Sheena Blackhall Poems

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Of Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes (3 Poems)

In Memory of Sylvia Plath Hughes

The Black Prince of Paradise brought you to this place,
Where Cromwell's Ironsides were bread and buttered,

2 Prison Poems

The Cat o Nine Tails
Stretched on a frame in the bathhouse
Ankles and wrists lashed hard
Rab the cat was sentenced

The Address Remembers

The door remembers
the layers of bottle green paint
the brass-bulled letterbox
the glittering granite steps

Emigration Stone

Great grandfather stood like a stone
As the ship crossed the horizon
To dropp off the world as he knew it
His shovel beard, his barrel chest

Flying With Falcons

Have you ever boarded a flight with the dread
Of the passenger next to you snoring his head
Off, or maybe a toddler who's teething & raging
And dribbling, and drooling and loudly rampaging?

Views From A Window

Please don't disturb the crane fly on the window
She is watching a leaf dance solo in autumn's ballet

Bitten by the cold, a grey dog soft as wormwood


Otzi The Iceman, murdered in 3,500 BC
Shot with an arrow, bludgeoned to death
Had 61 tattoos, like a human tapestry

The Human Barbie

To be beautiful is my aesthetic
Though others may call me pathetic
I'll spend what it costs
To have prosthetic busts

Easter Massacre, Sri Lanka

Three blasts in quick succession in Colombo
Three hundred murdered, wiped away at once
500 injured, families blown apart

Of Auschwitz (7 Poems)

1.Shoe-Case, Auschwitz

Clogs, boots and shoes built to the skies
They stun the mind and glut the eyes

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