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I'm looking for a husband, you know the sort of chap
The kind of guy who copes with things and never has a flap
The one who fixes cars and bikes and often mows the lawn
Takes the kids on Sunday hikes while I with hammock yawn

I stand quite close but not too far
From pelvic porcelain mounted jar

Remember how he scraped his knee and how I wiped it clean
I picked him up and hugged him so he wouldn’t make a scene
He was just so little then, an active little boy,
My! What a man he has become, me eldest son called Roy.

He was lonely and sad in his hospital bed
Accepting his future with ‘boding and dread

There’s a kind of trapdoor spider
that lurks in special stores
Because he now has wider
targets for its claws

I was only new in Oz
And it was just because
I'd filled a form to win a BBQ



A drunk man, in a broke and bent
Truck had run the light

(Soccer Star, Wildlife Warrior and Rally Driver)

The World Cup Soccer final was taking place in France
When the captain of the French received a sideways glance

Nature punished man one day,
She took a species right away

Jems the Master Farter

In the Central African country of Malawi a law has been “passed” that outlaws the “passing of wind” in public spaces. People can be tried and convicted under this law, but how do you confine them?
My friend Jems (James) is the latest victim of this diabolical ruling...

The men returned from World War Two
With dreams of change, well you would too
They’d fought for King and Red White Blue
You’d think we’d know just what to do

I’ve sometimes wondered why it is
I’m not the first for sure
“What is the lure women’s kiss
And feminine allure? ”

Two Cowboys crouched beside their fire
With hands held to the flames
All day they’d been riding wire
Protecting ranchers claims

The tree stood tall, it scraped the sky
It seemed that it would never die
With branches held so very high
From which we’d hear the eagles’ cry

The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Is an Aussie through and through
I’ve met him caged and chained in Spain
Upon a perch out in the rain

He was in his latter years
With heart now feeling sore
The Doctor said, “Now it appears
You need a heart re-bore!

Devil said, “God let us battle,
To see where the truth really lies
Set up a man I can rattle
To test if the faith he relies

It seems the Aussie Government acquired some recent doubts
(Because the rain once heaven-sent is absent ‘cause of droughts)

The “Smyths’ were hyphened ‘Prendergast’
This shows they were illustrious
They owned some banks, and also vast
Businesses industrious

They started up “The Haka”, to stimulate their sides
The All Blacks go all blacker and they ponce about with strides
To make some funny noises as though killing all their sheep
Adopting comic poises while their insults we must ‘bleep’

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A Husband

I'm looking for a husband, you know the sort of chap
The kind of guy who copes with things and never has a flap
The one who fixes cars and bikes and often mows the lawn
Takes the kids on Sunday hikes while I with hammock yawn

I'm looking for a husband, you know the sort of bloke
Who listens to the things I say and laughs out when I joke
He'll do the Sunday B B Q and carves the Sunday roast
Then gives me a foot massage, that's the thing I like the most

I'm looking for a husband dependable and true
Who likes to have discussions but never will argue
Can sit in friendly silence, and never has to babble
Will make and pour the tea for me and lets me win at scrabble

I'm looking for a husband; I know they're pretty rare
The kind who opens doors for me and lets me have his chair
And earns enough at his travail so we're debt and mortgage free
But doesn't put his work ahead of caring about me

The husband I am looking for might seem quite rare to you
And friends have tried to tell me that in number they are few
But I have hope of finding one I hope he will be free
‘Cause I've been one for forty years, I want one just like me!

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Herbert Nehrlich1 03 May 2005

There is only a handful of excellent poets left on this site and you are at the very top. From the moment I read your first poem, months ago I knew that you had superb talent. I am a bit envious of that but more so of the life experience that you have and of your intestinal fortitude, the courage to say and do what is right. My kind of poet, and my kind of man. Best wishes Herbert

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Yasmina Aziz 20 March 2005

Amusing and scary knowing that this is life as we know it. No escape from reality! Well done Christopher. I look forward to reading more.

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natomeal speakerpaste 16 February 2005

too foward? any suggestions?

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dissatified exmember 24 January 2005

Chris has an uncanny way of telling a story. His work is crisp and his message is clear. I enjoy reading his poems very much. He has one fault. There are not enough poems posted.

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