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Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species

(The scientific world is coming up with theories with strong points to disprove Darwin’s Beautiful theory; I have also done my Research based on my observations; Ask for the forgiveness of Darwin!)

Inheritance in organisms occurs through discrete traits!

Sun In Conflict With The Moon

Revered by everyone
Is it my Might?
Not stared at and
No footsteps in my landscape!

What Is It Called Mother?

Mother I understand the term;

A Teacher Is Grieved

The final exams are in the offing
Mugging and bugging in full swing
Burning the midnight oil
Stumble to go to the next class

200.Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species Part Ii

A Sequel to part I

News 1: Acromegaly is found in 3 out of 500,000 people; means the person affected develops the traits of the opposite sex, which is due to a disorder of the pituitary gland;
News 2: Artificial human sperms could come to the aid of infertile men; this means men could become redundant permitting women to give birth without a biological father

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Chelsea Meigs 07 April 2008

hey, i REALLY enjoyed reading this poem here of yours... i love the perspective...

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Arka Chattopadhyay 21 November 2007

Emotional integrity at its best. 'A SPONTANEOUS OVERFLOW OF POWERFUL FEELINGS'...

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Janua Catt Alonzo 21 November 2007

thanks for reading some of my work.. ;) ..i just loved reading your poems too especially the bird in the mid sea...a very splendid master of art...have a blessed day ahead... ;) xoxo jan catty

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Peter Jones 20 November 2007

I have enjoyed reading your poetry. You have a love of creative English. When I first started to write, so many years ago, I was lucky enough to be given very good advice. It isn't enough just to have inspiration: you need to work hard at learning the actual craft of writing poetry.. to introduce your own 'music' to it.So I studied the forms and structures of different poets, so that I could 'paint my pictures' better. I think that, at present, you are putting down your thoughts like shopping lists. You obviously have so much more to give if you work hard at tying your lines together in a creative way. I predict that you will discover deeper satisfaction for yourself.. and to others... if only you will let yourself be more free. Very best wishes Peter

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