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There is a person
Who goes through life,
Without a heart,
And without a soul.

I’ll never quit
So stop this now,
I won’t give up
And I won’t back down.

I have made the mistake
Of putting those who have only tried to help
Through so much pain and misery
That I can’t take it anymore.

When you have someone
Someone out there
Who's worth fighting for
You would do anything for them.

In the night
I hear you cry
I just hope
That you don't die.

For one reason or another
I have considered myself
A monster among others
For that is what I become when I lose control.

My love and I
Have been through a lot
We have felt so much love
That can't be bought.

I love you
I miss you
I just wish
You'd miss me too.

I can't see
I can't hear
I don't know what to do
My life is so unclear.

Children are important
They give us hope
They make us laugh
They help us coop.

There are people
In this world
Who believe with their hearts
That memories should not exist.

Your love is strong
It's taking me over
But that won't change
The fact that I'm your lover.

How can I live my life
When you are constantly on my back
To the very point where I don’t even know
How to keep it on the right track.

This pain I feel
It has no limits
It knows no bounds
It only knows how to hurt.

I woke up this morning
I woke up in tears
I woke up wondering
What are my fears?

In this room
In this house
It feels like a prison
Every day I have risen.

Since I first saw you
I always knew
That my love for you
Will always grow.

You believe in me
You care for me
You are my love
You are my angel of darkness.

There is a pain
That I feel
Deep inside
My body and mind.

You thought
That I would not mind
The path you've chosen
In your mind.

Chidori Storm Biography

I protect those who call me friend. I give the best advice that I can to those who need it. My life is like the darkest abyss because the pain, misery and depression in it never seem to end.

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A Lifeless Soul

There is a person
Who goes through life,
Without a heart,
And without a soul.

He goes through life
As dead as a corpse,
Because he feels nothing inside
Only the cold of the Arctic.

He is always feeling abandoned
Because of how others treat him,
He feels that he will no longer have to wonder
If he even had a soul to begin with.

This person has gone through life
Feeling nothing at all,
But the one true feeling
Of a lifeless soul.

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Ebi Robert 24 December 2011

i like your style of writing. Narative with a unique technique. Keep it up.

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