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Anonymous 08 January 2018

Good poet glad i found your poem

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Broken Heart 23 May 2010

Awesome poet and i love all ur poems! ! And a great frnd xD

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* Stephen *king 30 April 2010

Terminator+Annhiliator+Destroyer=Iron Panda 23 She is not a fluffy Panda but an Iron Panda and she has strength of 23 Pandas She writes awesome poems cuz she is awesome And she also draws good anime characters And yes she writes beautiful poems cuz she is alive not dead But no one understands her that is the problem, but she try to solve that problem by writing poems..............An awesome gurl........An awesome Panda......*_*.....xp.......

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Lil'emo'kid Bwokenheart 04 March 2010

yea hehehe lil emo kid...whats your name? ? ?

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The Best Poem Of iron panda 23

*but I Know

You think you can hide
but i succeeded as i went to seek

You thought it was a secret
but it wasnt kept from me

You think i dont know but i do
You thought i didnt know
but you didnt and dont know
that i did and do know

And eventually
your gonna come tell me yourself


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iron panda 23 Popularity

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