Jon M. Nelson Poems

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Life's Journey

As we journey through our lives,
We all take separate paths.
Sometimes they're filled with sorrow,
Other times they're full of laughs.

It's A Time

Once again, it's that time of year,
When the world should be full of cheer.
This is the time for peace and love,
As the angels watch from up above.

Don't Change

You can't expect me to be something I'm not,
This is who I am and this is what you've got.
I won't pretend to be someone else's dream,
So that I can help with your self-esteem.

Don't Cry For Me

I hope that when I leave here,
It won't be without a trace.
Hopefully at some point in life,
I put a smile upon your face.

Down Town

Walking endless miles has worn holes
into the souls of the shoes upon my feet.
No matter which way that I turn now
there seems to be a dead-end street.

Drawn To A Close

Over many decades I have done a lot of living
I have known many people and done a lot of giving.
Even though I am gone, I'm in a better place,
At some point I hope I put a smile on your face.

Earned His Wings

He's lived a fulfilling Life,
He has seen and done it all.
He proudly served his country,
When Uncle Sam did call.


The sun will rise and it will set,
The world will always turn.
Mistakes will often be made,
They are lessons we will learn.

Even Though

Even though my heart is in another place,
I still am able to see your smiling face.

Even though the miles keep us separated,

Everyday Valentine

I don't need one special day,
To show how much I love you.
I try so hard in every way,
To show my love is so true.

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