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Rookie (novEmBer 23 1990 / CeBu CiTy, , But Now Im In MaNiLA)

☻ ☻ .Deny.☻ ☻ - Poem by jade MOnteScLArOS

☻ ☻ .DenY..☻ ☻

MAyBe I don’T LoVe You,

As Much as You Do,

MayBe i Don’t Care for you,

As MucH as you carE.

MayBe i Don’t TreaT you righT,

as mUch As You treat Me,

MayBe I dOn’T giVe BAck,

All The CaRE aNd Love you HAve GiVeN Me.

But yoU’r eAlwaYs,

In My HeaRt,

You’Re AlwaYs,

in My HeaRT.

Maybe i Let You feeL,

as tHe SecOnd bEst Thing To Me,

MAyBe i Let you see,

What you don’t WanT To see.

i diDn’T Mean to Hurt yoU,

I didn”t Mean To TrasH You,

i didn”t Mean to be InsenSitive,

i didN’t Man To Be SelFiSh.

BuT YOu’Re alwaYs,

In mY HeaRt,

you’Re AlwaYs,

In MY HearT.

sOrrY For LettIng You feel,

i DoN; T LOve YOU,

SoRRy FOr letting you feel,

I dOn’t CAre.

SoRry For lettIng you Feel,

i dOn’T Need YOU,

sOrry fOr letting you feel,

secONd In My Life.

The TrUTh is,

I ReAllY CAre,

aNd neEd You in,

mY Mess Life.

buT i DoNt KnOW,

How To Love You,

How To CAre yOu,

aND ShoW You HOW i ReaLLy Feel.

i dOn’t KnOw,

How To FAce LiFE,

If You will LEaVE,

Me SoMeDay.

I’m AfRaid to LoVe You,

i”M AfRaid to caRE FOr you,

afraid thAt sOmeDAy,

You WoN’T LOve Me as Much as You Love Me nOw.

But You”RE AlwaYs,

IN My HearT,

You’Re alWaYs,

In mY HeaRt.

i JUst doN’T Want,

to FAll For a Person,

Who IS Just,

a PlaYer LiKe YOu.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 23, 2009

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