with two bodies, I would send
one to the library, the other to attend social events;
or one to the swimming pool and the other to work
in the office all day

And live twice as much life as everybody else – my
mind in the clouds where it belongs while both my
bodies took care of ‘le train-train journalier’ which
drives me out of my mind all the time!

http: //wiki.lspace.org/wiki/Lobsang_Ludd

Monday Lobsang Ludd was born as one soul with two bodies
from Wen the Eternally Surprised and Lady Time.

Half human, half anthropomorphic personification, based
on the character of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa who wrote
many books about his life as a Tibetan Monk.

Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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