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(The scientific world is coming up with theories with strong points to disprove Darwin’s Beautiful theory; I have also done my Research based on my observations; Ask for the forgiveness of Darwin!)

Inheritance in organisms occurs through discrete traits!

Revered by everyone
Is it my Might?
Not stared at and
No footsteps in my landscape!

Mother I understand the term;

The final exams are in the offing
Mugging and bugging in full swing
Burning the midnight oil
Stumble to go to the next class

A Sequel to part I

News 1: Acromegaly is found in 3 out of 500,000 people; means the person affected develops the traits of the opposite sex, which is due to a disorder of the pituitary gland;
News 2: Artificial human sperms could come to the aid of infertile men; this means men could become redundant permitting women to give birth without a biological father

When I fell
My mother wept for
The big boulder
Hit me on the head;

Searching for the Almighty
I see a lamp in the corner right!
Flashes a charm in my mind
To show the Maker mighty!

(For every cell, there is a time to live and a time to die. That is what we call Apoptosis; this I tried to apply to human beings as a whole and the result is the following poem)
Death by injury and
Death by suicide
Modalities formalized for

Foraging in marine blocks
Land embroidered with water
Flowers shedding a spicy smell
No fruitful vineyard in the vicinity campaign

Narrow notions of Religious Sovereignty
Not withstanding the universal interests
Freaks minding the distress of generations
Convene the commonwealth of religions

An egg is hatched
The fledgling crawls out of its shell
Unable to see and unable to fly
Limps around in pitch black darkness

Being toys so little
In the hands of the Maker
With a little happiness
Exercised by a few

Shriveling the spirit
Without healing in the vicinity
Transcending the suffering
Without scuttling of memories

Is life unfair?

Looking for options
Without safe zones

Tender music trumpeting thunder
Needle rain declaring devastation
Stationary souls enacting cosmic binding
Berated lover pines for the love

(Dear Readers: I know the deadliest cancer…our mother was a martyr who died at an age of less than 40 years after battling for more than 6 years.
As God is merciful, he wants to keep our memories green; another close relative is under the deadly grip of cancer; her two young daughters along with us are witnessing the inevitable condemned death of their mother which can occur any moment)

(Dear Mothers: I submit this poem at your feet as a mark of my love and respect for all the mothers; bless your son from wherever you are)

Not salaried for the full-time job
But mother, my love is the payment

(Dear Readers
this is a tribute to the beauty of nature...creation which nobody can imitate...made this with Love)

The spent of the Red Sun

His fate in his father’s words
Louis de Casabianca dead long ago
Flames lavished on the heroic blood
Father and son perishing in the ship!

A span of 60 years
How many roles can I play?
Is it one, two, three, four or five?
Lost the counting in transit!

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Revisiting The Theory Of Evolution Of Species

(The scientific world is coming up with theories with strong points to disprove Darwin’s Beautiful theory; I have also done my Research based on my observations; Ask for the forgiveness of Darwin!)

Inheritance in organisms occurs through discrete traits!

Strolling on the street during the wee hours
Saw a girl in skimpy dress
Was she a Descent with modifications?
Opened the scriptures to note the dress codes!
Adam and Eve had no dress:
Leave alone code and bode
Forbidden apple creating the bias
Longer leaves formed the dress
Evolved into lengthy robes
Fashion parading by kings and queens
Increasing the pain of enslaved lots!
Robes turning into saris and pants!
Saris turning into mini gowns and frocks
Full pants only remained ever full!
In the biting cold sleeveless top
Betraying the skin to bones and nerves
Mini skirt proving a competition
Girl was strolling hand in hand
Another hand baring only fingers
Pants also touching the ground and dust
Pounding heart compelled to look up the face
A male was the figure shivering in cold
Referred to Darwin for postulates to help
Beneficial mutations specifically preserved!
Aiding the survival in the process Natural selection
Disadvantaged dying out referring to the male!
Is Selective mutation only in girls?
Got Darwin right as directional selection!
For males it forms disruptive selection!
Shivers of chill going through the spine
Shuddered at the thought of weeding out of males!

Seeing the blue films and exhibiting the same
Punishable anywhere a hundred years back
The previous blue viewed in Eastman color
Are available in a variety of technical colors!

Touching the girls was a criminal offence
Intimate scenes now compulsory in films!
With kissing as bonus and stripping as incentive
Unlucky Darwin born a bit earlier
Here is the proof of stabilizing selection!

Scanning the old theory of co-evolution
Analyzed facts to substantiate Darwin
Ho! This time Darwin was lucky
Serial killing! The forte of males
Killing as maniacs and killing after sex!
Lo! here come women shouldering the burden
Killing fellow women in no lesser measure!
Science being a tube light asking for more
Got a glance of a lady puffing out smoke!
Insatiable science driving me for more
Perchance glanced girls in a pub at midnight
Devouring the drums brimming up with wine!

Co-operation another postulate
My study becoming tougher and tougher
Desperately looking around
Stopped hearing a hell of a noise!
Oh! A car dashed against the pavement dwellers
Mowing down the sleeping dogs!
Curious to go near the car
Got the glimpse of a lady at the wheel
With smell of ethanol dozing off the nose
A lively proof for co-operation!

When heritable differences become more common
Evolution occurs for survival!
Adaptations only will make me live
Or extinction is the word written on the wall!


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Chelsea Meigs 07 April 2008

hey, i REALLY enjoyed reading this poem here of yours... i love the perspective...

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Arka Chattopadhyay 21 November 2007

Emotional integrity at its best. 'A SPONTANEOUS OVERFLOW OF POWERFUL FEELINGS'...

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Janua Catt Alonzo 21 November 2007

thanks for reading some of my work.. ;) ..i just loved reading your poems too especially the bird in the mid sea...a very splendid master of art...have a blessed day ahead... ;) xoxo jan catty

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Peter Jones 20 November 2007

I have enjoyed reading your poetry. You have a love of creative English. When I first started to write, so many years ago, I was lucky enough to be given very good advice. It isn't enough just to have inspiration: you need to work hard at learning the actual craft of writing poetry.. to introduce your own 'music' to it.So I studied the forms and structures of different poets, so that I could 'paint my pictures' better. I think that, at present, you are putting down your thoughts like shopping lists. You obviously have so much more to give if you work hard at tying your lines together in a creative way. I predict that you will discover deeper satisfaction for yourself.. and to others... if only you will let yourself be more free. Very best wishes Peter

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