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A Beautiful Experience 2- 15 February 2009 - Poem by Margaret Alice

Says George Smoot, cosmologist:
The gossamer night sky network is
a cosmic cobweb of shimmering dew
outlining structures all mysterious

Ripples in space-time fabric indicate
existence of primordial seeds, seen
today as wrinkles in time, proving
Big Bang theory and gravity

Explain formation of the universe within
15 billion years from a singularity, an
infinitely tiny concentration of energy
creating time and space

Cosmology, embracing physics, metaphysics
and philosophy, researches where we come
from: The truth and treasure of the universe
is in its own existence

The quest for truth will be eternal, we are not
a pointless cosmic accident - travelling back
in time cosmologists find simplicity and
symmetry, our universe exists

As a beautiful experience…

1. Cosmologists Seek Beauty

Ah, joyous delight, George Smoot
is good, vindicating my love for
cosmology; science expressing
wonder at how the universe

Awed by the power and simplicity of
physical nature’s creativity, science
revealing beauty on all scales,
from the smallest to
the largest

Cosmologists, like artists - sculptors and
painters, seek beauty, one in the sky, the
others in stone and on canvas; cosmic
principles and laws fit

With a symmetry reserved for the gods in
ancient mythology; cosmology perceiving
bewitching enchantment in cosmic
evolution’s simplicity- the
purest beauty!

Georges Smoot & Keay Davidson
“Wrinkles In Time – The Imprint of Creation”
Abacus, UK,1995 – pp.286 - 297

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