Christopher Higginson

Rookie - 0 Points (16 April 1944 / Salisbury Rhodesia)

109 - Poem by Christopher Higginson


A drunk man, in a broke and bent
Truck had run the light
That caused the six-car accident
On 109 that night

There's broken bodies lying about
And blood most everywhere
Sirens weeping, wailing out
For death is in the air

'A mother's trapped inside her car, '
Is heard above the noise
They hear her calling from afar
'Oh, God, please spare my boys! '

To free herself she tries to fight
She struggles to get free
But mangled metal holds her tight
In grim captivity

Her frightened eyes then see the seat
Where once her boys had been
But all she sees in her defeat
Is glass from broken screen

Two children's seats are crumpled crushed
Her twins are not in sight
No cries from them, as if they're hushed
She prays with all her might

'Oh Please, Oh Please, don't let them die
Please save them both for me
I never even heard them cry
I pray they've been thrown free.'

The firemen come and cut her loose
And then they search the rear
'There ain't no boys in this caboose
You're all alone we fear! '

'Their little seat belts are intact
No sign of be-ing cleft! '
They turn to tell her of this fact
Already she has left

They think, 'This woman has gone mad
Was travelling alone
Just another victim sad
Of 'drink and drive' syndrome'

Policemen see her running wild
And screaming, making noise
A Mother with a missing child:
'Please help me find my boys! '

'They're only four and can't be far
Blue jeans and shirts to match.'
A cop there said, 'They're in my car,
And they don't have a scratch'.

'They said their Daddy put them there
Told them they mustn't roam
That Mommy'd come to give them care
And take them both back home'.

'I've searched, ' he said, 'He's not been seen
We're looking for their Dad
He must have gone and fled the scene
I guess that's rather bad.'

The mother hugs her twins and says
While wiping at a tear
'He cannot flee the scene these days
He's dead for near a year.'

The cop confused just looked and asked
'Now Ma'am that can't be true! '
The boys said, 'Mommy, Daddy came,
And left a kiss for you.'

'He told us that you were not far
That you would be all right
Then he put us in this car
With pretty flashing light.'

'We wanted him to stay with us
Because we miss him so
He hugged us, said 'don't make a fuss'
Then said 'I have to go.' '

He said, 'Someday you'll understand
What this day's about
He said he's really close at hand
Just give a call or shout.'

Their mother knew they had not lied
And what they spoke was true
'Cause Dad's last words before he died
Was, 'I'll watch over you! '

The firemen's notes could not explain
The twisted, mangled car
And how the three of them were sane
Without a single scar

The note he wrote in fading light
Was printed very fine
'An angel came to us tonight

.......On Highway 109.'

Original has been rewritten by Chris Higginson
2nd Provocatve Verse

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