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To make a glass cup
It takes few minutes,
But to break it up,
It takes split seconds.

Gautama Buddha was the founder of Buddhism Religion. He was born in 560 BC and died at the age of 80 in 480 BC. His life story is known to the world as a popular reformer in the spiritual world. His life story goes:


This story is from the famous epic Mahabharat and has been retold by many authours in several languages. The Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi loved this story for its moral that speaks of faith in the truth, honesty and courage. Some 600 years ago, a famous Tamil Poet Veerakavirayar wrote in Tamil Harichandran Puranam in the Tamil Venba style. He was an Aasu Kavi (Spontaneous Poet) next to Kalamegam of ancient times. It is next to impossible to translate his work in English word by word. He has written more than 1000 verses running to more than 600 pages. I have, however, brought in some of his excellence in about 76 pages in my own simple style for the reading pleasure of the world poetry lovers. The readers are requested to send their comments to my email address: rajaram1931@gmail.com, for which I will be grateful to them. The story goes starting with a prayer song to Gods in the heaven.

Prayer to Lord Ganesh.

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA (A brief introduction)

Swami Vivekananda (Narendranath Datta) was born on 12-01-1863 at Kolkata and died on 04-07-1902 at 39 years of age. He was a disciple of Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who worshiped Mother Kali. Swamiji was the first religious ambassador to America, in which land he was recognized for his talents and deep knowledge in the Hindu ancient scriptures and religion. He was advocating for Universal Religion. Every world citizen should read his speeches in 9 Volumes released by the Ramakrishna Mission Association.. His life story starts with the Birth of Hinduism.

A cow was tied to a peg
But allowed to go on its legs.
Its rope moved in cycle.
It grazed inside this circle,

The day’s newspaper shook my heart.
I can only shed a tear on my part.
A heartless father shot his daughter.
It was like an animal slaughter.

A rich man built up a stadium,
In a ground to play every game.
On the day of inauguration,
There was a big congregation.

Gautama Buddha was born,
In the year 560 BC, as a son
To King Suddhodana, his father,
And Queen Maya, his mother.

Late one night, an old man
Came with his old woman
And his servant to visit
Thyagaraja, the Saint.

Ayodhya, the Capital City
Was famous for its gaiety,
With its entrance gates
Shining like ornaments.

After paying tax, other kings left.
King Harichandran then kept
For counseling a few courtiers
On some important matters.

Time waited for none.
Years rolled on and on.
Child Narendra grew up well,
As a boy strong and tall.

'Oh, Lord! By morn, I blossom,
And by eve, I wither,
Then, of what use, I'm? '
Cried the fluttering flower.

Once, Ananda, the disciple,
Who was thirsty, went to a well
To drink water and saw on the spot,
A girl drawing water in her pot.

From astrologers the King heard,
The same what Sage Asita told,
But added, “He’ll become a monk
In the holy order of highest rank.”

A beautiful courtesan,
Amrapali, had a big garden
Where Buddha stayed once,
Along with his disciples.

All the members met Buddha,
Except Princes Yashodhara,
Who said, “Here he’ll come,
If I’m of any value to him.”

Buddha was always keen
On one taking quick action,
And in support, he told
A story of two birds.

Buddha wanted peace.
He sent two disciples
To Devadatta’s place
To settle any difference.

King Ajatashatru heard
That Devedatta had died.
He had lost his best friend,
Who stood ever by his side.

Rajaram Ramachandran Biography

Rajaram was born on 13-7-31 at Madras Now Chennai, India and is now settled at Mumbai, India His interest is both studying and writing Poems. The first poem in English, 'A Song of the World' was written by him in the year 1965. Thereafter, he has written many story poems for the children, humourous poems for the adults and spiritual poems for the elders. In his poems, wood, stone, bird, animals, stars, moon, sun, ocean, and trees-they speak. He has written 'RAMAYANA' the great epic Indian story in easily readable English verses, which have become very popular and are posted here for the reading pleasure of all the poetry lovers. He has also written in simple English poem several other ancient epic stories-Krishna Leela, Mahabarat, Silappadigaram or the Killer Anklet, Manimegalai-the details of which can be found in his website divinechannel.in His biggest contribution to poemhunter is the stories from the Holy Bible posted under his pen name 'Simple Simon' His latest addition to the poemhunter is the French Story 'Saint Bernadette Soubirous, ' based on the novel 'The Song of Bernadette, ' which came as a black and white film sixty years back. The role of Bernadette was played by the famous actress Jennifer Jones. Till date 31-12-2019, he has written 27 poetry books: 1 Ramayana, 2 Mahabharata, 3 Krishna Leela, 4 Silappadigaram or the Killer Anklet, 5 Manimegalai, 6 Adi Sankara, 7 Sakuntala, 8 Nala, 9 Harichandra, 10 Meera 11 Saint Thyagaraja, 12 The Holy Bible, 13 Saint Bernadette Soubirous, 14 A Bouquet of Oriental Poems. 15 Gautama Buddha. 16 Swami Vivekananda, 17 Mother Teresa 18 Srila Prabhupada, 19 Andal, 20 Lava Kusa 21 Chaitanya Maha Prabhu 22 Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar, 23 Ramana Maharishi, 24 Kanchi Maha Swami, 25 Sri Ramanuja 26. The Mother, Force of Action,27. Shirdi Sai Baba A visit to his website www.divinechannel.in will give a fair idea of some of his works. The Reader's comments may kindly be sent to his email address: rajaram1931@gmail.com)

The Best Poem Of Rajaram Ramachandran

Marriage's Made In Heaven

To make a glass cup
It takes few minutes,
But to break it up,
It takes split seconds.

We smell the rose
Not by crushing it,
But thro' the nose,
By handling it soft.

The baby with care
Her mother fondles
As she wants to share
Her love with kisses.

Likewise, a marriage
That's made in Heaven,
Confirms a life bondage
Between man and woman.

Marriage's a sacred institution,
A bachelor wants to get in
But feeling it a great burden,
Thereafter, out he wants to run.

The wife's like a rose
The husband should feel,
And he is like a glass
With care she should handle.

Any divorce, will there be
If each one respects,
Whatever any difference be,
The other one's feelings?

Will the Heaven pardon
If they break their ties,
Violating its sanction,
For few silly reasons?

Rajaram Ramachandran Comments

Kannan G 24 March 2010

Firstly, I bow before you O Great Messenger of Love and Peace! I am a newcomer to this site. I just had a glance through the title of your poems and was highly impressed. That your pen has been able to throw light on the profound greatness of such array of luminaries of humanity and spirituality is really appreciable. In course of time I will take time to read more of them. Meanwhile I would like you to know that I have pasted here a collection of my poems on the well known social worker late Baba Amte. I think you would be interested in reading more about him. I would like you to kindly go through some of them at your convenience, give your valuable comments and help me spread his universal message of harmony between man and man and between man and nature.

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........... A magical blend of spiritual and philosophical thought planks and a relenteless mind that keeps his mind ever vibrant..that is Shri R Ramachandran who is unquestionably one of the best three Indian poets on this website.Shri Ramachandran`s poetic potential has time and again proved that he is simle and deep within.Keep writing sir.

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Sarda Mohan 23 September 2009

You have written - ' And what's seen is unreal! ' But what I have read and felt is real... any other word would be flattery and just leaves me elated. Tears of joy fill my eyes everytime I read those beautiful thoughts expressed in a very simple language that communicates with my brain in a powerful manner. You are a living wonder - an AMUDHASURABHI OF VERSALITY IN THOUGHT AND EXPRESSION. Words fail me as I bow my head in respect to Thee. With lots of prayers and respectful regards, Sarda Mohan

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C. P. Sharma 06 November 2008

He is oceanic. Everytime you dive, you come out with a new gem of the purest ray serene.

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Sandra Fowler 07 September 2008

Rajaram Ramachandran is a master of the art of simplicity. His work is appealing to young and old alike. I believe he is one of India's treasures. His poems and translations deserve much recognition. I admire and respect his noble attempt to build enduring' creative bridges between the Eastern and Western worlds. Best wishes from your distant friend, Sandra

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Kumarmani Mahakul 07 October 2020

More we go deeper towards the writings of poet Rajaram Ramachandran, we find deep philosophy within and witness his perceptive mind with greater knowledge and responsibility. His poems are very beneficial for society. People can learn many values from his poems through sweetness of reciting and his story poems which guide us greatly with righteousness.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 April 2020

I wish him all the best. May God bring unlimited happiness and fortune for him. BEST WISHES FROM: : : poet Kumarmani Mahakul #368 on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information, the rank on date 19 April 2020) (Today's Rank)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 April 2020

Rajaram is specially a God gifted poet. His poems on sainthood of Sai Baba are very pleasant and heart touching. His emotion is well reflected in his socially valuable writings and his perception talks directly with readers when the readers read his beautiful and beneficial poems. He is a rare poet with rare talents. I feel fortunate to read and review his works. He dazzles like a star in the sky of the world literature. May God bring happiness and fortune for him. (Part-2)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 April 2020

Rajaram Ramachandran is a great Indian poet of high reputation, who has gained international recognition due to his high literary perseverance, spiritual development and noble personality. He is writing poems since 1965 and he has published many books of ethics, epics, values and spirituality. When we read his poems based upon great epic of the Ramayana, we feel his devotion for Lord Rama. I know him very well and I have read his poems of high philosophic values! (Part-1)

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gangan k. best poem 16 November 2018

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