Raman Savithiri

961. M Y ` M O T H E R ` T O N G U E ` I S ` S W E E T ` T A M I L!

(This trial fails to measure the height of TAMIL and TAMILLAND in all its dimensions. Tamil literature is vast. Its depth is immeasurable.
I tasted just a drop! From time immemorial Tamil land clasps all, till today, whoever comes to make an esteemed living. Tamil Temples and related arts could not be spoken by me. I am just like an ignorant frog which does not know anything about lotuses though it lives with them!)

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M y ` m o t h e r ` t o n g u e ` i s ` s w e e t ` T A M I L!

Into which history fails to pierce;
Mother of languages many other;
But Her age never trips teens;
Is my mother tongue – dear TAMIL!

Siva elevated Her in sangam;
Uma loves to hear the twangs;
Skantha stays in, hillocks echoing
Sweet TAMIL, forgetting Himalaya!

Thoughtful couplets Tirukkural,
Four line verses Naladiyar and
Invaluable diamond KambaRamayana
Deck Her crown – TAMIL literature!

More than half of Indian inscriptions are Hers;
More than half of Indian temples are Hers;
Prose, music and drama are Her elements;
How could I tell TAMIL’s beauty in English?

River Kaveri ripples Aandals ThiruPpaavai;
Bay of Bengal replicates Vallalar’s ThiruArutppaa;
ThiruAnnaMalai silently sings Ramana AtcharaMaalai;
Entire plateau is pride of TAMIL Auvai’s Aathichudi!

“Everyone is my relative and
Everyplace my native land”-
Embraced the entire mankind,
TAMIL proverb years 2500 before!

Do my feet deserve to touch,
TAMIL soil where Nayanmar 63
And Azlwar 12 walked,
Singing unique devotionals?

A dropp from Thiruvaacagam
Is more than enough to
Intoxicate my little soul, causing
Tears touching TAMIL land!

Heart’s love beats in AgaNaanuru,
Soul’s truth hunt in PuraNaanuru,
Are TAMIL’s treasures precious,
That tidal time could not perish!

Hosting is Her eminent nature! – In Her lap,
Thiyagaraja, famous Telugu poet flourished,
Mahratta Sarabhoji’s kingdom was established,
Even today actors of all states boom and zoom!

A rock, peeping out of wild waves at TAMIL tip Kanyakumai,
Gave days 3 mediation and vision vibrant to Vivekananda!
A royal, keeping above feral desires, Bhaskara Sethupathi ^,
Paved way to Vivekananda’s speech starting from Chicago!

This tiny drunk mortal, drunken the sweet nectar TAMIL
Tries to tell on the only living classical language of India!
Trial ends as a prattle! Could I explain how sweet honey is?
Blessed am I, given that, lustrous Tamil is my tongue!

Maa, Uma, if I have anymore birth, throw me in TAMIL land alone!
Let my heart bleed to clean karmas, with Manivacagar’s tears devotional!
Let me too feel oneness with Ramalinga who withered with plant withering!
Let me sing Abiraami Andaathi with Pattar to become Your child cherished!

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^ Initially, it was Bhaskara Setupati as the Raja of Ramnad, who had earlier decided to go to US to attend the Parliament of Religions as the representative of Hinduism. But after conversing with Swami Vivekananda,
he decided that Swamiji was the right person to attend the conference. It shows the great hearts of TAMIL kings from ancient Athiyaman (who offered life-extending gooseberry to Auvai) to modern kings.
(started on 5th Jan) 8-1-07

(ref: Tamilnation.org and Hindu religion)

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Poem Edited: Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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Comments about 961. M Y ` M O T H E R ` T O N G U E ` I S ` S W E E T ` T A M I L! by Raman Savithiri

  • Catastrophe King (1/12/2008 10:25:00 AM)

    Who am I to comment on such an invaluable subject? You are just amazing in every word you have composed here..... this is a well constructed tribute to your mother tongue! What else can I say, I am speachless! ! ! !

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  • rajagopal haranrajagopal haran (1/9/2008 12:17:00 PM)

    when many people from Tamilnadu forget their noble mother tongue in their own motherland and speak only in English claiming ' tamil enakku koncham konchan theriyum', here is a person remembering the forgotten treasures and get the Glory; great effort and great poem Savithri; you will love as long as Tamil lives...wonderful piece...you can give another poem on the five Tamil epics Jivaka-chintamani, Cilappatikaram, Manimekalai, Kundalakesi and Valayapathi (known as the The Five Great Epics of Tamil Literature.) and on Yapperungalam and Yapperungalakkarigai by the Jain ascetic Amirtasagara and Buddamitra's Virasoliyam, another work on Tamil grammar, and Nannul by Pavanandi, Vaccanandi Malai by Neminatha, and the annotations on Purananuru, Purapporun Venbamalai by Aiyanaridanar.political works like Jayamkondar's Kalingattupparani, (a semi-historical account on the two invasion of Kalinga by Kulothunga Chola I.) Ottakuttan's three Ulas on Vikrama Chola, Kulothunga Chola II and Rajaraja Chola II....lovely job

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  • Rajaram RamachandranRajaram Ramachandran (1/8/2008 6:32:00 PM)

    This speaks volume of our Tamil literature and the great souls who wrote them long ago. This has taken our Tamil land and its Tamil language to sky high. Silappadigaram was written by Illangovadigal, followed by Manimegalai written by Seethalai Sathanar during Sangam age some 1400 years ago. I wrote the same text in English poetry and had made CDs also. I was a Tamil Student during my school days and enjoyed the nectar of Tamil Kaviyams, which prompted me to write about them at the last lap of my life. Please write more about the Tamil scriptures and let the eyes of the world see its treasures thro' your writings. Thanks for sharing your poem with me.

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