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You think you can hide
but i succeeded as i went to seek

You thought it was a secret

This person is
stuck in my head
and they wont get out

And before i take my leave
i stop to see if youll beg or plead
not a single tear i guess ill be going
i appreciate your honest feelings for showing

(this is incomplete)

Its happening…
the waterfall of shadows

You love me
or you love me not
i love you
& that will never be forgotten


The gates were locked
but somehow you got in
I dont wanna relive the pain
I felt back then

You're of importance
so i care of your existance
your well being, your happiness

Theres a key to every destiny
hidden but not hiding
theres a case to every mystery
to solve it is worth trying

Those burdens are heavy
the pressure is felt
the stress is in layers
all cards have been delt

...for an optimist
im pretty pessimistic
im not the same
as i once was two years ago

Is that how things work now
we leave without even saying
i appreciate how you just

Deep in the night
in the shadows it grows
what is it you ask? ?
none other than a silent rose

I want a pocket
want a pocketful of sunshine
i want a love that i know
i could call mine oh...oh-woah...

Well there ya have it folks
lets watch to see if it grows
lets have some fun! !
my psychotic thoughts

Remember your steps
remember the beat
remember the timing
keep moving your feet

Peace, love and happiness
is for the living
pain, sadness, chaos and suffering
is for the dead

I hate it! ! cant take it! !
all of my stupid confusing thoughts! !
these confused emotions
my confused everything! !

I cant take this anymore
im letting it all go...
i let it go on way too long
my pain has finally started to grow...

April showers bring May flowers
A sunny day will make your sadness go away
A smile from you will make the pretty flowers bloom
And when they bloom I will give them to you, as a special gift

I give up....on alot of things
& for me its wrong
cant recover most days
i give up on hope

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*but I Know

You think you can hide
but i succeeded as i went to seek

You thought it was a secret
but it wasnt kept from me

You think i dont know but i do
You thought i didnt know
but you didnt and dont know
that i did and do know

And eventually
your gonna come tell me yourself


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Anonymous 08 January 2018

Good poet glad i found your poem

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Broken Heart 23 May 2010

Awesome poet and i love all ur poems! ! And a great frnd xD

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* Stephen *king 30 April 2010

Terminator+Annhiliator+Destroyer=Iron Panda 23 She is not a fluffy Panda but an Iron Panda and she has strength of 23 Pandas She writes awesome poems cuz she is awesome And she also draws good anime characters And yes she writes beautiful poems cuz she is alive not dead But no one understands her that is the problem, but she try to solve that problem by writing poems..............An awesome gurl........An awesome Panda......*_*.....xp.......

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Lil'emo'kid Bwokenheart 04 March 2010

yea hehehe lil emo kid...whats your name? ? ?

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