♥ My Sweet Emotionless Pain ♥ Poem by iron panda 23

♥ My Sweet Emotionless Pain ♥

Rating: 2.7

You love me
or you love me not
i love you
& that will never be forgotten
at least not by me.....

This world is another place
my exsistance has a questionable fate
whos questioning it? ?
i am
thats something i kinda cant help.....

What do i mean to you? ?
to any of you
it doesnt even matter
oh how i wish to see you
before i forever leave
do i have it in me? ?
to proceed? ? .....

I bleed...not blood
but this doubtful pain that i feel
ask me how i am
ill tell you im fine
but im lying....sometimes
i...only do so you dont worry
dont you understand? ?
but then again....who cares
im just here...holding back
these tears.....

Cheers! !
let us...well you celebrate
and how about counting it out
between zero and 5.....
how many of those people
mean what they tell me....i dont know
but i believe it when its said....
is that a good thing? ?
because right now.....
im emotioanlly dead
the reason is because.....
youre never really there
so i always brace myself
for whats next to come.....
besides more pain & confusion


Chidori Storm 02 December 2011

What made you write this poem? It sounds like someone hurt you.It's a really good poem.I like it.

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iron panda 23

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