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As we journey through our lives,
We all take separate paths.
Sometimes they're filled with sorrow,
Other times they're full of laughs.

Once again, it's that time of year,
When the world should be full of cheer.
This is the time for peace and love,
As the angels watch from up above.

You can't expect me to be something I'm not,
This is who I am and this is what you've got.
I won't pretend to be someone else's dream,
So that I can help with your self-esteem.

I hope that when I leave here,
It won't be without a trace.
Hopefully at some point in life,
I put a smile upon your face.

Walking endless miles has worn holes
into the souls of the shoes upon my feet.
No matter which way that I turn now
there seems to be a dead-end street.

Over many decades I have done a lot of living
I have known many people and done a lot of giving.
Even though I am gone, I'm in a better place,
At some point I hope I put a smile on your face.

He's lived a fulfilling Life,
He has seen and done it all.
He proudly served his country,
When Uncle Sam did call.

The sun will rise and it will set,
The world will always turn.
Mistakes will often be made,
They are lessons we will learn.

Even though my heart is in another place,
I still am able to see your smiling face.

Even though the miles keep us separated,

I don't need one special day,
To show how much I love you.
I try so hard in every way,
To show my love is so true.

How can the world really be at peace,
When it is slowly being destroyed?
When any species becomes extinct,
It will definitely leave a void.

In my past I must take a glance,
To realize where I took a stance,
And what was the circumstance,
To be able to give me this chance.


Family isn't always born that way,
People come into your hearts and stay.
It's the moments that you're able to share,
And find a way to show how much you care.


As he looks down at his precious child's face,
He's always there to offer that protective embrace.
He'll do what he can to ensure they're raised right,
And always stand as a beacon or a guiding light.

Her memory haunts me like she was still here,
In my heart is where I hold her so dear.
I had no choice but to let her go,
That doesn't mean I can't love her so.

This disease does not discriminate,
And there's so much pain it will create.
All we can do is stand by their side,
Even through all the tears that are cried.

Forces stand against me.
But I still will not stop.
I'll find a way around,
To make it to the top.

Would you forgive your enemy,
Even though they did you wrong?
Would you be able to let them be,
If it'll somehow make you strong?

Because of this word so many are abused,
And also, why people always feel used.
It is the reason there is so much crime,
It's been around since the beginning of time.

As the shadows move slowly across the land,
The darkness falls and takes me by the hand.
The sounds of the nighttime begin to appear,
The eerie sounds bring out the inner fear.

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Jon M. Nelson was born and raised in Minnesota until he joined the Army at 20 years old. Since then, he has traveled the world on several occasions and now currently resides in Tennessee. In his spare time, he shares his deepest and personal thoughts in the form of poetry. He retired from the Army after 21 years of service. He has earned an Associate of Arts degree in English from Nashville State Community College. He has also received an Associate of Science degree in Liberal Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Austin Peay State University. Jon has written many poems to honor his brothers and sisters in arms, as a way to help him cope with his PTSD from his combat service. He also writes poetry that touches on so many other topics as well. Whether it's a love poem for his wife, a spiritual salute to God, a praise to children and family, or even an inspiring tale to uplift humanity, his poetry can be read and shared by so many audiences, even if they've never been a fan of poetry. Jon hopes that his writing will in some way make an impact on the world, and make it a better place, even if it can just change or inspire one person. https: // https: // https: //

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Life's Journey

As we journey through our lives,
We all take separate paths.
Sometimes they're filled with sorrow,
Other times they're full of laughs.

There's no exact destination,
We just follow where it goes.
We travel until our journey ends,
When that is, nobody knows.

We all make big decisions,
As to different roads we'll take.
We all learn from accomplishments,
And mistakes that we will make.

What will lie ahead of us?
No one can make that call.
But we all need someone with us,
To pick us up, after we fall.

In life our paths will cross,
We won't always be alone.
We've seen what's behind us,
But our future remains unknown.

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Jon M. Nelson Popularity

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