A Beautiful Lie Poem by Thati pramod sai

A Beautiful Lie

I still remember your innocent eyes
Holding my hand with childish cries
Fighting with ur parents for petty lies
Far from sight, saw you running
Holding two pieces of ice melting
Towards me to give, is always delighting
We used to fight together,
Lost in play forever
Never seemed to care the world however
Can u remember those days?
You used to hold my hand in long races
Only to end up with smiling faces..
Those backyard beautiful flowers
Colourful charming cherishing butterflies
Plenty of noisy frog cries
We used to stare at stars
Leaving behind many hours
You telling me many stories
Can you remember any of those?
You know u r the only close friend
No matter what's the end?
Where are those memorable days gone?
Is everything changed by youths dawn?
Can't u see the lonely sunrise at lawn?
I always believe whatever u say
U r my everything since first day
No one can replace u forever may
Do you know?
Those truths which we thought as lies are more
Heartfelt to me than those lies which you say now as heartfelt truths..
Its may be easy for you to walk leaving all memories back
Can't u see what ur heart lack?
Is it so, change is as cruel as this?
And relations are as easy as torn pages...
Are feelings for u like fallen leaves? ?

If it is so...
I accept this wholeheartedly
Of all the lies you told me
Those three words I like the most
It's a beautiful lie....

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and friendship,miss you
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Tinashe Mupedzapasi 26 April 2017

beautiful poem...so emotional. thanks

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Pramodsai Thati 26 April 2017

Thanks for ur comment Tinashe Mupedzapasi..I greatly appreciate that..

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