2 English Poems From The Clock Book Poem by Sheena Blackhall

2 English Poems From The Clock Book

An Infestation of Clocks: English Poems

Tiger's Whiskers
Tiger's whiskers in the curry
Chopped up small can kill your mate
Cyanide's quicker, in a hurry
Very fast it seals their fate

Words for the Male Sex Member
From Peter Fryer - Mrs Grundy: Studies in English Prudery

Baby maker, middle finger
Coupling pin, organ, pistol
Aaron's rod, kidney wiper
Cupid's torch, pencil, pestle
Connecting rod, unruly member
Fiddle bow, wonb brush
Privy parts, tool, rammer
Touch-trap, spout, thorn in the flesh
Tail tree, worm, rump splitter
Middle stump, sugar stick
Marrow bone, cuckoo, hunter
Fiddle bow, fiddle stick
Jack in the box, poker, pointer
Tickle tail, p-maker
Hanging Johnny, roly poly
Battering ram, fore-man
Lobster, mole, hanging-Johnny

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