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2015 - Poem by Zaid Akhtar

Wars Won & Lost
A year of shenanigans
2015, a year etched in my life line
The new year blessed me with a new life
Wasted most of it
Or may be dint follow HIS signs
From the rural lanes of Jajpur
From the industrial smoke that still fills my nostrils
The glory of my 1st pay cheque
The 1st taste of corporate blood
The verandah from where I stared into oblivion
The uncanny silence at the backdrop
The yellow violet hues & the industrial lit skyline
& nothing on the other side
How man creates this difference ?
The siren of the Train far east, breaks this silence
How I thought the ppl were blessed
Going home
How much I cursed and prayed to be on that train
For Only He knew my situation.

Its funny how HE works
HIS mysterious ways
Sometimes I wonder today,
How something so small can alter ones life
“ A Mosquito”
A little venom
& the year took a complete twist
White collar profile it is!
Kolkata – it was!
Head office
A new challenge
This transition
From college to the real world
Scary as u can define it
For the 1st time things got real
& taught the meaning of being professional.

The years best moments
Came with the best ppl I met
They are the highlight of the year
It began with rekindling my acquaintanceship With “OAFFY”
Aka Debjita
Our past shall be not remembered
The present is amazing and future shall be thrilling too
Shes a familiar feeling
A feeling you want to run back to
Trust, confidence and warmth
My good luck charm to be honest
My companion in sharing all my work problems
Back biting Seemly together
Our infamous business plan
69 on wheels
Movies & More
The next chapter began with the unexpected
Can one be friends with the cousin of your ex?
Honestly, you can be amazing friends
The unpredictable Shaz
The red velvet cupcakes
The 1st ever friend to bake something for me
& trust me I have a lot of friends
The late night gossips
To her 1st date
With me off course
To her blend of modernism and conservation
To the top button of her suit
Which pops open in my presence
A sign from the gods
To her fascination for bearded men
And her umpteen look a likes
& for being there
Though claiming to be super busy
To the cake she owes me for my birthday.
I owe Mark Zuckerberg a big thank you
An epic tale which started with a friend request
& a pretty little liar accepted it
A chick from Silla
The most fashionable friend of mine
Also the most confused
& how we painted the city red
Owing to her red lipstick colour
To her miscellaneous crushes
& her heartBreaks
From her warehouse chronicles
To her joy train rides
To her innocence camouflaged in her cuteness
To our parties
The midnight bday surprise
& her crushes which are like fireworks
To the chanel shes saving for her dowry
Halloween party
To my fake accent
And the friend request she is still waiting for
This year would have not been this amazing without her
Obviously the year is incomplete without my 1st born
Irfan ahmed
For his cameos
For flying to down from Bangalore for my 24th birthday
For our perfect weeks
And the new “ bases” we created
For upping the Hq to a 7
From saving me from the biggest disaster ever
To Tinder & more

As the Year is about to end
I look back and feel overwhelmed
With the wins & losses
To the decision of following my dream
A temporary farewell to the corporate world
Sitting on the cross roads
a mix of fear, anticipation and eagerness
Hard work pays
that’s the bottom line
A taste of reality
Du bai
Corporate Politics
Life is always going to kick you down
You always have to find a way to fight back.

Zaid Akhtar

Topic(s) of this poem: ode

Form: Ballad

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The year 2015 in words.

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