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GoD crEAtEd HeAveN,

GoD CrEAted EarTH,

HaPpIneSS Is HapPinESS

HapPinEss MAkEs you wHispEr,

don'T teLl me You LoVE me,
If your Just KiddIng Me,
For ThaT Lie,
It Can BriNg a New PaiN.

its sTArTed WiTh A sNob,
Its stArtEd With a figHt,
iTs stArtEd with recOnciliAtion,
aNd sTARted BiEnG fRiEnDs.

My soul is full of anger,
The pain became unreal,
Just wish i could end it,
I can't survive the way i feel.

My feElings FoR You HAd ChaNged,
I FouNd iT dEeP WiThiN,
I'm gEtTiNg WeLL wiTh ThiS PrObLem,
But ThErE's no oTher WaY.

i Wasn'T,

LOOking For,

YOu weRE mY stReGHt,

When i am weaK,

SomEtImes a LiE IS BeTter,

sOmeTimeS iT IS GoOd To hidE,

i FeLt GuiLtY,
It's Not FaiR,
I'M HAppY,
buT i'M WroNg.

♥ ..DamN thiNgs..♥

sOmeTiMEs i WAs ThInKIng,

Ang ImagiNinG ThInGS,

i OftEn HAve To WonDer,

Why He LEAveS US,

DoN'T LooK BACk,
WhEn DecideD To LeavE,
CauSe If you do,
i wiLL Be huRt.

Can't deaL,

wiTh EaCh OtHers,

you Are the Best ThIng,

ThaT God hAs GiVen me,

i WaNt To Go HoMe,

I want To be BaCK,

♥ .. aT The beGiNniNG..♥

♥ ..TirEd..♥

I’m stiLL WaiTiNg FoR The time We wiLL mEeT,

EveN i Am TirEd, i’LL AlWAys Be WAitIng,

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as YOu Can See My NAme I'm JAde, Im 18 Years Of AGe.I AM WrItnG Poem For ALmOSt 3 YeARs It SouNd FuNny but.at first i dnt even think i can, i'ts just that im sitting in my room holDing a pen and a paper and then.presto! ! ! i came up writing a poem since then, and that time i dont want anybody to read my poem except my lovely grand mother. when iM Writng my pOem Other Say mY poem is All AboUt Sorrow, But For me Its mNot.ItS jUSt Like ThIngs came out in my Mind. Honestly my Other poem Is base On mY ExpeRience in BeiNg a ChIldHooD, .but The Others is base On My hIgh sChOOl Life. Guys If You Want to contact me, i have my friendster and tagged. heres my account dark_devil_232419@yahoo.com adn dark_devil_angel232419@yahoo.com it's sound weird but thats my email address. Hope You Like My Poem Guys.HoLD On FoR The Next one..)

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♥ ♥ ..Gods Made..♥ ♥

GoD crEAtEd HeAveN,

GoD CrEAted EarTH,

GoD cReatEd LighTnEss,

GoD CrEAted DArkNess.

GoD MADe LioNs,

God MADe IrOns,


God HAd No MiSTAkeS.

GoD IS miRacLe,

God MaDE ObStaCLe,

God CrEATed Adam,

God CreaTed Eve.

GoD GAve Us Heart,

So We CAn liVe,

god Gave us EyEs,

So WE CAn sEe.

God GAve US HANds,

So We Can HoLd,

God Gave us StrEngtH,

So We CAn Work.

god IS the FAther,

God IS THE sOn,

God cAn See whAt WE CAn'T,

GoD HAs EvEryThInG.

God GiVes Us SoUls,

God PuNIshEs tOo,

GoD GiVe Us Life,

God CAn TAke Our LiFe.

God IS GOd,

GoD iS A cHrIstIan,

God IS a jew.

And TherE's ONLy One God.

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