2020 Poem by Jon M. Nelson


The beginning of the year started so strong,
Then everything just all went wrong.
It was the start of a brand-new decade,
Then all of our hope just began to fade.

We all seemed to be living a pained existence,
Because we had to keep our social distance.
If you left the house, it was such a task,
Everywhere we went, you had to wear a mask.

Now we couldn't leave, everything is closed,
No matter how many people were opposed.
So many people became unemployed,
And all of this left such a huge void.

We've now had to change our academics,
Because we were facing a global pandemic.
Now so many people were becoming ill,
Because this virus is one that could kill.

Concerts and sports could no longer play,
People could not gather in any kind of way.
We hat to stay in our homes to quarantine,
All of this had been so unforeseen.

There were so many other tragedies as well,
All the law and order were going to hell.
People were being killed for no reason,
Politicians were accused of treason.

We were faced with such a difficult decision,
Now that there was so much political division.
There was so much tension from both sides,
The hatred among them did not hide.

Some people claim this is the end of days,
The signs are prominent in many ways.
The entire year had been one big disaster,
The end of it couldn't come any faster.

Another year was among us soon,
Now hopefully we'll all be immune.
We don't know exactly what to expect,
But it should be better for us in retrospect.

Monday, September 19, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: american history,tragedy,panic
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