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300 Masked Cried Vagrants Farmer

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300 wear a mask weeps bitterly roams about farmer

300 wear a mask weeps bitterly roams about farmer Feng Wen the Shu -- mulberry grove -- size frog to do to 2003,3,20, afternoon the farmer which completes inside the Qinghai-Tibet Plain iceberg to the evening 10 o'clock 45 minute, in that Mount Everest Bai Xuezhong on the day after day giant black flag giant black flag burns do the fiery red sorrowful two characters, why male occupy male to occupy in the world ridge? ' The black flag with ours relations, the relations is that black flag is our farmer is angry, the pain, roars the soul, roars soul.300 spirits suffocate in the throat is resounding the startling thunderclap which weeps bitterly, weeps bitterly the startling thunderclap potential pulls out the tropics the startling thunderclap, four oceans Tao sounds. The Tao sound ' the others cannot see, I can see pitifully, the pitiful farmer's sob.' Asia sends the chest sound from the distant place which this heaves a sigh, melancholy, vigorous, low and deep, filled with grief. Alone, the terror locks me above that Qinghai-Tibet Plain, looks the native country sky sunlight, the sunlight not obviously, only has weeps bitterly, looks the native country mountains and rivers spring breeze, the spring breeze not obviously, only has weeps bitterly. ' Listens to the farmer tear the sea space to come, the space comes in this tear to have the time to give farmer's misery toxin, this farmer poisonously cried 素 心 in to want to feel better some.' The group valley flies in the tear flows is conversing in a low voice, farmer's micro bright tear flows to the dark night deep place. Cries the blood cuckoo in the snowflake the wail, the clear ape cries in Wan Zhongshan. Inside the Qinghai-Tibet Plain iceberg 300 wear a mask weeps bitterly roams about the farmer, you said the tear is in your blood the final gold coin? You said has the conscience with this gold coin to each the star to complain? You said in your blood the beautiful spring day by the village in the extremely evil official, the bandit, organized crime is snatched? You said in your blood the water seepage, the countryside is snatched by the wolf black heart and lungs devil? You said you have imprisoned the goddess of vengeance in the earth deep place? You said in your blood the lovable homeland is turned by the robber has put out a hand not to see the five fingers the jail? You said on this earth everywhere is the another region? You said your world the misery, the infinite pain, is congealing astringently, on the pitiful peak roams about? Beautiful, good, dignified, honest farmer! Please stop sobbing, is sorrowful! You cry the blood dyed on the red this mountain the white snow, restrains grief! Asks you to restore calmly! The beggar also has nine years to beg for food transports, a person three poor three rich to is not old. I heard formerly was lifting Pekinese dog's landlord with the sedan chair, bluffed and bluster the landlord in front of the poor person, by the time flood, has been already destroyed the name, let the person forever forget, I heard the since time immemorial how many wealthy men, by the time iron hammer, have been already destroyed the name, let the person forever forget, was these people to poor person's robbing, dug the eternal grave for these people. Let me praise you, is you uses the grain which the most precious life trades, has supported me, in my heart the most lovable beautiful farmer, you are in my mind the great motion poet, you broadly have not been shamed by our China tens of thousands of miles earth fresh green multi- colors the rosy cloud cloud the poems, I meet the eternal the poverty, the sob, crazy. I remembered Emperor Taitsung of Tang warns the crown prince, when 穿 衣 吃 饭 must think the worker, the farmer, this is sacred, on the beautiful China land, which piece of crops, which orchard isn't you bleeds the perspiration to trade, you most precious life rivers, youth,

The creativity sea, has watered foundation of the that China great tree which I must sing in a loud voice, is your offer mighty force, ridiculed wants to shake our China great tree's strong winds. I praise you am our great China nationality's first person who has rendered meritorious service -- juxtapose with the workers for our great China nationality's first person who has rendered meritorious service. Let belong to the village and the plough-share honor, returns to on your ancestor's grave, to console you honorable great ancestor! Lets pigeon which your mind in the sky 久 已 is missing, reflutters in your mind sky! These do not farm, did not work, has robbed poor person's false hero, these with the illegal method, the bad conscience sudden wealth false hero, were being despicable was inferior to the noble worker, the farmer shoe sole putty dust, the false hero was does not match for the worker, the farmers raises the shoe, just like a sincerity fan, did not match for the soccer giant star raises the shoe. I knew has fly which many humming sound calls, package of grasses' false heroic this bones of the dead fine fine is hitting for these 绣 花 枕 头 inside vacation hero this bones of the dead the powder, melts fits out match Su Danji these nine seductresses the beautiful woman, its goal is wants to eat the Chinese this Tang Seng's meat. Hopes me forever despite, ridiculed the vacation hero, grasps the sharp sword Chinese great-great grandfather Liu Bang is despite, ridicule horizontally on road poisonous snake. By that extremely evil official, the bandit, organized crime, the devils are regarded as draft animal's farmers which can speak, regards as the slave the farmers, regards as the life to be inferior to the rich person dog precious farmers, are quick! Quickly goes out the iceberg! Listens! The beautiful honored person Beijing's bell resounded! ! ! ! ! ! ! Quickly lags behind the infinite sad cloth which you wears a mask! Even if your facial features are a dead tree, also can bring forth the spring! Listens! Beautiful honored person Beijing was delightfully excited my mind the bell to resound! ! ! ! ! ! ! 钟 声 has blown off the space dark cloud, infinite is gentle, the peaceful sun has revealed the landscape equally many tender beautiful astonishing smiles facial features from the space. On the beautiful Jingdezhen chinaware revealed the playing chess two ancient times China's female court attendant, the China nationality ancient galloped nearby the rivers which did not stop, on the prairie has revealed the characteristic Chinese philosopher which was correct. Listens! 钟 声 blew in the green farmer mind the desert! 300 wear a mask farmer's facial features, because infinite pain, boundless alone, was anxious restlessly worriedly has no place to complain or seek help has become the dead tree, wears a mask cloth which the farmer was not willing to lag behind by now oneself wears a mask, ' we were afraid in our facial features the pain to meet the scrap earth, if we lagged behind Mongolia 面 布 .' The farmers unanimously like this said. Listens! Most intense freedom, joyful god bell, from ours captain 撞 钟 instant sends out, I deeply love *** is the head beautiful Central Party Committee, is just wonderful, melodious fires the freedom, joyful god bell! ! ! ! ! ! ! Listens! Greatly operates my heart being happily married, in ancient glowed has been beautiful and on the youth motherland reverberates! Listens! Free, joyful god 钟 声 ! Blew the green 300 dead trees! 300 pleasantly surprised tremble the rejuvenation tree,300 pleasantly surprised tremble the rejuvenation tree, suddenly turned into 300 big huge mythical birds, free hovering in China's Wan Libai 云 兰 day. Listens! Where does the bell according to arrive where is bright! The Red Flag referring to place dark cloud disperses, the Red Flag referring to place dark cloud disperses, the Red Flag hurricane 突 跃 on Kunlun Mountain, the Red Flag has aimed at in the Chinese village to have the dark cloud these places, the dark cloud dissipates immediately. As the head Central Party Committee is brandishing the sublime Red Flag take ***. As the head Central Party Committee is brandishing the sublime Red Flag take ***. The great distance thunderclap, Wan Li dodging, the great distance thunderclap, Wan Li dodging is farmers cheering, the revelry, cheers, the revelry, the thunderclap, the fire dodges, likes in the sea the wave to be same, the wave is same, from the will of the people to the will of the people, from hills to hills, from hills to hills, from the night to the night, is transmitting the freedom, joyful trembling. Eight steeds bring ten thousand horses to soar, to the prairie deep place, is transmitting the spring letter.2003-5-30 1: 53: 00

The second translation

300 masked cried vagrants farmer

Fengwenchu -- -- Lin Sang size frog for the 2003,3,20 pm to 22: 45 completed
Inside of the tip of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to do ah, that snow in the Mount Qomolangma, the huge black banner reading sky
Huge black banner reading on the sorrow of burning red-hot word, why in the ranks
Ranks in the world's roof? 'Our relations with the black banner reading,
That relationship is black banner reading is that we do anger, pain, the roar of the soul,
Yelled soul.300 choking throat. Spirit is the sound of thunder cried,
Cried the thunder potential Stubbs tropical thunder, four of the ocean surf.
Surf 'others see, I can see pathetic, tragic farmer's crying. '
Asia brought this from afar Taxi chest tones, depression, powerful, deep, Pathetique.

Lonely, terrorist lock my fortune on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Pillar Guguo sunny sky,
This shows that the sun does not come only cried, Wang Chunfeng Guguo mountains and rivers,
Not visible come spring, only cried. 'Listen to the sea farmer tears in heaven,
This tears the sky to give farmers in the era of the suffering of the toxin,
This farmer Kuchu hearts to the toxin than some. '
Tears of the group in the Valley in quietly talked with Fei Liu,
Do micro-tears to flow to the depths of darkness.
The cuckoo sings in the blood in the snow cried plaintively, in the 10,000-ape-in the mountains, unable to cry.
The tip of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 300 masked cried inside the vagrants do ah,
You said you are tears of blood in the final coin?
You said this with a gold coin to each of the stars with a conscience complain?
You said you were in the blood of birds in the village heinous officials, gang, a triad snatched away?
You say your blood in the water, rural black wolf was snatched cardiopulmonary devil?
You said you Revenge of the goddess imprisoned in the depths of the earth?
You say your blood in the lovely homes were not bandits five fingers reaching into the prison?
You say this is everywhere on the land Here?
You said you are the world's suffering untold suffering, condensate Shibuya, the peak of the tragic stray?
Beautiful, good-hearted, solemn, honest farmers ah!
Please stop crying, sad!
You Kuchu PCE has been the blood of this mountain snow,
Jieai! Please restore calm!
Jiaohuazi I also have nine-year review of transportation
One-third less than three poor old.
I have heard that the previous sedan chair carried by Habagou landowner,
Arrogant in the face of poor landowners,
Flood has long been time to destroy the name, people will never forget,
I have heard that the number of wealthy ancient times,
Has long been time hammer smashed the name, people will never forget,
These are the poor people of robbery, these people digging for the eternal grave.

Let me compliment your bar,
Are you with the most precious lives exchange for food, feed me,
My most lovable beautiful farmers,
You are in my mind, the great poet of action,
Without your widely, we have tens of thousands of Chinese green earth colorful shameful chapter Xiayun poems,
I will be eternal poverty, crying, crazy.
I remember Taizong exhorted Prince, dressing meal to think about the workers, peasants,
This sacred and beautiful land of China,
Which one of crops, which is not an orchard you sweat blood in return,
The lives of your most valuable rivers, and youth,

Creativity of the sea, they fostered that I would like to Chinese Jusun Songs of the country,
Your dedication is the Mighty, a mockery of China to shake our Jusun squally.
I praise you are our great Chinese nation's No.1 hero --
Parallel with the people of our great Chinese nation, the first hero.
Plowshare belonging to villages and honour,
Back to your ancestral graves on the bar,
You great comfort to the glorious ancestors!
Let your soul in the sky long-missing pigeons,
Re-flap in your soul in the sky!

Those who do not farm, do not work, robbery false hero of the poor,
Those who use illegal means, the bad conscience of the rich false heroes,
Pariahs in the noble than the workers, farmers soles of Ni Chen,
False hero is not qualified for workers, agricultural people to shoes,
As a non-genuine fans,
Is not qualified for soccer superstar to shoes.

I know that many Wengwengjiao the flies,
Touhuachentou for those who are inside a bag of grass false heroes of this Baigujing
Baigujing to leave this heroic fight powder,
Dan Sai-Su disguised as nine fox has this beauty,
Its purpose is to eat the meat of China Tang Seng.
I never wish to contempt, ridicule false heroes,
With the sword must add Liu contempt, ridicule
Cross the road snakes.

It was heinous officials, gang, a triad, were seen as the devil
Talking livestock farmer who
As slaves farmer who, as fate dog valuable than the rich farmer who
Kuaixia! Fast out of the tip!
Listen! Beijing beautiful and elegant big bell will ring for up! ! ! ! ! ! !
Quick to pull down your boundless grief masked cloth!
Even if your face is Yikeke dried tree,
Spring will!

Beijing of the most beautiful and elegant sweet emotion
I mind the great bell will ring for up! ! ! ! ! ! !

Bell disperse the dark clouds of the sky,
Unlimited calm and tranquillity of the sun
Appeared from the sky
Jiao Jiangshan as many beautiful smiling faces staggering.
Beautiful Jingdezhen porcelain has emerged on the
Chessboard, the two ladies in Ancient China,
The ancient Chinese nation Pentium keep rivers,
Prairie has emerged on the
Skill of the characteristics of the Chinese philosopher.

Green bell blowing a farmer in the desert soul!

300 farmer faces masked, as untold suffering, lonely boundless,
Anxiety and distress to turn into trees,
Masked unwilling to do at this time to pull down their own masked cloth,
'We fear that we will face on the suffering of bombing broken earth,
If we pull down masked cloth. '
Said farmer agreed.

Listen! The loud freedom, and happiness of God's clock,
We are from the captain's bell of a flap issued,
I love the beautiful *** led by the CPC Central Committee,
Are wonderful, melodious started
Freedom, and happiness of God's bell! ! ! ! ! ! !

Listen! Open my heart and Luan-Feng-ming,
In the glow of the ancient Chinese beauty and youth on the land reverberate!

Listen! Freedom, and happiness of God's bell!
Winds of 300 green trees!
300 surprises shuddering rejuvenate tree,

300 surprises shuddering rejuvenate tree,
Suddenly of a 300 Tu Mingde,
When China to the 10,000-li-Baiyun days.

照 到 where where large bell-!
That the red flag scattered clouds,

That the red flag scattered clouds,
Hurricane flag for the sudden jump into the Kunlun Mountains,

The red flag at China villages are dark clouds of those places,
Dark clouds dissipated immediately.
*** Led to the splendor of the CPC Central Committee, waving red flags.

*** Led to the splendor of the CPC Central Committee, waving red flags.
The thunder of a thousand miles, the flash Miles,
The thunder of a thousand miles, the flash is agricultural Miles people cheering revelers,

Cheers, rave, thunder, fire flash,
Like the sea waves,
Like waves from people to people, from the mountains to the mountains,

From the mountains to the mountains, from night to night,
Convey freedom, and happiness of the tremor.

Moma FIT with eight horses,
Prairie to the bottom of the letter convey the spring.

2003-5-30 1: 53: 00

The third translation

300 divagation farmers who receive noodles to cry bitterly

Text 淑 --Mulberry wood--All of the frog make in 2003,3,20, complete from afternoon to 10: 45 P.M.
Green hide the farmer in the plateau iceberg, connect the huge black ensign of day in white snow on that bead 峰
The fire that the huge black ensign burns up is red sorrow two wordseses, why the male reside in
Does the male reside on the ridge of world? 'Black ensign and our relations,
Relation's ising that black ensign is our farmer to cut up rough, pain and sufferings, roar of soul,
Howling soul.The surprised thunder been ringing out to cry bitterly in the throat that 300 spirits suffocate,
The surprised thunder of crying bitterly pulls out the surprised thunder of tropical zone certainly, the big wave voice of four oceans.
Big wave voice'the other people can't see, I can see a wretchedness, the pathetic farmer weeps over.'
The Asia is from the far-away place deliver this the chest sound, melancholy of interest too, male 浑 , deep and low, sad 怆 .

Lonely, the terror locks me green hide plateau on the 兮 in that, hope past country the sky sunlight,
The sunlight can't see 兮 , only cry bitterly, hope past country country spring breeze,
The spring breeze can't see 兮 , only cry bitterly.'Listen to the ocean sky of farmer's tears,
Come to this tears in the sky in sometimes generation give farmer of the toxin of distress,
This farmer's crying a toxin in the mind will be good to lead some.'
Cluster valley the soft-voiced confabulation writes in the flying of tears flow,
The farmer's tiny and bright tears flows toward the dark night deep place.

The cuckoo of 啼 blood is in the snowflake 哀 鸣 , the pure ape doesn't live 啼 in ten thousand heavy mountains.
Green hide the inside of the plateau iceberg 300 receive noodles to cry bitterly of of divagation farmer,
Do you say the tears is the gold coin of end in your blood?
Do you say using this gold coin toward each conscientious stars sues in court?
You say your blood in of birds' twitter and fragrance of flower drive the extremely evil officer, bandit in the country, did underworld 1 rend away?
You say your spring in the blood, was the pastoral rent away by the wolf black heart lung devil?
Did you say you to imprison a vengeance fairy in the earth deep place?
Did you say your lovely home in the blood to be become by the robber to stretch hand a jail of disappearing the five fingers?
Do you say this earth top everywhere is an other place?
You say you just the distress in world, infinite pain and sufferings, 凝 涩 , pathetic high peak upper-class wave?
Beautiful, docile, solemn, the farmer of the integrity!
Please stop weeping over, sorrow!
You cry the blood of has already dyed red this top of hill of white snow,
Restrain the grief! Please recover a town to calm down!
The beggar also has nine years beg for a people's luck,
A person three poor three rich don't arrive old.

I hear the previously uses the landlord that the 轿 son lifts a pug,
The landlord spread fame in the poor people in front 耀 force,
Drive already the flood of time, demolished name, let the person forget forever,
I hear a thou come of how much rich man,
Drive already the iron ball of time, broked off name, let the person forget forever,
It is these people to rob poor people, dug to descend the grave of the abyss of time for these people.

Let me laud you,
Is the food that you change with the most precious life, fed me,
The most lovely and beautiful farmer in my heart,
You are great activity poets in my hearts,
Have no you widely were counted by our China ten thousand inside the earth lately green and colorful abashed the poem chapter of 霞 cloud,
I would eternal beggarliness, weep over, madness.
I remember Tang too to warn a prince, to consider a worker while wearing dress to have a meal, farmer,
This is sacred, on the beauty China land,
Which peice of farm goods, which peice of orchard isn't what you bleed to sweat to change come,
You the river of the most precious life, youth,
The ocean of creative power, sprinkled to infuse me and play that China huge tree of song of originally,
It is the 伟 dint of your dedications, sneered at the strong breeze of the desire 撼 our China huge tree.
My lauding you is No.1th heros of the China race of our greatness--
Be juxtaposed for our No.1th hero of great China race with the workers

Let to belong to country and the honor of plough 铧 ,
Return to the top of the graveyard of your ancestry,
With the ancestry which tells the 慰 your honour greatness!
Let the pigeon son that disappear long since in the sky of your mind,
Re- flap wings to rise in the sky of your mind!

Those don't farm, don't do work, robbing the false hero of poor people,
Those use illegal means, bad the conscience sudden wealth false hero,
Mean get a rather noble worker, the mire dust of farmer shoe sole,
False hero's ising unqualified is a worker, the farmers lift shoes,
Positive such as a not sincere fan,
It is unqualified to lift shoes for the football star.

I know to haven't a few flies for buzzing,
Just at for those false heros which embroider inside flower pillow in a pack of grass this bones 精
Beat the powder to false hero this bones 精 ,
Masquerading a match Su 旦 is personal se nine tail coquette's beauties,
Its purpose is the meat which wants to eat this Tang's monk in China.
Wish me to despise forever, sneer at false hero,
Holdsing the tall 祖 Liu's nation of the 汉 of benefit sword despises, sneering at
Horizontal snake in on the road.
Drive that extremely evil officer, bandit, the underworld is 1, the devils see make
The farmers of domestic animals who wills talk,
See the farmers who make the slaves, see a farmers with valuable dog who make the life not equal to rich man,
Quick! Come out an iceberg quickly!
Listen to! The big clock of beautiful magnate Peking was rung out! ! ! ! ! ! !
Quick draw down you receive noodles of the cloth of the infinite sadness!
Even your noodles' permitting is a tree with withered,
Will also meet spring!

Listen to!
Beautiful most sweet concussion in magnate Peking
The big clock of my mind was rung out! ! ! ! ! ! !

The bell blew about the dark cloud of sky,
Infinite Ping-ho, the sun of hospice
From peeped out in the sky
The beauty astonishing smile noodles of river's mountain many similar 娇 s permits.
Peeped out on beautiful view virtuous town china
To the women of two ancient times of 弈 China,
China race of the thou is old to dash about continuously river a side,
Peeped out on the steppe
There is the Chinese philosopher of the characteristic of way.

Listen to!
The bell blows green farmer desert within mind!

300 noodles which receive noodles a farmer permits, because of infinite pain and sufferings, limitless and lonely,
The anxious uneasy ffliction didn't tell but became a withered tree,
Receive noodles a farmer don't wish draw down oneself to receive the cloth of noodles at this time,
'We are frightened our noodles' permitting last pain and sufferings will fry ground earth,
If our draw down receives noodles cloth.'
The farmers are consistent to say so.

Listen to! The freedom aroused most more, the big clock of happy absolute being,
The in a flash which is bumping a clock from our captains sends out,
I have a passion for of***the beautiful party of the leader is central,
Just wonderful, beat to ring floatingly
Freedom, the big clock of happy absolute being! ! ! ! ! ! !

Listen to! Open the married couple and the 鸣 of my heart greatly,
Old and shining in thou beauty and youth China earth concusses last time!

Listen to! Freedom, the bell of the happy bsolute being!
Blow green 300 withered trees!
The tree that 300 surprised and pleased shudders bring back to life,

The tree that 300 surprised and pleased shudders bring back to life,
Became 300 big 鹏 s suddenly,
The free hover is in China of ten thousand white cloud orchid day.

Listen to!
The big clock is shone on where where bright!
The red flag points dark cloud to spread,

The red flag points dark cloud to spread,
The hurricane 突 of red flag leaped onto the mountain of 昆 仑 ,

The red flag points to have the place of dark cloud in the Chinese country,
Dark cloud right away dissipation.
With***the party of the leader is central to brandish strong United States of red flag.

With***the party of the leader is central to brandish strong United States of red flag.
The thunder voice of a long distance, the 闪 of ten thousand insides,
The thunder voice of a long distance, the 闪 of ten thousand insides is the acclaim of the farmers, reveling,

Shout, revel, thunder voice, fire 闪 ,
Be like the wave in the ocean,
The wave is similar, from the public to public, mountain from the cluster to cluster mountain,

Mountain from the cluster to cluster mountain, from the night to night,
Deliver a freedom, happy tremor.

Eight horses take ten thousand horses to fly high,
Deliver the letter of spring to big steppe deep place.

2003-5-30 1: 53: 00

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